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Palestine, Imperialism and the New Middle East-The Arab Spring Two Years On

Schedule of Events for this weekend's conference at PSU in Smith Memorial Student Union

Portland State University, Portland, Oregon

Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights
invites you to attend the conference

The Arab Revolutions of 2011 rocked world politics. Starting in Tunisia and Egypt and spreading to Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, and Syria, millions of ordinary people took to the streets, occupied their workplaces, and challenged dictatorial regimes that had ruled for decades. The revolutions have also reshaped the geopolitics of the region forcing the US to adjust its strategy in an effort to maintain its hold, setting regional powers jostling for stronger positions in the emerging order, and putting Israel on edge as the democratic aspirations of the masses highlighted their solidarity with the Palestinian struggle.

Two years later, the heady optimism of the initial months of the uprisings has given way to a drawn out process of social upheaval. In Tunisia and Egypt, dictators Ben Ali and Mubarak were overthrown, but their replacements have failed to deliver on the masses' expectations. The uprisings in Libya, Bahrain, and Yemen, were alternately repressed and co-opted by the Gulf States and the West, while the militarization of the uprising in Syria has put a question mark over the outcome of its revolution. In Palestine the siege on Gaza continues while the settlements continue to expand in the West Bank.

Despite these setbacks, the antagonisms that drove the Arab Revolutions persist - and the revolutionary processes continue to play out. What does the future hold, what will it take to win liberation for the people of the region, and how will these revolutions impact the global struggle against oppression and injustice?

Nada Elia, professor of Gender and Global Studies at Antioch University; Ahmed Maher, co-founder of Egypt's revolutionary April 6th Youth Movement; Remi Kanazi Palestinian American Poet and activist; Suzan Boulad, Syrian-Kurdish blogger for Mideast Youth; Cindy Corrie, parent of ISM activist Rachel Corrie; Aaron Dixon, founder of the Seattle chapter of the Black Panther Party;

We hope you will join us for this Weekend of revolutionary learning!

In solidarity,

Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights (SUPER)

Cosponsored by:
Muslim Student Association
Arab Persian Student Union
International Socialist Organization
KBOO Community Radio
Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights
Jewish Voice for Peace
Portland BDS Coalition
Lutherans for Justice in the Holy Land
Veterans for Peace-Chapter 72
Middle East Studies Center, Portland State University

Hey folks, though there still might be some slight changes, here is the CURRENT SCHEDULE FOR THE CONFERENCE!


Registration 9-10

Introductory Plenary: 10-10:20:
Palestine, Imperialism, and the New Middle East

Session 1: 10:30-12 (2 TALKS CONCURRENT)
ROOM A: Syria Eye Witness Report (Suzan Boulad and Hiba Hajissa)
ROOM B: Israel Apartheid State: A Case Study of East Jerusalem (Maya Rotem)

Session 2: 12:15-1:45
America's Shifting Imperial Strategy (Ashley Smith)

LUNCH 1:45-2:30

Session 3: 2:30-4 (2 TALKS CONCURRENT)
ROOM A: Egyptian Revolution (Ahmed Maher)
ROOM B: Colonial Settler States: From Jim Crow to Israeli Apartheid (Aaron Dixon
and Gabriel Shavon)

Session 4: 4:15-5:45
Next Steps for the Arab Spring (Todd Chretien)

Saturday Closing Plenary: 6-7
Arab Revolutions: Building Solidarity

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---


Registration 9-9:30

Session 1: 9:30-11 (2 TALKS CONCURRENT)
ROOM A: BDS 101: Transforming the Academy (Nada Eli and activists from Seattle, Bay Area)
ROOM B: Iran, the Arab Spring, and US Imperialism (Goudarz Eghtedari)

Session 2: 11:15-12:45 (2 TALKS CONCURRENT)
ROOM A: BDS 101: Revolution, Refugees, and the Right of Return (Ziad Abbas)
ROOM B: Arts and Activism (Sarah Farahat, Remi Kanazi, B Media Collective)

LUNCH 12:45-1:30

Session 3: 1:30-4 (2 SESSIONS CONCURRENT)

ROOM A: MOVIE SCREENING AND PANEL: Five Broken Cameras* (Begins at lunch, followed by Q & A and Panel: "What Does International Solidarity Look Like? An Eye Witness Report from Palestine" (local activists)
ROOM B: BDS Open Meeting facilitated by Nada Elia

The Way Forward for Palestinian Liberation

homepage: homepage: http://https://www.facebook.com/events/113089575544607/

Link Correction for Facebook 27.Apr.2013 12:09

Listening Larry

AUDIO 01.May.2013 22:45

joe anybody iam@joeanybody.com

AUDIO mp3 recordings - from 5 of the presentations


Videos coming soon from the same 5 presentations

VIDEOS: I only attended 5 discussions out of the many that were offered 04.May.2013 14:18

joe iam@joeanybody.com

1 of 5
Amhed Maher 4.27.13 The Egyptian Revolution - SUPER 1 of 5

2 of 5
Goudarz Eghtedari 4.27.13 Iran The Arab Spring and US Imperialism - SUPER 2 of 5

3 of 5
Evening Plenary Building International Solidarity in the Context of the Arab Uprisings - SUPER 3 of 5

4 of 5
Cindi Corrie 4.28.13 Rachels Struggle Lives On - SUPER 4 of 5

5 of 5
Ziad Abbas 4.28.13 Revolution Refugees and Right of Return - SUPER 5 of 5