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Author Chloe Lucero - Death of the American Dream Survives initial assassination attempt

More info to come
Secure on his property last night outside Deming New Mexico
Author Chloe Lucero survives attempted assassination last night, government agents at this time, unnamed for fear retaliation, say they were watching him on his property for 'some time' with infared cameras.

Shorty after dark. 8:30 they rolled up from the North East corner with no headlights, or flashers making a bee line through private property. Chloe panicked and left his property in transit to town fearing an attempt on his life by unknown agents / gang members.

Chloes vehical was disabled, 1/2 mile from Coyote rd. (Franklin) off hwy 549.

It wasn't until they were 100 ft behind the vehicle, Chloe exited the vehicle, they identified themselves because they 'wanted to see what was going on' in clear violation of 4th amendment rights. Again Chloe was secure on his private property at the time the chase began.

They admited to not identifying themselves because they wanted to sneak up and surprise CL

Chloe being used to attempts, because the book that is almost out, within days: the death of the dream... exposes decades of government corruption through neo-fascist elements tied to the German American Bund, CIA and current, ongoing domestic intelligence activities, believed to be including but not limited to Manchurian candidate style activities related to recent shootings bombings. In a domestic coup.

After a lifetime of activism in service of this country the USA. Chloe has been a frequent target. These are documented. I'm not crazy.

The agents were operating outside their jurisdiction at the time. It is unknown why they were operating outside their jurisdiction.