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KBOO plans to destroy its own union?

Last night's Board meeting blew the lid off a plan to gut the unionized Staff and the "unfriendly" programming at KBOO...

Earlier this month, during the KBOO Membership Drive, a letter signed by a supermajority of KBOO Staff was openly and publicly presented to the KBOO Station Manager, Lynn Fitch. The letter established the existence of Communications Workers Of America Union Local 7901. Those of us "in the know" hoped that Ms. Fitch would then announce her intention to cooperate with the new Union. After all, KBOO has built its member base, in part, on its solidarity with workers' and peoples' struggles in the USA, Cascadia, and the world. Ms. Fitch, however, was silent, even to the extent of keeping the information from the elected President of the KBOO Board, Stephen Conser.

We now know that Ms. Fitch began to quietly meet with representatives of the $5 billion corporation Paychex/HR Solutions, and with select members of the Board, to develop a retaliatory plan that would, in her words, "lay off and fire" KBOO staff (some of whom have worked there for decades), and overhaul KBOO programming, apparently without the historic open process at KBOO. When it was pointed out to her that this would betray the long-stated intent of KBOO membership, and violate the 1935 Labor Relations Act, she claimed that the LRA "might not apply to nonprofits." Tonight, KBOO staff are wondering if they will have a job next week.

What would this new, zombie KBOO look and sound like? Information from one KBOO Board member points to less "confrontative" local programming. Perhaps, it was suggested, Thom Hartman could be put on the air as a sop to local leftists (though that seems doubtful, should he catch wind of the union-busting plan). The new KBOO would have less anger and, presumably, more funding from the corporations that were up to now the target of that anger.

The Board was told that these changes were necessary because of a shortfall of funds--though KBOO's Membership Drive came up only a few thousand short, an amount easily made up with further on-air fundraising, and likely already eclipsed by other sources including local business revenues and a recent bequest. (KBOO also has some thousands in reserve.) However, the Board then responded by voting a raise for Ms. Fitch, in an eerie echo of major US corporate practice.

The KBOO Board currently includes one Hadrian Miccichie, a former member of the now-dissolved KRAB Community Radio. Mr. Micchie has indicated his enthusiasm for shutting down the transmitter at KBOO, thus silencing the community radio station. Another Board member, Michael Papadopolous, was inserted on the Board by a judge after he won an expensive suit against KBOO over his eligibility as a foreign citizen to serve. The KBOO Board's Financial Officer, Paula Small, announced during last night's meeting that she had implemented changes to the check signing list, evidently to facilitate the firing process.

The KBOO Board announced that KBOO will be holding a General Membership Meeting. According to KBOO's publicly filed Bylaws, a General Meeting trumps decisions of the Board, when two-thirds of a quorum (about three hundred) vote in favor. However, in the past, General Meetings rarely make quorum. KBOO activists are determined to make this one an exception. The meeting will be held on or about May Fourth, and the venue is yet to be announced.

As a KBOO activist since 1990, I urge the KBOO membership and the public to delve into these issues, and to prevent the loss of Cascadia's beloved community radio station.

This report draws from personal interviews with KBOO volunteers, Staff, and Board members. It also reflects my personal opinion as an activist in US popular organizations, going back to the 1980s.

homepage: homepage: http://KBOO.FM

Thanks for naming names. What is yours? 23.Apr.2013 13:13


Thanks for naming names. What is yours?

The KBOO Foundation announces the job opening for the Program Director position. 23.Apr.2013 13:22

KBOO Volunteer

The KBOO Foundation announces the job opening for the Program Director position. The open hire process will begin April 23rd and will close at 5pm on May 10th. We encourage volunteers, who are interested, to apply for this dynamic position that will help lead the KBOO Team to revitalize our programming, ensuring that KBOO is relevant and will have an impact in Portland and throughout the Cascadia region.

The full job description can be found on the KBOO website through this link:  http://kboo.fm/node/55565
Job descriptions and applications will also be available on the community information board in the lobby at KBOO.

Please submit a cover letter, 3 professional references, and a resume outlining your background and how your work experience has prepared you for this role.
Send to: Human Resources: Program Director Hire, 20 SE 8th Ave., Portland, OR 97214 or via email to:  HR@kboo.org No phone calls please.

Equal Employment Opportunity
The KBOO Foundation is committed to equal employment opportunity. We will not discriminate against employees or applicants for employment on any legally recognized basis ["protected class"] including, but not limited to: veteran status, uniform service member status or any other protected class under federal, state, or local law.

In Oregon, the following are a protected class: race; religion; color; sex; pregnancy, childbirth, and related medical conditions or occurrences; national origin; marital status; domestic partnership status; age [18 or older]; disability; sexual orientation; victim of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking; uniformed service; credit check or credit history; genetic information; off duty tobacco usage; and declining to attend a meeting or participate in communication about religious or political matters that are not required by law.

portland indymedia worker drones reserve the right to... 23.Apr.2013 13:26

Drone attack

portland indymedia worker drones reserve the right to hide posts that are obviously incorrect or misleading, including attempts to spread dis-information

We can all try to protect KBOO... 23.Apr.2013 13:51

KBOO Volunteer

We can all try to protect KBOO, but we can't protect this staff from the ultimate harm they will bring on themselves. What will their career options be after they do this murder/suicide number on KBOO? If the staff insist on destroying KBOO to protect their jobs, and can manage to get enough members to support them, then KBOO will have the kind of Board, staff and future they deserve. Not the future that would otherwise be possible. Not the future we might desire. Rather, due to the deleterious actions of a few -- if allowed to happen -- a future, that is truly deserving of those who would take such misguided actions and run KBOO into the ground.

more information, from another volunteer 23.Apr.2013 13:58

kboo volunteer

Feel free to share with whoever....

Jamie Partridge


In January 2013, the Board of Directors of the KBOO Foundation
declared KBOO to be an 'at will' employer, rescinding basic "just
cause" job protection that KBOO employees had worked under since 1990.

In February and March 2013, the interim Station Manager/Executive
Director rewrote other KBOO policies covering employee benefits. Many
employee benefits, such as sick leave, were drastically reduced, while
other benefits were dropped altogether.


1. Rescinding "just cause" workplace protection

In 2012 the KBOO Foundation received a grant from the Fred Meyer
Foundation for $25,000 . The grant proposal was for board training
and review of policies.

The Board hired two consultants to work with them: Cindy Comfer and
Mark Fulop, (Facilitation and Process LLC).

In January 2013, the Board announced that it had adopted a Board Policy Manual.
Included in this new document was the direction to the Executive
Director/Interim Station manager to adopt a personnel policy of "at
will" employment":

The Executive Director is to adopt personnel policies that clarify
that all employees serve "at will" and shall take reasonable steps to
ensure that the "at will" policies apply to all employees (Board
Policy Manual)

2. Reduction and deletion of employee benefits.

The Board of Directors also directed the interim station manager to
"to review and update all the staff administrative and operational
policies. :

In November 2012, the KBOO Board approved $4500 to hire Paychex HR
Solutions Service to provide HR consultation and assist the interim
station manager in this task.
Paychex has processed KBOO's payroll for the past decade. However, it
had not previously provided any HR consultation services.

Paychex is a national payroll and HR service company contracting with
572,000 businesses nationwide. It reported revenue of $2 billion
dollars in 2011.

Paychex was founded by B. Thomas Golisano, a billionaire who ran
unsuccessfully as an Independent for Governor of New York three times.
Golisano has repeatedly condemned the tax and paperwork burdens that
he says New York imposes on small businesses. ''The bureaucracy and
the administrative red tape of being an employer and a business in
this state are way too complex... "

In the Board minutes January 2013 it was reported that :

"a comment was made that our employment contractor has concerns over
our current policies."

The interim station manager seems to believe that KBOO employee
benefits greatly exceeded those of 'the industry'.

It is hard to figure if KBOO benefits were being compared to those of
other community radio stations, other similar non-profits in Portland,
or merely the mass of Paychex customers.

In March 2013 a majority of KBOO employees presented signed cards
requesting union representation. A request was made to the interim
station manager that KBOO voluntarily recognize the CWA as the
representative of KBOO employees.

As of April 18, 2013, neither KBOO management nor the Board of
Directors has responded to the employees' request.

Re: KBOO. For Informational And Educational Purposes Only 23.Apr.2013 14:43


I am not a lawyer, nor anything like that. This is merely for non-professional, educational purposes only.

Let us assume that KBOO is operated by a not-for-profit corporation. It might be a not-for-profit association, yet the rules are generally the same. If it has political interests, I would hope it to be NOT tax exempt, as that would be profoundly limiting in terms of free speech.

I have been the president of a not-for-profit corporation that managed housing (a so-called "commune") for ten people, a health-food store, and a health food restaurant, so I know the ropes. I also used to volunteer weekly at WBAI FM in NYC as an engineer.

As a not-for-profit corporation, you have at least four distinct parties to deal with:

The General Membership: They are the base. They literally OWN the corporation! They are typically defined by a list controlled by the Secretary of the corporation. But this list is only accurate to the extent that the Secretary can be trusted. If you do a lot of networking, or even obtain a private detective, the Secretary's list might prove to be inaccurate. THE MEMBERS OWN THE ORGANIZATION. Just as if they were stockholders.

Then there is the Board of Directors. They "represent" the members, and are the second most significant element.

Then there are the executive officers: the president, secretary, treasurer, vice-presidents, etc.

Then there are the workers. They are always a force to be dealt with. But they may come to be represented by a union. If they are represented by a union, it will become their spokesperson (more-or-less). Many unions are sell-outs that pretend to represent the workers while advancing other interests (money). They will have lawyers and public relations professionals. They will attempt to organize YOU!

I will take the side of the (hopefully progressive) general members now. Organize! Network! Trust no-one! Get your own lawyer. Not the corporation's lawyer! Not The union's lawyer! GET YOUR OWN! NOW! Also, study the Charter and the by-laws. Your options will be described in great detail in those documents! What State are you incorporated in? What are its laws?

Start contacting one another, and get your own lawyer! Why would the board call for a General Membership Meeting that could over-ride its own decisions? Unless that meeting could be controlled?

Any General Membership Meeting will be controlled by physical force. People that are not welcome will be shoved out forcefully. So bring your own member-representing lawyer. Be prepared to fight. And bring your own ballot-box and ballot paper. When is this General Membership Meeting? Is somebody spreading lies about that?

For your general decision-making, try Simple Score Voting:

They will not like you. You might get in their way.

KBOO Executive Director: A nefarious union buster! 23.Apr.2013 21:16

Buster Bluster

How nefarious a union buster is the KBOO "station manager"? Nefarious enough to suggest to KBOO staff that they unionize -- so she could bust it! Hahaha. What an idiot! Helping start a union at KBOO, just so this "station manager" could stomp on it like it was a loathsome bug. Unfreakin' believable. To what depths of depraved wickedness will this "station manager" not descend? "Union organizer/buster". I didn't know that was a thing.

Bring Your Banjos To the Membership Meeting. 23.Apr.2013 23:08

This banjo kills fascists

Reliable reports about the KBOO Board of Dictators planing to CANCEL ALL BLUEGRASS PROGRAMS and replace them with a SOLID SATURDAY MORNING OF BROADWAY SHOW TUNES! Banjos or Broadway? Let the members decide! BRING YOUR BANJOS TO THE MEMBERSHIP MEETING! It's Deliverance from Dictators Day!

Adding to the info pool 24.Apr.2013 11:10

a basterd

This situation is too complex for me to do it justice right now, but skimming the persons of interest, I can say KBOO has a problem in the person of Michael Papadopoulos, an associate of Nazi collaborator and trouble maker Glen Owen:


Michael Papadopoulos connection to 9/11 Truth Alliance crypto-fascist group 10.Sep.2012 13:06
more info link

Michael Papadopoulos is an associate of Glen Owen. Owen tried to hijack KBOO branding via kboo.info domain:


Owen had a panel including Papadopoulos on his cryto-nazi conspiracy cascade radio show and promoted it on the 9/11 Truth Alliance email list:


"The "Challenger Panel" of candidates (Scott Forrester, Cris Andreae, Michael Papadopoulos PhD, Maire Cullen and Glen Owen) are meeting 9am Wednesday to discuss prospects for hammering out a common platform.

glen~ 503 287 3473

On behalf of Everybody Everywhere : theKnownUniverse@...
~GlenOwen~ landline/voice/messages/NotFax : 503 287 3473
pdx911truth[tm] pdx911truth.org
CascadiaPublicRadio[tm] CascadiaPublicBroadcasting[tm]
CascadiaPublicRadio.org CascadiaPublicBroadcasting.org
for sure response please use phone"

Scott Forrester was endorsed by Lone Vet nut as, "most likely to bring 911truth and exposure of "fake progressivism" to the fm broadcast band in a big swathe of the state of Oregon USA (see  http://kboo.fm for details)". In otherwords, they want a platform for more Anti-Jew conspiracies.

Full quote:
If you are a member of KBOO as at Fri Aug 28th 2009, note that Cris Andreae, Maire Cullen, Michael Papadopoulos and Scott Forrester are the candidates for board of directors (balloting closes Sept 28th) most likely to bring 911truth and exposure of "fake progressivism" to the fm broadcast band in a big swathe of the state of Oregon USA (see  http://kboo.fm for details)


Rabia Yeaman seems to be along for the ride. Not as odious as the others, but obviously a supporter.

Keeping in mind at least two of these people are connected to the 9/11 Truth Alliance group through exKBOO member Owen, read Antifa's latest on the racist organizing from that group:


KBOO might well be looking at a hostile invasion from extreme right/"libertarian" Anti Semites.

Can someone post the name of the JUDGE that forced KBOO to reinstate "Papy"?

More when I have time to read details...

A few notes on business decision making 24.Apr.2013 11:32


If I'm reading this right, the problem is that KBOO is looking to outsource their payroll department?

That's probably a smart move, dealing with employee pay (even with very few employees) comes with significant risk, liability, and requires expertise that can cost more than outsourcing. Many businesses, if not most businesses, choose to outsource their payroll department. Government regulations create a significant burden on a business to maintain payroll information, file paperwork quarterly, and treat payroll information in a very sensitive way - not only do you have to file with the federal government and deal with their paperwork, but you also have to file IN EVERY STATE you have employees. In Oregon & Washington, it's just a few pieces of paper, but it can come with huge fines if you enter the wrong information. For these reasons, virtually every business turns to a software payroll solution, but even then you have to hire a person who knows how to use the software, and this employee must be regularly trained to keep up with changing government regulations. A small business can often times leverage a single accountant to deal with payroll, but most businesses want an employee with a certification, this means an employee will likely demand $40-$50k yearly at entry level.

The payroll employees who have worked at KBOO for three decades are probably being over paid for what they're actually doing. The really important question to ask is: What is their salary/cost? Are they making $15 an hour, or are they making $25 an hour, or are they salary at $80,000+ a year? Then add in their 401k and medical costs (basic medical insurance is at least $400/month per employee in Oregon) plus other benefits. How much money are these people costing KBOO, and how much could be saved by outsourcing their job to another company? That's the real question - this shouldn't have anything to do with "jobs" - if look myopically through the lens of "jobs" then eventually the whole company will collapse and everyone will be out of a job. It sounds like KBOO is dealing with financial issues right now, and employees are always the biggest cost of a business.

Although payroll can be a complex process, the truth is that after 10+ years of working at a single company, employee benefits/cost usually outweigh the process improvements the employee brings to the company. At that point, it makes more sense for the owners to either or both A) promote the employee and give more responsibility B) replace the employee and train a new person. If you keep employees stagnant, then you're actually being detrimental to the employee: an employer has the responsibility of ensuring employees grow professionally. If you don't do this, a worthwhile employee becomes a bureaucrat.

It strikes me that this is yet again outrage by a person who has no idea what it's like to practically run a business. In order for a business to stay active it has to manage its money properly, and sometimes that means eliminate redundant or unnecessary employees, or taking a hard look at what they're earning. You might find this to be offensive, but it's just the way the real world goes, and you make the exact same cost-benefit decisions in your daily life regularly. I hear the Safeway grocery store is doing poorly - would any of you like to go shopping at Safeway to save those jobs?

Proof of Actions Dated Last Year 25.Apr.2013 18:21

Losing Faith in Staff Rumors

As posted on KBOO's website:  http://kboo.fm/2012state

Hello, I'm S.W. Conser and I have the great privilege of being your Board president. Let me start by saying, The state of the station is strong.

I know that a few people in this crowd spent some time last month at "That Thing in the Desert," out there on the playa in Black Rock City. And you may well know that there's a drinking game that they play at Burning Man. Every time you hear the word "community," you drink. I see a lot of coffee cups out there today. Prepare to get very wired.

You know, decades before the dawn of Burning Man, there was a place in Portland, a refuge where people could go to learn the principles of radical inclusion, radical self-expression, communal effort, civic responsibility, and decommodification a do-ocracy, in other words. That place was and is KBOO. All these years outside the mainstream have forced us to be creative. If there's a problem, fix it or find someone who can.

2013, our 45th year on the air, may be the most critical year in our history. Times are changing, the technology is changing, the landscape beneath us is changing.

There is a great deal for us to celebrate in the run-up to our anniversary. We are the one remaining broadcast outlet that still spotlights local culture, that still brings emerging musicians into the studio, that still digs down into the political and literary scenes, that still takes risks. We don't need TV executives from AMC and Viacom to tell us why this town is more lively, more relevant, more informed, more experimental than the media markets they came from.

The bottom line is, KBOO is not interested in shrinking our footprint on Portland's cultural landscape. We're going to expand our mission. We're not just going to be raising up the next generation of radio producers. We are going to be training the next generation of non-profit leaders.

During the past fiscal year, we've had the privilege of welcoming a dynamic new Development Director to KBOO, and I'm only sorry she's not here today to meet with everyone. Lynn Fitch will be back from her travels next week, and she will also be acting then in her new capacity as Interim Station Navigator, so please stop in and say hello.

For those of you not familiar with the job of a Development Director, Lynn has been tasked with expanding KBOO's presence in the community and the wider world. In keeping with the Strategic Plan that we rolled out last year, we're looking to team up with community partners and open up new revenue streams.

We made a big stride in that direction this past summer, with the award of a Meyer Memorial Trust grant. This is a big break for us. The MMT grant is directed toward updating and strengthening KBOO's policies and the Board infrastructure. We on the Board are looking forward to going back to school, so to speak. Along with improved Board and Station policies to guide us, and stronger sub-committees, we're looking forward to being better prepared for the evolving face of radio and of non-profit community building.

The Board of Directors is completely dedicated to fulfilling the terms of the Meyer Memorial Trust grant. We've already been meeting with some of the best non-profit consultants in the region, and we'll be working on a structure that will improve not only the fiscal, outreach, and development skills of the current Board members, but also the wider volunteer base.

The Meyer Memorial Trust grant represents us dipping our toe in the water of new funding models. KBOO's Strategic Plan sketched out a number of digitalage initiatives for the station, including a wider web presence and a community media center. Fulfilling this $25,000 grant will give us stability and the opportunity to work towards future capital campaigns in the community.

There's a great deal of excitement on the programming front. Our new Interim Program Director, Erin Yanke, has scheduled an all-programmers meeting for next Saturday, and I hope all you program hosts will be there. This will be a great chance to tackle the new Programmer Rights and Responsibilities document and move forward the Strategic Plan, finding out what resources are available for improving programming and connecting with the wider community.

There are new opportunities for volunteers to take their skills out into the community. Field recorders have been bringing back audio from far afield, including the Oregon State Penitentiary for the Prison Pipeline show. On the live broadcasting front, KBOO has produced live remotes not only from the Occupy encampment, but also from the Waterfront Blues Festival, PDX Pop Now, the Pickathon, and from the annual Martin Luther King Day celebration. The live remote gear has been updated with a digital consol, better internet connectivity, and other upgrades to make everything sound sharp both in our building and off site.

We've also had a great increase in our live music production in house. Anyone who's wandered into the station in the evening time, or sometimes even in the afternoon, might encounter a band setting up for a live session. Tom, Devin, Emily, Kate, and so many others have been sharing their knowledge with the young engineers who are making these musicians sound so good.

Erin has been starting a Music Department blog. And with the help of many volunteers, she's gearing up to create a database for the KBOO music library. There'll be a general library remodel to go along with that, and already programmers, musicians, and record labels now know about the new releases we have in the library. We are moving forward on digitizing our archives, which is no mean feat, let me tell you. It's very delicate work, dealing with those fragile old tape reels. We're making the archives accessible to KBOO staff, KBOO members, and the general public, and we've already started producing special programming from the archives.

Speaking of archiving, some of you have seen the Automagic archiving that started last month on the KBOO.fm website. All programs produced at KBOO can now be accessed and listened to at any time. Music programs are archived for 2 weeks (thank-you, Digital Millennium Copyright Act) and public affairs programs will be up forever. So we are now fulfilling one of the big Strategic Plan goals for the digital age: time-shifting our programming, so that listeners around the world can tune in to a show whenever it's convenient for them.

There are other big changes on the website, including new layouts, search features, and web sponsors. Visits to KBOO.fm keep increasing. There were 400,000 visits last year. Half of those visitors found KBOO through a search engine, but more than 30 percent reach KBOO through Facebook that's a significant increase. Visits via the BOOletin, our e-mail newsletter, have increased seventy-fold. To be precise, 7,318.75 percent.

And with the realization that more and more listeners are tuning in on their mobile devices, our Web Coordinator has launched a new initiative for making KBOO more mobile-friendly.

Many of you know that, slightly less than a year ago, KBOO launched its longawaited second stream, at the Occupy encampment in downtown Portland. So as of October, KBOO's signal was reaching out 48 hours a day! We are now in the Rand D phase of a third webstream, which will allow us to establish a "farm team" for music programming, while at the same time we're installing scheduling software for the current second stream.

On the engineering front, big changes are happening as well. There have been upgrades to the equipment, including a tripling of the speed of our in-house internet, improvements to the studios and air room, and new digital features to keep our transmitters humming.

And, we are all gearing up for big changes in our membership drive. We've recently completed a comprehensive analysis of membership drive results by program, day and time slot. This work will enable staff and hosts to make smarter decisions about what should happen when, during the drives. Our goal is to make membership drives more financially effective for KBOO and more enjoyable to listen to whenever you tune in. So, tune in during the upcoming Fall Drive to hear the experiment in action. And I hope that every volunteer in this room signs up to participate in the drive, which begins in less than three weeks now.

Some of the membership drive adventures to look forward to: two live remotes (one from Fire on the Mountain hosted by Shocks of Sheeba, and one from Holocene hosted by Anjali and the Kid). And we'll be bringing in community partners from the Blues Festival and PDX Pop Now Festival to produce dynamic membership drive specials.

Membership, as most of you know, has been relatively flat over the past couple of years. This is not as bad as it sounds. KBOO has a dedicated base of contributing members who have stepped up to the plate in difficult times, an incredible team of more than 500 volunteers who've contributed thousands of hours of their time every week, and a a staff who have taken cuts in their own hours but still worked together to move the station forward.

And here's some breaking news from Membership: we've just partnered with Supportland, which runs Portland's biggest local business benefit card system. Beginning next month, they will begin powering the KBOO membership card, giving KBOO members far more benefits at far more local businesses than our in-house system ever did.

So I guess this is my moment to get all "Obama" and tell you what you already know: Times are tough. Business models are changing for non-profits, and that goes double for media organizations like ours. That said, I'm constantly amazed by the level of commitment and the creativity that I see every day at the KBOO Foundation. On the board, we're all volunteers. And we've been working together with the staff over this past year to make better use of limited funds. I won't list all the ways that we've increased productivity, cut costs, and restructured operational expenditures, because I don't want to bore you to death, but feel free to come up and talk with me later.

Some people here might balk at the term "fiscally conservative," but that exactly what we've been. Up until 2007 we received CPB funding, and we spent that money frugally. Some generous gifts from Nathan Baily and the estate of Thomas R. Beatley allowed KBOO to build an impressive cash surplus. Since 2007, though, we've had a few years of deficit spending, which has decreased the surplus cash fund by about 50%. In fiscal year 2012, the Board of Directors cut a substantial amount from the expenses on the operating budget, which will result in a lower deficit for the fiscal year. For Fiscal Year 2013, we are striving for a balanced budget. We're diversifying our fundraising plan, finding new ways to attract contributions, partnering with local small business, and renewing our focus on outreach.

Despite the decrease in the surplus cash funds, KBOO maintains a 3 month operating cash reserve fund. And even after the recent market downturn, the Nathan and Alan Baily Endowment Fund is stable. These two funds are Board restricted and are not used to support KBOO Community Radio's daily operations. KBOO Foundation has no long term debt and owns debt-free fixed assets. In order to sustain our healthy financial position, however, we will have to eliminate any future deficit spending starting in FY13 and work towards rebuilding our cash reserves. Compelling programming and effective outreach to new communities can result in increasing our listenership and our members. The end result: increased contributions and volunteer resources to help sustain our operations and our future.

In a nutshell: we, the volunteers and supporters of KBOO, continue to have the passion and patience to to carry forward this amazing cultural institution. To quote Interim Station Navigator Lynn Fitch, let's "move from a place of fear to embracing change ... knowing that we have the ability to create our own reality, a better reality than we are creating now."

This community right here is the true grassroots. Anyone who's hung around in the KBOO lobby during the wee hours of Safe Harbor knows that you won't see any billionaires lurking in the corners, handing out talking points to the hosts. What you will see is a lot of coffee consumption, because Lord knows the revolution is not a tea party.

We do now know, I'm happy to report, that the revolution can be broadcast, and web-streamed, and archived and time-shifted.

The tea partiers are welcome to join us, but please: leave all your billionaires behind. And leave behind the politics of whisper campaigns, of manufactured crises, of factionalism and finger-pointing. The people who want to divide us can't do it without our help, but we certainly don't need to help them. So, get off the comment boards, step away from the flame wars, reach out to the person next to you. Remember, you don't have to be friends to be equals.

Thank you for listening. Now go out there and be KBOO.
KBOO State of Station 2012
KBOO State of Station 2012

The author of the original post is married to a staffer 25.Apr.2013 20:21

just sayin

The spouse of a staffer composed and sent me an email with their name as the sender and author. So consider the source. Most of the "facts" people are posting are completely false. Staff is just pissed at having to fill out time sheets and having their super generous vacation cut back. The staff had actually rewritten job descriptions for themselves that were at-will. This entire fiasco is all about staff being angry at having to account for their time, and they are using you to get revenge on a pretty open and honest manager. Don't be a dupe and just believe one side of a story.

new info 25.Apr.2013 20:27

kboo activist

The May 4 meeting was called by the Board to further the agenda of the station manager/Board's "revitalization." Station defenders will respectfully and quietly show at the meeting, to use it for creating a petition for a plenipotentiary session, and to gather information. The May 4th meeting cannot trump the Board, under the Bylaws, because (a) it was called short of the 14-day minimum notice (for mailed notice). The Special General Meeting that can set a real people's agenda--set things right--will need to be set in June. This will require great energy and discipline, but we are already in contact with experience Occupy organizers, and feel that this is increasingly possible. Thousands of members will need to be notified and mobilized, but this is the Internet age.

At this time Staff reports that the Station Manager is assuring them they will not be fired en masse and forced to re-apply, as was the plan. There is no guarantee of this, however, other than her word. The atmosphere at the Station is tense but respectful. I want to say that all parties are doing what they feel is best--we need to honor that--but "what is best" can never mean creating a boutique NPR wannabe. And the very idea, that after all these years of broadcasting solidarity with the workers, that KBOO would threaten its own staff--well--'un manantial inagotable de mi furia'

Another Perspective 25.Apr.2013 22:44

Vernon Huffman

It has been over ten years since a KBOO membership meeting had a quorum. This is apparently because the staff, who organize the meetings, have not made it a priority to get that many to attend. In fact, the venue where the meetings are held could not accommodate a quorum. It is refreshing to hear that the staff are now interested in seeing a quorum attend the meeting. Good luck, on such short notice.

It is also nice to hear the staff have finally decided to unionize. Presumably, this means staff would like to have a contract to determine how they relate to the organization. This would be a marked improvement over the status quo, which has been for staff to banish anybody they disagree with, including a fellow staff member and two elected members of the Board.

One of these banned Board members, Mr Papadopoulos, had the tenacity to sue for reinstatement. KBOO didn't have to spend money (they spent more than Papadopoulos did) on that lawsuit. They were given ample opportunity to acknowledge what the court eventually found, and simply reinstate the Board member their voting members had chosen. Staff advise led to the wrong decision.

Lynn Fitch, the new manager, has the good sense to shake up an entrenched system that is not good for the health of KBOO. Staff response has been kneejerk reactionism. Let's give control back to the members and let the chips fall where they may.

to basterd 25.Apr.2013 23:15


As to the Nazi tag. Michael Papadopoulos was a child in Britain in WWII. His father was on a train that was stopped by the Nazis and forced to drop his pants to prove his circumcision status.

Dr. Papadopoulos has done much good for this state and for KBOO. He was the driving force for bringing the translator down to Corvallis along with myself. Our community raised $20,000 to do so, including a generous donation by the then Corvallis Emergency Room Physicians (one of who is now one of the Mad as Hell Doctors). These are dedicated funds as a all the translator fundraising.

Dr. Papadopoulos was denied tenure by OSU for his anti Vietnam war activities. He was not successful in his suit against OSU for reinstatement but in the process of that suit he changed public record law in Oregon. Unfortunately some of it has been changed back.

The KBOO board has never gotten a ruling from the FCC as to what constitutes foreign ownership of a radio station for a member owned station. Is it a certain percentage of the board members or a percentage of the actual membership? Or does it not apply to KBOO at all. KBOO would have done a service to all other community radio stations to take on this question. They were courageous in taking on the obscenity issue, sadly they lost that courage in this case. Since KBOO members elected Dr. Papadopoulos KBOO should have kept the members interests at heart instead of unseating Dr. Papadopoulos. Strangely when he was reinstated it was a Friday the 13th and he became a 13th Board member for a time on that day. Dr. Papadopoulos was reelected by the members for a three year term, after the lawsuit.

Glen Owen is not a Nazi, he is however a gay man who's alien partner was denied residency. That was a defining moment in Glen's life. One that remains with him to this day. And he is my friend whom I cherish.

Marie Cullen was unseated by other members of the board because she didn't fill out the proper paperwork to show her sweat equity membership. I'd say that's a bit like a timecard. I am sure that there were others who could vouch for her attendance and volunteering--she could have been given a deferral or a waiver as sometimes happens in other membership organizations. It would have been a courtesy. However, I paid for her membership that year. And was lectured about the bylaws by the membership coordinator.

I work in a non-profit as a staff member and I can't imagine it ever being right for me to do such a thing. I work for the members of my organization because I want to help them achieve their vision.

Who Owns KBOO and Who Does KBOO Serve? 26.Apr.2013 02:38

The Community Guy

It's time for the real owners of KBOO to speak up! But who are they, exactly?

The KBOO Foundation is a registered public benefit corporation in the State of Oregon and has a 501(C)(3) non-profit status with the IRS. What does that mean? It means that while the KBOO Foundation Board of Directors control the assets of the corporation, they do so "in trust," for the benefit of the general public, who are the true and sole owners of the Foundation. KBOO was formed to serve the public, and needs to continue to do so to retain its corporate and non-profit status.

KBOO is not owned by and does not exist to serve its members. It's not the Elk's club. It's not legally set up that way. KBOO does not exist to serve just the privileged few who can afford the funds to donate or the time to volunteer. KBOO serves a community larger than its membership. It serves communities of people you won't see at KBOO membership meetings.

The powers of KBOO members are carefully defined and limited. They can vote to elect or remove Board members and they can vote to amend the by-laws. That's it. Hopefully, members are mindful of the needs of the larger community when they exercise that power. Board members, either elected or appointed in a process approved by the membership, are not the members' representatives. Rather, Board members are the "Community Connection" between KBOO and the communities they are a part of. They are essential in bring to KBOOs attention the needs of their community and bringing to the attention of their communities the services KBOO provides, and KBOO's need for financial support.

KBOO does not exist to serve the needs and interests of the paid staff. Rather, these staff are paid to serve the needs and interests of the community, by way of providing services to support volunteer staff. Neither does KBOO exist to serve the ideology of its members, staff (paid or unpaid) or Board. KBOO exists to serve the needs of the community. We can have a discussion about what those needs are, and the best way to serve them. We should have that discussion. However, any statement of KBOO's purpose that loses sight of our need to serve the community is misguided .

The people responsible for running KBOO, so that it can serve the community, are the Board of Directors. Say what you will about any of them, but when you insult them, you insult the membership of KBOO. These people serve, unpaid, on the Board as a result of an election by the members or appointed in a process approved of by the members.

The Board hires KBOO management, who are responsible for day to day operations. KBOO's current manager was selected in a process agreed to by the staff and the Board, after a long period of time -- a couple of years at least -- in which the staff managed the station on an interim basis, but were unable to come to agreement among themselves about how they should manage themselves on a permanent basis. A significant number of staff also stated, in a confidential survey, that the staff as a whole lacked the skills to manage the station. The Board presented a modified collective management proposal to the staff, but that was ultimately rejected by the staff in favor of having a single manager, as KBOO now has.

The current manager, selected in a process approved of by both Board and staff, faced a difficult situation when she accepted the job. Five years of deficit spending, fewer members and less contributions, and lower number of listeners were all leading KBOO to ruin. Fund-raising events either did not raise the amount planned or lost money. Station operations were continually cut until no more cutting was possible. Only modest cuts were made in the biggest expense, staffing costs. Some of these cuts in staffing and hours were done when the staff managed the station. When they were in charge, they recognized the need to reduce the number of staff and the hours of remaining staff.

Also, when staff were in charge, they hired new staff as an at-will employee. Indeed, as managers, they should have known that their very own job descriptions stated that they were at-will employees themselves. Thousands of dollars of grant money was required to sort out the mish-mash of Board/staff policies created in the past -- several of which were illegal, but never corrected by staff management. The Board simple affirmed what the staff would have known if they had read their own job descriptions -- that the staff were at-will employees. If there was any change, it was that KBOO finally had policies that were both clear and in line with employment law.

There are all kinds of arguments in favor of for-cause employment. However, that discussion is not well served by a call to go back to the former employment policies, because formerly, as now, the staff were at-will employees. The focus needs to be on how to move forward. And the reality is that moving forward, KBOO needs to decrease expenses. How might the new manager do that without doing what the staff did when they managed the station -- cut hours and cut jobs? Phony controversies about a "change" which was no change, distract from the very real issue of what real changes need to be made.

People's passion for KBOO is misguided if its directed by anger, fueled by half-truths and rumors, and totally inwardly focused. Look outward. People who are ready to "Occupy KBOO" are welcome to do so. But know this. KBOO is not the building housing the equipment. KBOO is not the staff. KBOO is not the volunteers -- not even Board level volunteers. KBOO is the community we serve which is larger than all of us combined. Occupy KBOO by going out into the communities we AREN'T serving and find out how we can serve them -- and how we can afford to do so.

Who are the 99% in this situation? In terms of numbers, the broader community. Fortunately we got a totally righteous 1% at KBOO. We got awesome volunteers who make the programs to serve the community. We got awesome staff who are paid -- not enough -- and not enough of them -- to serve the volunteers. We got awesome members who serve to support the work of all to serve the community. And surrounding us all, and all we do, are the people who may not have the time or funds to be members, but whose needs we are dedicated to serve.

once again it must be noted 26.Apr.2013 15:22

that the current station manager

cancelled the Winter membership drive, theby barring 30 to $50 thousand in funds. KBOO's current shortfall is less than $20 thousand. We Can easily raise that and more--unless we decide to punish the Staff for doing what KBOO has always stood for: SOLIDARITY.

Solidarity with Community Needs 27.Apr.2013 03:22

No ideology zone

The membership pledge drives were consolidated to avoid "going to the well" --our ever shrinking donor base -- too often, and causing what is called "donor fatigue" as well as volunteer fatigue. The recent drive not only fell short on money raised but also fell short on the number of volunteers that were needed to help. KBOO also decided to not do certain special events this year as these typically failed to raise the amount needed, and in fact too often lost money. They are being replaced with events which promise to raise more money for the effort involved than those other events.

The Executive/Development Director (doing 2+ jobs, getting paid for 1), is an extremely talented fund-raiser and marketing person and was hired by the staff collective. (As an at-will employee mind you. To the barricades!). You have no one but the staff to blame if their choice was a bad one. The same staff also agreed to scrap the collective and have the Executive director take over. Again -- did the staff goof up there also? Well, no. The Executive Director is doing the hard work that should have been done 5 years ago, before the staff hounded the last manager out of his job and bungled their attempt to manage the station themselves. As someone mentioned elsewhere, when the staff were permitted to take a confidential survey, a significant number said the staff as a whole did not have the skills to manage KBOO).

Five years of ever declining listenership, membership and contributions is not solved by one more pledge drive. We need a radical change to turn KBOO around. Ironically, radical change is resisted at KBOO. Too many people are too entrenched to want to give up their power. KBOO is now all about saving a few people's jobs to the overall detriment of KBOO. This latest turmoil is just one more step in a five year long journey toward the eventual death of KBOO. I'm expecting people on the picket lines to be chanting, "What do we want? No change! When do we want it? Well, pretty much never." I expect to be hearing that chant still as the doors are finally closed on a bankrupt business that could have been saved, if enough people had the courage to call bull-shit on the same old failed ways of doing things. Fantasies of "we are just one more failed pledge drive away from a workers paradise" just aren't gonna cut it.

It Must Be Noted 27.Apr.2013 11:20


Membership Drives don't happen in a Vacuum.
Saying that the winter drive would have raised necessary funds is completely assumptive.
The fall drive did poorly and had to be extended an extra week.
It is crazy to assume the winter drive would not have suffered the same fate.
This spring drive did fairly well. Any chance that could be because there was no winter drive? Or do you think people had $50,000 they planned to spend in January but couldn't give it to KBOO.
People weren't asked to give in the winter, so they gave in the Spring.
Stop telling yourself and others that all KBOO needs to do is have more membership drives and everything will be ok.

More importantly, let's talk about having the appropriate job descriptions and hours for KBOO moving forward. How bout that website? It's horrendous. Up until recently the only person working on it was Ani's ex, who had little to no experience in web design. There is a part time engineer and a part time program director, which arguably are the two most critical components of operating a radio station.
God forbid anyone cuts hours for the volunteer coordinator or one of the news directors.

Take a step back and actually think about what KBOO needs, not what the current staff needs to protect their jobs, regardless of the effect it has on KBOO.

True Facts from ... 30.Apr.2013 10:48

an Independent Source

The following is from Northwest Labor Press

Conflict at KBOO sparks effort to unionize
Apr 23, 2013 | Filed under: Union Organizing

KBOO-FM, Portland's community non-profit radio station, may soon be a union shop. A petition filed April 18 asks the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to conduct a union election to determine whether the station's 10 employees want to join Communications Workers of America (CWA) Local 7901.

Employees contacted the union after the station's elected board of directors approved a package of personnel policy changes over which they had no say. Among the changes: Paid maternity leave was cut in half to three weeks; paid sick leave was cut in half to 40 hours a year; and employees were designated as "at-will."

Eight of the 10 employees signed union authorization cards, and at an April 2 staff meeting, asked the station manager to voluntarily recognize the union. But that didn't happen. So on April 18, with a mass firing rumored to be in the works, the union asked the NLRB to oversee an election.

The April 22 meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors was packed with union supporters there to urge recognition. But retired letter carrier Jamie Partridge one of a crew of volunteers who host the station's weekly Labor Radio program said the board seemed resolute in backing the changes. Partridge predicts a protracted struggle at the station.

No election date has been scheduled yet.

Source --  http://nwlaborpress.org/2013/04/kboo-workers-unionize/

More True Facts 30.Apr.2013 15:17


Looks like something happened today -- see dates below. Formatting got a little messed up. Gotta wonder how many donated dollars are going to J. KENT PEARSON?

Source:  http://www.nlrb.gov/case/19-RC-103181

Home Case Search 19-RC-103181
KBOO Foundation
Case number: 19-RC-103181
Date filed: 04/18/2013
Status: Open

Location: Portland, OR
Region Assigned: Region 19, Seattle, Washington
Docket Activity
Date Document Issued/Filed By
* This document may require redactions before it can be viewed. To obtain a copy, please file a request through our FOIA Branch.
04/30/2013 Stipulated Election Agreement * NLRB - GC
04/19/2013 Signed RC Petition * Petitioner
Participant Address Phone

PORTLAND, OR 97266-1354 (503)238-6666
KBOO Foundation

Portland, OR 97214
Legal Representative
STE 500
PORTLAND, OR 97204-3149
Legal Representative
STE 1900
PORTLAND, OR 97201-5720

Source:  http://www.nlrb.gov/case/19-RC-103181

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