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Nasa Misrepresented

 link to principia-scientific.org
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There is a disinformation campaign afoot here.

Perhaps this is a reason Hansen has retired. Its as good reason as any.

First the article does not address most of the usual radiation from the sun but the solar Storms.

Second it addresses the upper atmosphere and not the lower one that we live in.

It is of some interest of how the article does not explain how 95 % of the energy is re-radiated into space.

For example, "For the three day period [coronal mass ejection (CME)], March 8th through 10th, the thermosphere absorbed 26 billion kWh of energy. Infrared radiation from CO2 and NO, the two most efficient coolants in the thermosphere, re-radiated 95% of that total back into space."

I would have guessed re-radiation would have been 50%. Half out and half in. Further coolants is a poor choice of words, as absorbing radiation as emitting radiation would have been better. Further this is the thermosphere being discussed.

Once again context is everything.

METHANE 21.Apr.2013 15:46


CO2 is not the only (anthropogenic-or-otherwise) global warming gas.

[RE: 'controversial new report'...] Be sure and wake me up when not only the whole U.S. government (i.e. not just NASA) but all the world's nation states, along with the hundreds of thousands of atmospheric and earth scientists who live on our globe have "wised up" to this -- purportedly -- "revolutionary" finding about the processes of global warming and climate change.

Thank you for not blaming me. 21.Apr.2013 23:39

MS. Wendigo

I hope. Really hope that science will prove that mankind is not to blame. Because I do not want to feel responsible. If the world should turn to ashes and dust, that is fine and inevitable. Just don't blame me, 'cause I can't stand the guilt.

Blame... 22.Apr.2013 05:55


You are to blame, we all are, but not maybe for what you think. We are not to blame for using cars in a car culture, what choice do you have. Blame implies choice, and unless you live in a big city there really are not any options, but even if you stop all of your activities that produce carbon, we would still have a run-away greenhouse effect.

You and everyone are to blame for allowing car culture. For not destroying the culture that is killing the planet.

The "Blob" 1958 22.Apr.2013 18:41

Tracy Mapes

What did Steve McQueen know in 1958 that NASA didn't Discover until 2013?