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Portland Police Arrest Man Begging for a Picture of Their "Assault"

On April 5th, Portland Police arrested a young man on the 300 block of SW Stark St around 11:45 am. The young man claimed he had been assaulted by the police and begged passersby to take his picture. I did not witness an assault, but I did take the picture. Now I don't know how to get it to him.
As a friend and I were walking to lunch, we heard a man calling for help. He was on the sidewalk face down, with a bike cop kneeling on his back and holding his head down with one hand. The man had something over his head that made it hard to see him well. The policeman looked calm and wasn't talking to the man, just talking casually to his partner who was standing a few feet away on the sidewalk. The man was asking everyone who walked by to take his picture, saying they had assaulted him.

We watched for about five minutes and the situation remained very calm except for the man on the ground asking for help. A police car pulled up and the bike cop and a cop from the car pulled the man to his feet and started moving him towards the car. Again, everything was calm and we began to walk by on the other side of the car. As we walked by, the man called to us and when I turned to look at him I saw he had a mesh bag over his head with a surgical mask built in over his mouth. There was a fair amount of blood inside the bag. I took his picture and the police seemed to hover for a minute so I could do it, then they put him in the car. He was calling a phone number to us, but we didn't catch it.

Does anyone know this man or how to get this picture to him? Frankly, I never saw the police be anything but calm the whole time I was there, but I don't know what happened before I got there. I figured it can't hurt for the guy to have the picture. Thoughts?

thanks for doing this 20.Apr.2013 11:43

citizens do care

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More information please if you want sympathy 22.Apr.2013 09:35


He wanted a picture of the "assault" in progress??? A video of what happend before would be what he needed.

You mentioned not knowing what happened in passing but that's vital to know. You should be asking for witnesses to the incident. Was there anyone around who might have seen what happened before? I hate the cops as much as any rational being and hope to progress to a world that has none but many of the people they arrest are miscreants who don't deserve any sympathy. Did you ask the cops for his name and interview the guy later for his side of the story? If this story is important enough to post on Indymedia then follow up with the "victim". Maybe he has a valid story to tell about what happened.