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Corruption Or Just Being Shity?

I am sometimes a bit rude
What the Bastille looked like
What the Bastille looked like
Portland, Oregon City Council Disgrace 4/17/2013

During the presentation of the City Attorney, I was rude. I do not normally interrupt people who present information to the 5 shi-s but this guy really got to me or maybe it was the Mayor allowing a video of President *johnson signing the fair housing act, which is a good thing. johnson is/was a mass murderer in my eyes. I will not debate his pros and cons, he should have been impeached, tried and put in prison for the rest of his life, and I mean a bad prison. So maybe one or the other was the cause but I do remember yelling out that he was a mass murderer and *charlie almost having a stroke. The was the first time I have ever wondered about PTSD because man, I was back in 1968 on the USS Davis as we were run out of our station by shells from the shore. I was a boiler operator and my battle station was in the boiler room between two 1200 PSI, 1000 degree boilers. I was terrified shitless. We did not get hit but that is where I went, when that terrible human being's face was on the screen. I don't want to get carried away but if you read this charlie that is why from that point on I was not going to back down from anything, anyway, anywhere---I went to battle station and did not come out until we walked into the Lotus a few hours later. Well, what the hell I had it easy the Army, Air Force and Marines got the shit kicked out of them, 58,000++ no one knows the exact numbers and as far as the Vietnamese---in the millions, we are so good at killing things.

By the time City Attorney *jimmy van dyke was testifying I was still on the Davis, so I was ready for truth and got BS. His testimony is and was a lie, he constantly talked about the judge's actions and never mentioned the jury telling the judge that the cops beat this young man without any thought to what would happen later. They, the men and woman of this city, said enough and what did this liar say, "We find that there is a reasonable possibility---------maybe------- could------- our evaluation says, and on and on. This is called lying by omission. When lawyers do this they are good, very good at hiding the truth. They will only tell you the part that helps them, they almost never tell you the truth, that is why we have a defense and a prosecution in criminal trials, you are suppose to share, but ---------ha!

According to my wife, I was not outrageous during the presentation/testimony. I guess all the action happened after or during the stabbing done not by Brutus but by novick. This gets a little confusing so let me see how many times I have to write it until it makes some sense.

Many times items come up that need immediate attention, like a bill that has to be paid. In this case the City Attorney or someone above him decided they were going to wait until the clock was about to run out to notify the Court of Appeals that the city would appeal. In this case running the clock out, even we lowly Ex-Chief Union Stewards know how to do that. Now step two starts. The City Attorney goes to the council or a member and it could be the **fish man because he said to Amanda that he was in possession of classified info/doc that has a bearing on this case. Not sure fish was the man but it sure looks bad for little nicky.

Back to step two.

They put it on the consent agenda, meaning just a vote, no discussion, but there was a problem. Dan Handelman from Cop Watch caught it and asked me to pull it which I did, and Commissioner Amanda Fritz pulled it at the meeting so we could have a little talk, a little discussion about what this means.

When things started to get hot, *danny boy runs for the hills, Commissioner *salzman now has my nick name for him as the "Departer." After danny ran out the backdoor before the vote, our once friend and ally *steven novick offered an amendment to take this out of emergency, and just have a majority vote. This did two things, one--no longer was it necessary to have all present to pass the authorization for the cover the cops ass-kissing city attorney requested, it only would have to be a majority. The third and final step was also interesting. This only allowed the city attorney to notify the appellate court that we, the great city of Portland, only intend to appeal.

Now what?

There was much yelling by me about this and I told the mayor, city attorney, and the chief of police they were acting like "Fascists." I don't use that word much but between what they did on Wednesday 17, 2013 and showing President LBJ I was out and about physically and mentally. Thursday was a fun day.

I wrote my report, rant or just vents and came up with the idea to acknowledge what the four sh--s had done, with gifts. Lemons and Flowers were on the list of things to get ready for my march though the council. KBOO News wanted to go with me and record what we were doing, there was some mix up but they did meet us just before we went to our last stop, Commissioner Amanda Fritz, the fun stop. We first went to the mayor's office with our large bouquet of flowers in one hand and a lemon in the other. If you've ever been to the mayor's office you know that there is a long entrance made of all glass so the people can see who is coming. I wore a shirt that said "Charlie Cut Youth Program" and on the back, "How Stupid." But I had these beautiful flowers and announced we are here bearing gifts, the receptionist smiled and said something like, we like gifts. charlie got the first lemon with his name on it as Charlie-muzzler. The rest went about the same with the staff smiling first and then when they realized they were not getting the flowers but the lemon was priceless. I love staff and don't try to hassle them but they are put out front and that is how it goes. We had fun, sent our message and now it was a trip to Amanda's office. I remember saying that it would be sad if we got thrown out of the building before doing the one thing that would make all of us happy.

We made the same walk down the corridor but we all had smiles on our face this trip. The staff saw us coming, had the same smiles as the rest but this time we did not have to be sad. This time I asked the receptionist if there was a member of the staff we could speak with for a few minutes because we wanted to present Commissioner Amanda Fritz with these beautiful flower for standing toe to toe against the boys. Commissioner Fritz was the only vote we got, and Individuals For Justice wrote this as part of the letter that came with the flowers, last paragraph:

Thank you for showing us what a concerned and strong woman looks like, any young person watching you should take note, and say: "See that woman who is a Commissioner, that is who I want to be like."

Joe Walsh-Lone Vet
Individuals For Justice
Supporter of VFP-72
Member VVAW

Commissioner Fritz and I will probably be fighting over another issue that comes up, but this issue and her sick leave push for me is the best of politics. I have and will see the worst, but for a few days if you see me I just may be smiling and the reason will be I got to meet good people inside and outside of City Hall. We are not perfect but we do know when we screw over another human being and Mr. Smith was screwed over by, the mayor, city attorney, mr. Little landrum, fish, danny, and lets not forget the cops who will always be know by me a CWC----Criminals Without Conscience. Harsh, yes----True perhaps.

P.S. I try to send copies to people I mention in my writing not for their opinion but for me, it just feels fair.

*rude again, will not cap name due being pissed.

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