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Five Arrested In An Attempt To Stop The Closure Of The Salem Mail Processing Plant On 4/17

Protesters from around Oregon show up to save the Salem mail processing plant from its scheduled closure in June

JoeAnybody.Com Report-Back:

An oregon "Save Americas Postal Service" campaign action led by Jamie Partridge of Portland Communities and Postal Workers United and Greg Margolis of Portland Jobs With Justice. Around seventy protesters held a rally in front of the Salem, OR USPS mail processing plant and were joined by area state legislative representatives which spoke of their concern for saving this public service. They point out that they are pushing a bill to congress (The Postal Service Protection Act Of 2013) to save this vital american institution, and the jobs it has provided for so many. Protesters wrapped up the rally and announced that they would be marching to the back of the mail plant to a public drop-off entrance to occupy the premises and request an answer from someone in charge of closing the facility.

After a stand off with postal inspector police, salem police were called and responded. They spoke with a liason (Greg Margolis) and stated that everyone was free to express their first amendment rights as long as they did not interrupt service. Five designated individuals including Jamie Partridge and John Schweibert decided to enter the building and confront operations management about the scheduled closure in June. These protesters were arrested and spent close to ten hours in book, hold, and release in the marion county jail. They recieved complaints of tresspassing charged by the Post Office and will have court dates soon. This is part of a national campaign known as "Save Americas Postal Service".

Video Link:

5 Arrested Protesting Closure Of Salem Mail Processing Facility (Short)

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