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Elevated risk of false flag terror event

Consider taking Friday off and heading east into the mountains to build the season's last snowmen; or, head to the forests and go camping and fishing for a long weekend. You have an excuse to do something fun. Given Monday's events---what appears are likely staged false flag terror operations in Boston---one could extrapolate a pattern and guess that a follow up staged event is very possible this week. In my estimate there is roughly a 1/200 chance something may go down here around Patriot's day this Friday, or close to it, this weekend. This is only a ballpark estimate and the risk could be higher, especially considering that traces of ricin have been showing up the mail recently (google "ricin mail"), april 15-16, 2013.
[cont'd from summary paragraph]
There are people who are much better than me at elaborating and presenting this information. So, most of this article will be to present you with the news links I would like you to research and consider. There are two reasons why I believe the risk for a staged terror event is highly elevated.

1. The Boston false flag op.

2. Evidence of Ricin in the mail, together with John McAfee's (yes, the guy who likely wrote your anti-virus software years ago, if you happen to us MS Windows) dire warning, and claim of direct evidence that this is in the works.

1. is overly discussed in the Blogosphere, but here is a good summary by Radio host Alex Jones that was recommended by steve piezcinic
What I believe 1. boils down to is that any highly successful larger (>250k) liberal city is a target to be used to assign the blame on right wing nutter groups and for rogue elements within the government to push drafting of a patriot act version two. The risk of a second false op later this week is on ther order of 1/10 (I can only guess, but that's my best rough guess) an there are maybe on the order of 20 successful large profile liberal cities in the country. So, I arrive at this short term risk estimate: 1/10*1/20=1/200

2. is more dangerous, and really something to look at and consider considering the context and recent trace results. Google Ricin McAfee . Or Ricin mail.

Please feel free to tack on comments or useful links.

The US Government regards all US citizen dissidents as an Insurgency. 18.Apr.2013 07:58

USA NATO Israel Evil Empire

Following the Boston Marathon false flag attack, I agree with you about the heightened risk of the US Government committing a follow-up attack this week. Consider the possibility that the fertilizer plant accident near Waco, Texas yesterday may have been a US Government attack.

The US Government has been warning us for a long time that it will intensify its false flag attacks within the USA. The recent "lone gunman" shootings and the Boston Marathon bombing may have signaled the start of an intensified campaign of domestic attacks by the US Government.

The US Government regards the political dissenters of all stripes within the USA as an "Insurgency", and it's only a matter of time before the US Government will start using the whole panoply of Counter-insurgency methods that they have used in Iraq and Afghanistan. Eventually that could include both surveillance and killer drones, armed traffic checkpoints, random searches, house raids, extra-judicial murders and assassinations, terror bombings, stringent ID requirements, gag laws, travel restrictions, "disappearances" of dissidents, death squads, snipers, internment camps, and torture dungeons.

The DC Beltway Snipers were very effective at creating terror by shooting random people at gas stations; they got caught because they were homeless and living in their car. A professional US Government sniper could do the same thing with far less risk of getting caught - and if he does get caught, the US Government will simply get him released.

So far the US Government has demonstrated that it likes to use bombs planted in famous locations and at high-profile events, such as the Boston Marathon and the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony in Pioneer Courthouse Square. I therefore avoid famous locations and high-profile events, which is no problem or loss for me, because I don't enjoy those venues anyway.

There is always a risk that the US Government will detonate a large "dirty bomb" laced with radioactive dust in a US city. But they could also use an MK-Ultra brainwashed gunman to shoot people at Multnomah Falls, or at the Mount Saint Helens Visitor Center, or at the Boardwalk Arcades in Seaside. Getting out of the city, or even staying out of the city, may not give you much protection if the US Government decides to start attacking people in random locations everywhere in its effort to manufacture "domestic terrorism".

ok 18.Apr.2013 09:09


Do you have any, you know, actual evidence that this was a false flag attack?

I don't mean stuff like "it would make perfect sense to push blame on the right wing groups blah blah ban guns"

I mean actual, physical evidence. Not speculation, not wild hyperbole or any grasping at straws. you are making a very serious claim and we should expect you to back that up with some kind of evidence.

And before you bother typing it, I don't mean "the US has done false flags in the past etc etc" or any number of other conspiracies you think are similar to this one. I mean evidence about THIS particular bombing.

I'll be waiting in the lounge.

the only factual statement>>>"right wing nutter groups" 18.Apr.2013 09:37


this conspiracy bs is being pushed by the usual anti semite conspiracy merchants: alex jones and his larouche cult friends webster tarpley


this is pure ultra right fear mongering and exploitation.

re: McAfee.....whatever he did for computer security, he's a narcissist attention whore fleeing murder charges. oh so credible source....NOT


"Fleeing Belize after being named as a "person of interest" in a murder investigation, then deported from Guatermala after entering the country illegally - faking two heart attacks along the way in an attempt to slow down his deportation - where next for the increasingly-strange tech maven John McAfee? Portland, Oregon, of course - and it's all because of a comic book. Insert your own "Put a jailbird on it" joke at your leisure.

The bizarre exploits of the man behind McAfee anti-virus software (Something that he himself doesn't use, by the way; he thinks that it's "too annoying") have kept people in something resembling spellbound disbelief since the 67-year-old was named in connection with the murder of Gregory Faull, one of his neighbors, in November. Denying any involvement, and claiming that he was afraid that the police would kill him if given the chance, McAfee left the country and went into hiding, showing up weeks later in Guatermala, where he was arrested for sneaking into the country. Afraid that he would be deported to Belize, he reportedly faked heart attacks to give his lawyer time to mount a defense against deportation, resulting instead in his deportation to the United States, where he again disappeared in mid-December, staying underground... until now.

McAfee's new base of operations was revealed last week when he appeared in local strip club Mary's Club posing for photographs to accompany an article for the Sunday Times. His reason for moving to the city is to continue to work with Chad Essley, a local artist who is illustrating a graphic novel based on McAfee's life, written by McAfee himself.

Read More:  link to www.comicsalliance.com

than god for norton

Well, I know what I heard today 18.Apr.2013 16:33


NPR did a piece interviewing some local people (some of whom had acquaitances who were injured; ohers not) apparently in attendance of the interfaith service at which Obama gave a speech. Now, I didn't listen too long, I have to admit, because after three people in a row (a white housewife, a white suburban school headmaster, and one who another would likely reckon from her voice as I did, a black woman; like how it's a 'cross-section'?) saying they were in favor of martial law, I couldn't take any more. While I think the bombing is terrible and I'm sorry people have to go through this, I guess we seem to have really connected to the meme of a risk-free life and will go to any lengths, such as bankrupt ourselves with insurance on every aspect of our lives and bankrupt ourselves with a security state. I'll admit again, I'm losing faith in people's reasoning, but I guess as one who has an interest in history, recent and otherwise, that I should realize optimism is something that I carry with me into the study, not something that is inherent in that study. What other conclusion can one come to but that the worst elements are winning? How many times do I have to apologize to my kid for the mistakes of my generation? I'm quite sick of it.

And, by the way, what was the point of the bomb? Because they can? When one asks that question, and can't come up with an answer such as 'blow back from America's foreign or domestic policy', as it doesn't seem to be politically symbolic for even the most extreme segment of either end of the spectrum, doesn't one think to themselves that the cause has only two choices for solution, which basically share the same motivation? To me, those two answers are one or more very deranged individuals (which, by the way, martial law isn't going to stop) and a segment of the government on whatever level, city, state, or federal. But now that I've typed this, I seem to have missed that actually the differnce can be, in some respects, moot. There are just as easily collections of deranged individuals in goverment as in civilian life. Marial law isn't going to stop them, either.

Sorry. It just makes me sick. Oh...Didn't I say that?

Do you have proof that Boston Marathon bombings were not done by US Gov? 18.Apr.2013 18:46

Remember the Maine?

Does anyone have proof that the Boston Marathon bombings were not done by the US Government?

Since the US Government has done most of the "Islamic terror" attacks of the past several decades, it is reasonable to assume that the US Government has done it yet again in Boston. The Usual Perpetrators are the Usual Suspects.

@Remember the Maine? 19.Apr.2013 07:23


"Does anyone have proof that the Boston Marathon bombings were not done by the US Government? "

We also have no proof they were not done by aliens. Or Jews. Or Godizlla.

This is bs cult logic.

Since the far right conspiracy cult noise machine has been behind most of the unfounded conspiracy claims of the last few years, it's reasonable to assume the far right conspiracy cult noise machine is doing it yet again with the Boston tragedy. The Usual Propagandists are the Usual Suspects.

no 19.Apr.2013 08:47


"Does anyone have proof that the Boston Marathon bombings were not done by the US Government? "

No, I don't need to go around proving negatives. When you make a claim, it is up to YOU to provide proof. I can't prove Santa Claus didn't do it either. That doesn't make it any more true.

Not considered enough 19.Apr.2013 11:16


One thing that I don't think society in general considers, while we point fingers at government, small extremist groups, or individual sociopaths and scream for martial law is that there are entities out there other than the umbrella we hold over these those. We really need to understand in general how are lives are manipulated and managed by these other entities. I would think, right off the top of my head, that there are security interests which have a stake in these things. And can't we figure pretty much conclusively that they are a haven for the sociopath? What's stopping private security organizations from taking a play from the FBI's book, be willing to encourage the ignorant to pull things like this? What's stopping even the financial industry or private financial funds from doing the same? I'm not sure that we even see the iceberg of potential when we look at manifestos from a group like the Project for a New American Century or the public dealings of the Koch Brothers and their groups. You can make your own list and figure your own way of dealing with it.

Only children trust the word of the US Government and its puppet media. 19.Apr.2013 13:29


If you trust the US Government and its puppet mainstream media, you accept their explanation for whatever happens. Just as a child may believe in Santa Claus because he trusts and accepts the word of his parents. But that is not critical thinking, nor rational, nor mature.

Some of us are no longer children, and we are not obliged, nor are we inclined, to accept the testimony of our habitually lying, habitually cheating, and habitually murdering US Government.

siemprejulia 19.Apr.2013 15:49

is it too soon to start questioning?

Im reading this from Mexico.
Mexicans keep asking me who would do such a thing? and while I dont know the answer, security is so tight in the United States that I can only think it must have been an inside job. Does anyone still think that the murders in the Aurora cinema last July were really the work of one young college student?

I realize that it may be too soon to ask for deeper thought. But ten years ago, there would already be many investigative voices on this site. Has the public here changed, or are people just fed up and holed up in their own world? Why is information and opinions so threatening? snt that what this site is about?

Boom 21.Apr.2013 12:23


You guys should just come up with a color coded system for this shit and anytime a tragedy breaks out you can just post whatever fucking color suits your fancy as opposed to us having to subject ourselves to this. Its interesting though, because there's no attempt to link motive here. Its just assumed. This is where we are at as a species. There really is absolutely no such thing as reality. Space/time is a conspiracy. Interestingly enough it was assumed by those two kids who my lazy American ass cannot take the time to learn how to spell the names of.

My family is of Polish nationality. I mean no harm. But if you ever look at Eastern European alphabet, there is no translation into the English language of a zero with a horizontal dash through it. I swear they stick numbers into the middle of words. And some of the letters look Latin, but there are no vowels. Are the numbers supposed to be vowles? Is 7 an 'a' If youre from a "western nation" (the balls round asshole) and have ever tried to learn any eastern european language, oh god.

Hey, Larry, I tried 21.Apr.2013 18:14


I asked, but the only motive I could come up with is the same reason a dog licks its balls...Because it can, or that someone wished to disrupt the basic system. What was the reasoning? What was symbolic about the Boston Marathon? Why not the Boston Red Sox? Maybe the suspect who lived will enlighten us, if he decides to tell us anything.

But you're right. There's no reality.

I'm not sure where you're coming from with the language. Yeah, there are sounds in other languages that don't translate into English well at all, and even if they do come up with a reasonable facsimile through the blending of two or more English letters, most can't follow it.

I went out with a Polish girl once. Prettiest girl I ever dated. Her parents hated me. They'd sit with me right there and talk shit about me while I sat there and just smiled. Honestly, though I knew what they were saying wasn't nice at all, I thought the language itself was amazingly beautiful, and put up with their actions for an awfully long time before I finally got to laughing when I knew in was happening. That pissed them off enough to actually show it in body expression. There's little mistake in that. I adored the girl, and they should have realized, if nothing else, that I wouldn't ever have intentionally hurt her in any way. There are other things besides the alphabet that doesn't translate well. Get it? Americans may be asses, but there's not a monopoly on that in any language, culture, or nationality. That is a reality you can count on, isn't it?

sure thing 22.Apr.2013 12:17


"Some of us are no longer children, and we are not obliged, nor are we inclined, to accept the testimony of our habitually lying, habitually cheating, and habitually murdering US Government."

Sounds great. When you start actually believing things that are supported by evidence, instead of crap you heard from Alex Jones, let me know. until then, you're just as guilty of childish beliefs as those you so strongly condemn from you smug little soapbox.

By the way, you should be careful about standing on that thing for too long. Just puts you up closer to the chemtrails.