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VIDEO: Portland City Budget Hearing Short Out-take 4.11.13

A community meeting was held at Montgomery Park for the Portland City Budget Meeting on 4.11.13
This is short out-take clip from the full video - recorded in the lobby prior to the meeting.
The room was packed and many people were able to speak for (1)one minute with their concerns.

 http://youtu.be/rRBkXVk2DH4 [5:49 min video] from 4/11/13
The following was copied from the Face Book page --> Defend Portland Against Austerity Cuts at the Portland Budget Hearings:

Join us in our campaign to stop yet another round of austerity budget cuts in Portland, as we grow our presence at the community budget hearings and project our message that THERE ARE ALTERNATIVES to austerity.

Please consider testifying, or passing out fliers, or holding signs or simply being a presence to support those who are speaking out against the city plan to lay off public employees and cut services provided by these employees to the public.

On the chopping block are several important housing programs, community centers, jobs, funding for parks, after school programs, youth employment services, and many others.

-full video coming soon ((( i )))
-next public meeting May 16 2013 at City Hall 6PM Thursday
-Info:  https://www.facebook.com/events/416522928437174/

homepage: homepage: http://www.joeanybody.com

Video: Lone Vet speaks at budget Hearing 20.Apr.2013 14:04

joe anybody

 http://youtu.be/6RnPIfvbyYY (1 min video)

an out-take from the budget meeting w/ Joe Walsh speaking to the city council