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US Raises Nuclear Alert To DEFCON 3. China Mobilizes, Masses Troops On North Korean Border

ALSO! North Korea Threatens Nuclear Attack On Tokyo In The Event Of War, If Japan Shoots Down Missile CURATOR: Mort Amsel. Pyongyang warned that Tokyo would be its primary target if war broke out on the Korean Peninsula, if Japan maintains its "hostile posture." It also threatened a nuclear strike against the island nation if it intercepts any North Korean test missiles. In the comments, carried by the Korean...  link to beforeitsnews.com
US Raises Nuclear Alert To DEFCON 3. China Mobilizes, Masses Troops On North Korean Border

Friday, April 12, the US raised its nuclear alert status to DEFCON 3, Condition Yellow (out of 5 levels), stating "There are currently no imminent nuclear threats against the United States at this time, however the situation is considered fluid and can change rapidly." Many believe that North Korea will launch their test missile on or about April 15. Japan has instructed its armed forces to shoot down any North Korean missile that heads toward its territory.

Contrary to comments from the White House Thursday, the Pentagon reported that "North Korea probably has nuclear weapons that can be mounted on ballistic missiles." This is a very significant admission by the United States and a dangerous change to the Korean situation.

China has mobilized its military and is massing near the border with North Korea. This step was taken after North Korea placed a mid-range Musudan missile ready to launch on its east coast and its "dedication of more facilities at the Yongbon complex to nuclear weapons work." According to some sources in Washington, the Chinese military mobilization is not directed at deterring Pyongyang but as support for North Korea's steps.

What the hell happened? Why is the US now ramping up threats? Not to mention we sent John Kerry over there todayas yet another provocation. Like I said before, North Korea things they are being attacked hence their provocations and all we are doing is proving them true. -Mort

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just be glad 13.Apr.2013 07:35


Cheney isn't in the situation room...