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Fake O-Q-Pie Portland abandons the Houseless, works for the 1 Percent

Fake puppet traitor elements of "O.Q. Pie Portland", having usurped the People's Radical Movement of Occupy Portland, goes on Anarchist-purge and Houseless-purge, so it can rent a building from billionaire Joseph E. Weston.
Afraid of public relations Foop Corporation severed all ties with anarchist and unhoused comrades who were important leaderless leaders of Occupy Movement. This was so fake O.Q.Pie Portland can relocated they're fundraising headquarters to a corporate office park owned by evil One Percent billionaire Joseph E. Weston, according to a recent KATU News television report.

All unhoused comrades have been excluded for trivial "violations" such as carrying a backpack or a sleeping bag.

Anarchists no longer allowed to participate.

Fake O.Q. Pie Portland NOT doing ANYTHING AT ALL on May Day. ZERO discussion.

Instead all what they do now is fundraising, fundraising, fundraising, so Ur money goes to Weston so he can keep evicting and displacing the poor and make obscene profits.

How much does the Foop Executive Director get paid for oppressing the poor and silencing radical dissents?


irrelevant 12.Apr.2013 17:43


You know that all of this is completely irrelevant and uninteresting to radical groups and individuals, right?
Occupy portland hasn't been seen as allied with any local groups since the night that the window at red and black got smashed.
If you want to work with anarchists, go work with anarchists.
If you want to work with communists, go work with communists.
DONT get into some stupid public argument about the internal politics of a group that has already disintegrated in everyones mind.

What do you expect? 13.Apr.2013 10:33

Rad Vlad

What passes now as Occupy Portland is a reformist, left-center organization, a 501(c)(4) non-profit incorporated in Oregon. It looks from  http://www.occupyportlandcalendar.org the only three active groups now are Elder Caucus, Memetic Cascadia, and Occupy Solutions.

Elder Caucus - members are too invested in Social Security and Medicare. They are not at all interested in revolution, since their life depends on the benevolence of the United States Government under Barack Obama and the Democratic Party.
Cascadia - mostly gun-loving, libertarian, pot-smoking hippies, not interested in revolution or even secession. They are mostly apolitical, white-supremacist, and deeply sexist.
Occupy Solutions - seeks to lobby Oregon and local legislative bodies. They are reformists and Democrats, closely related to MoveOn and Democracy For America.

This explains why FOOP board keeps throwing the less-than-model-activists under the bus and ignoring their struggles. First they were against women, then Women's Caucus severed ties with OPDX; second they were against houseless, and then against radical Trans activists.

Some Perspective 13.Apr.2013 22:34


"Elder Caucus - members are too invested in Social Security and Medicare."

I've never heard of Elder Caucus, but I'm nearly 62 years old, when I will qualify to begin recieving Social Security. Thing is, I have paid into Social Security all my working life, so why don't I have a right to harvest my investment? Social Security was created for a very good reason - because most people don't bother, or can't afford, to save up some money for their retirement.

I saved much more than most people; the amount I saved is the equivalent of minimum wage, after taxes, for twenty years. My savings combined with my Social Security will be just barely enough for me to live on modestly without being a financial burden to anyone. With Social Security alone, I would be living in serious poverty. If inflation goes up, or the cost of living increases dramatically, any time during the next 20 years, my nest egg and fixed income may prove to be inadequate.

To some young people who lack a sense of the human life span, the financial resources that I now have might make me seem wealthy. (Yeah, my 1986 beater car is the envy of Southeast Portland.) But you need to have some perspective. I worked hard for what I have, and nobody wants to hire people over fifty.

If your Revolution would reduce or eliminate the modest financial resources that I have, I would be a fool to support it. Can I count on your communitarian collective to support me as I age, or to provide me with medical and dental care, or guarantee me a job with a living wage?