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WW story on Portland Police Beat The Shit Out Of Man in 2011

Surveillance video in parking lot catches Portland Police beating another man. The full story about the upcoming lawsuit is here:
The victim [Jason Cox] filed a $545,000 suit in Multnomah County Circuit Court.
Portland Cops Beat the Shit out of man.
It was all caught on tape and the stories these lying cops tell is not what is in the video.
God damnit frickin corrupt Police say they were within policy? HA!

When police policy allows this shit to happen we might need to fire the whole force and start with something that will work better than their corrupt abusive POLICY.
They beat the shit out of this man.

**** Portland Cops Who Think This Is Policy Suck****


Happened on June 18th - damn wheels of justice are slow.

--> Pay The Man His Money & Jail The Corrupt Cops! <--

[Officer Robert Bruders and Officer Sarah Kerwin, assisted Officer Jeffrey Elias]