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Broadway Cab Has No Love For Animals

Broadway Cab driver refused to take my dog and I to the pet emergency hospital. Getting a second cab to come took so long that my dog had to be euthanized.
Broadway Cab Has No Love For Animals

On 3/31, after giving my dog, Popo, an anti-inflammatory chew she began to choke which turned into breathing trouble. Had we made it to the pet hospital sooner they would have been able to calm her down; this happened before. On this occasion, I called Broadway Cab to take us to Dove Lewis. The driver just drove on. I yelled, "Stop! My dog is dying! We need to go to the pet hospital." He said, "No dogs, I don't care." He drove off. I called the cab company again and complained, the dispatcher said, "You didn't say there was a dog." Nowhere on their website does it mention anything regarding dogs. With the first dispatcher I said I had an emergency and I needed to take my dog to the hospital. It took over 15 minutes for the next cab to arrive. It became too late as her lungs filled with fluid. At the hospital, I made the awful, heart wrenching choice of putting her to sleep. Even if it was her time, she was under incredible stress and was suffering greatly. Not to mention my stress at being helpless. How could someone drive off for a pet medical emergency? My dog was a beautiful Yorkie mix and quite small. I also had my pet carrier.

No Surprise 10.Apr.2013 13:59

more curious than you

What you wanna bet the driver was Muslim? Muslims are taught in the Qur'an that dogs are unclean so they don't like dogs and they don't give a shit what you want. Sue the shit out of them for the pain and unnecessary death of your little doggie. I believe that it is illegal to refuse a cab fare because they practice a religion that hates dogs.

you can't sue them for that 11.Apr.2013 08:43


They didn't break any laws. There is no law that forces a private company to transport animals if they don't want to. They aren't doing anything illegal.

It is shitty, but not illegal.