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Is Obama a "Swinger"?

His best friends seem to be.
This week that perennial story about Will & Jada Smith being Hollywood "Swingers" and "Wife-Swappers" once again hit the TV network magazine shows. Jada claims "Will can do anything he wants as long as he can still look at himself in the mirror in the morning. Of course Hollywood stars LIVE in front of a mirror 24/7, so no big deal there. The thing is, the Smiths are the Obama's best friends in Hollywood. Notice I didn't say BFF. They've shared many social occasions over the years, and have made no secret of their relationship. But in light of Obama's most recent gaffe about good-looking Attorneys General, his close life-long relationship in Hawaii with a guy who was recently busted picking up transvestite hookers in Waikiki, and his on the road, personal Secret Service squad's rolling hooker orgy in South America, you have to wonder whether Obama isn't pulling a fancy JFK-styled hoax on the world with his all-American family image.

I don't know 09.Apr.2013 14:30


But I am glad someone has the courage to finally ask these crucial, hard-hitting questions. You are true patriot.

True patriot? 10.Apr.2013 06:04


This is a hatchet job, not some hard hitting important question. Why don't you stop wasting our time by commenting or your own post and go do something with meaning.

hah 10.Apr.2013 09:49


if you couldn't tell that was sarcasm you are a bigger idiot than the original poster.

Swinging sex is the Only True Freedom. 10.Apr.2013 10:30

Global Sex Slave Sweatshop Part VII

The Western nations have a mandate to liberate the world for swinging sex. That's what the War on Terrorism and the Femen movement are for. Obama, Bush 2, Clinton, Bush 1 - they all swing both ways. They were chosen for that.

sarcasm..shmarcasm 11.Apr.2013 11:36

pull the other one

"if you couldn't tell that was sarcasm you are a bigger idiot than the original poster."

ultra right tea baggers always pull this....

1 make extreme insane statement
2 friend or samefag agrees sycophantically
3 sane people ot part of the paultard militia cult call them out
4 tea baggers claim they were "only joking"

if clyde wants to come back and confirm it was sarcasm, with his sig, fine, but the anonymous handwave/denial is so fake.

this is reactionary right racist bullshit.

If Obama swings, how is that racist? 11.Apr.2013 19:16


Bush Senior had underage boys doing "overnights" at the White House.
Clinton had Monica - and a lot of others.
Bush Junior had Gannon the Cannon.
If Obama swings, how is that racist? Some people think that ANY criticism of Obama is racist. How convenient for the elitists who supported Obama's candidacy.

" friend or samefag agrees sycophantically " 14.Apr.2013 01:39


isn't the term "samefag"

discriminatory towards LGBT ?

Here's your revised/updated list (tables turned):

1 make extreme unsubstantiated lunatic-conspiracy-theory statement about "Anti Semitism"
2 friend or samefag agrees sycophantically
3 sane people ot [sic] part of the AntiFa Tinfoil militia cult call them out
4 AntiFa Tinfoilers walk it back, claim they were "only joking"