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No war on Korea!

US is baiting North Korea
Although I'm a little proud to claim Cassandra-like powers in warning, weeks ago on KBOO, that the North Koreans might be more aggressive this time around, I am alarmed at the bright-eyed eagerness I see among the pro-war pundits on the mainstream media. I've seen that look before--on weasels, as they sight unprotected fledgelings, and on the faces of the news commentators as they jubilantly reported fresh explosions in Baghdad. There are plenty of politicians who would benefit greatly from a bombing campaign versus North Korea, and the news media would triple their ad revenues overnight.

Those elements would also increase their power exponentially should, say, a nuclear device go off in the borders of the United States, as it would be extremely easy now to blame it on North Korea-- and the game would be well and truly on. I realize that's a shocking implication, but we do live in a nation that has used false-flag events and media exaggeration to promote wars, at least since the US-Mexico War of 1846. (By the way, speaking of false flag events, pull up a news site and watch the skyscraper in Chechnya burn. Notice that it did not collapse. Steel skyscrapers do not collapse into dust from fires. They never have. It takes technically advanced detonation sequences to make that happen. That's due to physics, which does not change its rules even when it appears to be disloyal.)

Those of you who agree with me, that the US should abandon imperialism, who have been noted in speaking out against it, would possibly have to go into hiding upon a major false-flag event like a nuclear detonation-- that is, assuming we were not vaporized by it. The temptation to pull such a stunt must be great for those of a certain mindset. It is at time like these that the seemingly minor and puzzling event of the Minot-to-Barksdale nuke stunt (  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2007_United_States_Air_Force_nuclear_weapons_incident ) takes a major shift in importance. I can count: six armed nuclear cruise missiles left Minot, five arrived at Barksdale. Should the arithmetic difference turn out to be due to the armament needs of a false-flag stunt group, everything would change in an instant. The embarrassment and humiliation of the Iraq and Afghanistan occupations would be forgotten in an instant. The military would regain its prestige, and you and I would be pariahs indeed, if not prisoners.

That said, Pyongyang has more going for it than was previously revealed. A few of their troop-infiltration tunnels have been found, particularly in the Seventies, but as many as thirty tunnels may have gone undetected, according to military analysts. Thirty infiltration tunnels is more than enough to ensure a victory for the million-man, multi-million reserve North Korean Army, even if they were armed merely with big sticks with nails in them. Their hundreds of jet aircraft are grossly outdated, yet if they were all to attack at once, South Korean defenses would be overwhelmed. Easily overwhelmed.

I think there is a small but widening chance that Kim Jong Un and company have decided to throw all their cards on the table, assault Seoul with everything they've got, occupy it as hostage against a retaliatory US nuclear strike, and then demand favorable terms. Their alternatives, now that they have gone so far screaming into a bear's den with a sharpened stick, may be getting slimmer. At this point, they might consider it just to loot food. But here is the real difference in my analysis: in a sick kind of way, North Korea could win. Not for long, perhaps. But no one wins under those circumstances.

The US has been viciously goading Pyongyang, for example, by re-deploying Chemical Corps soldiers and featuring them on news reels. The US used the war criminals of Japan's Unit 731 to stock its biowar.chemwar dirty tricks division at Fort Detrick after WWII, and Korea was their first playground, using aerially dispersed flies to spread a devastating meningitis. The North Koreans know this all too well, but the journalist who broke the story in the US did time for sedition.

I want to make it very clear that I oppose any renewed war in Korea, and should such a tragedy unfold, I'd like to make it equally clear that the US has long fanned the flames of conflict there, and must take a large part of the moral charge for doing so. Watching the corporate news coverage on the television with the sound down, one could be forgiven for assuming that a vicious group of marching uniformed men were threatening cute shopping ladies-- gesturing obscenely with bayonets and flaming phallic missiles-- for no reason whatsoever.

Beware the US corporate media war propaganda machine. It's just getting started, running at idle speed. US citizens "know" that North Korea is threatening war for mere reasons of insanity. The truth is that they are reacting to credible threats of nuclear and biological annihilation.

But the best outcome would be for the world to ignore Pyongyang's bluster, and offer a German-style reunification, without rancor. For that, the Foal Eagle multi-billion-dollar war games should be immediately shut down, and the three-generation-long US occupation of Korea should end. The Obama Administration's protests of overreaction are mere projection: North Korea, for all its bluster, is not at our borders with nuclear-armed ships and planes. No, on the contrary, Obama is shaking the ground of their borders with our B-2s and B-52s and troop maneuvers.

Where is the anti-war movement? The streets should ring with our voices and drums. No war with Korea!

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Yeah, Teresa 06.Apr.2013 07:12


It's Americas fault that the elite well fed dictator in N Korea is starving his people so he can build up his military to to threaten the world with nuclear war. You should have kept your mouth shut so everyone just thinks you are a fool instead of opening your yap and removing all doubt.

the tammy reverse 06.Apr.2013 11:08

the name flip

Tammy is talking about the USA
The USA is the only country to drop atomic bombs, we use our power and past doings as our proof and as a world-wide threat
Tammy open her pie hole and thus sounded even more foolish as she chide Theresa's post telling him to shut up
In her own pie-mouthing she just described the united states of america
Shame on the US military for even being over there in the area "Threatening Them"
Shame on the US military for all our destruction around the globe
Shame on people telling others to keep their mouth shut

Yeah, Tammy 06.Apr.2013 21:00


It's Korea's fault that the elite well fed dictator in the U.S.A is starving his people so he can build up his military to to threaten the world with nuclear war. You should have kept your mouth shut so everyone just thinks you are a fool instead of opening your yap and removing all doubt.

Throw out a little bait 07.Apr.2013 05:44


And the morons start biting like starving perch. The only statement that made any sense was the one by the blues chuckle head about america's elitist dictator elected by progressive morons and free shit parasites starving the people of america.

I don't think much of Teresa's politics, but I sure respect her "transgendered status", it's too bad the name flip transphobe couldn't be more considerate. Must be one of those elitist cisgenders who think they are better than others.

Yes folks, they are really that stupid.