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Veterans For Peace: Solidarity - Our Lives Our Rights Organizing at Fort Hood

Now: Veterans on Fort Hood organizing against Afghanistan war
Thousands of leaflets distributed on base reading:
"You don't have to go to Afghanistan"
VFP is in solidarity with "Our Lives Our Rights Organizing at Fort Hood"
VFP: Organized Locally
Recognized Nationally
Exposing the true cost of war and militarism since 1985
Since Monday, Iraq and Afghanistan combat veterans—including active-duty soldiers—have been engaged in a daring outreach campaign on and around Fort Hood, TX, the biggest U.S. military base in the world.
Above: Leaflet being disributed on Fort Hood.
Below: Our Lives Our Rights pamphlet
on magazine rackat Fort Hood's
mental health clinic.

Every morning, as soldiers flood onto Fort Hood, Our Lives Our Rights organizers have been holding a massive 50-foot banner at the base gates reading "You don't have to go to Afghanistan." This trip was timed ahead of the deployment of Fort Hood's III Corps in May.

This message—and information about why and how soldiers can resist deployment to Afghanistan—is also on thousands of leaflets and educational pamphlets.

This week, our organizers are actually on base at Fort Hood, distributing all of this literature to soldiers in uniform. Soldiers are also finding this literature in waiting rooms and lobbies at the USO, mental health clinic, post hospital, art and recreation center, and more. Soldiers will also open the Fort Hood post newspaper to find our literature stashed inside.

The goal of this outreach is to let deploying soldiers—who by mainstream polls overwhelmingly oppose the continuation of the Afghanistan war—know that they have a variety of options to not have their life thrown away. Not just that, but that they would be morally right for doing so, and that they have the support of countless other soldiers, veterans and civilians who will stand beside them.

So far, the Our Lives Our Rights campaign has received several phone calls and emails from soldiers and military families seeking more information about resisting deployment.

This campaign, carried out by combat veterans who have experienced the wars first-hand, is one of the boldest and most dynamic actions taking place to fight against the criminal occupation of Afghanistan. With your help, this message can be heard by thousands more soldiers and Marines. Click here to learn how you can support this effort.

The Our Lives Our Rights campaign would like to thank Under The Hood Café and Outreach Center for providing essential help and support. In the spirit of anti-war GI coffeehouses that were instrumental in organizing troops during the Vietnam War, Under The Hood is continuing this heroic tradition. Click here to learn more and support their work.



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A better strategy would be to persuade people not to enlist. 10.Apr.2013 08:45


Fine and good work, but you're approaching these people after they've already put their head in the noose.

A more effective anti-War strategy would be to persuade people not to enlist in the US military in the first place. Then they would not be required to "obey orders".