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Sheriff Staton ICE hold announcement on 4.4.13

An email reminder from Copwatch that alerts the community to attend the meeting on April 4th to show your solidarity support for the Commission's resolution that applauds Staton [latest decision] and support the community members who will be there testifying
[email starts]
Our allies working on the issue of getting Multnomah County Sheriff Dan
Staton to stop honoring ICE holds (detaining undocumented people who've
been arrested for the Immigration/Customs Enforcement agency) are excited
that Staton announced he will stop honoring the holds for lower level
they want to see Staton go further and stop working with ICE altogether.

If you can go to the County Commission meeting Thursday morning, April 4,
to show your support for the Commission's resolution that applauds Staton,
and support the community members who will be there testifying that this
is a good step forward, and/or testify yourself, please do. Here are
links to the County agenda item and their resolution:


Remember, the Commissioners control the Sheriff's budget, but he is
independently elected and can make up his own rules, so the Commissioners
don't have power to make him change... on the other hand, their resolution
could call for more action.

The continued detainers for felonies and other specifically defined crimes
will still lead to distrust of local law enforcement by the immigrant
community, split up families, and catch innocent people in a nearly
impossible to reverse legal web. But again, at least now people held on
minor traffic and other offenses won't be at risk of deportation.

Since we played a small part in pressuring the Sheriff to do the right
thing, we join our allies in the qualified excitement of a partial
victory, and thank all those who did so much more than we did, and
everyone who did anything to make this happen.
--dan handelman
--Portland Copwatch
(a project of Peace and Justice Works)
PO Box 42456
Portland, OR 97242
(503) 236-3065 (office)
(503) 321-5120 (incident report line)
[email ends]

A video titled "No Show Staton" was compiled from a couple previous meeting in December with Sheriff Staton on this ICE hold issue and can be seen here:
 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CFxw_9EhbA [17 min video]

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