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TruthSayer Quits NASA

Fred E Hansen Retires
After NYT creates a bit of GW doubt it acknowledges Hansen

 link to www.nytimes.com

Note to Indy headquarters. Need climate action text-box?

Nothing but a fraud 03.Apr.2013 10:58


From what I have read, it seems that this dude is a fraud who made the numbers match his globull agenda. He quit before he was fired for fraud.

(Garth wrote) "Websites that also contain 9-11 conspiracy theories don't count." 04.Apr.2013 20:57


That's because the two (Global Warming and 9/11) are mutually exclusive.





get it yet, 'Garth' ?

i.e. You 9/11 Conspiracy believers: that is folks who believe in the Official Story, can't continue to profess your adherence to Global Warming Denier debunking with any credibility.

And you folks who get all your Koch/big oil funded info on the Earth's atmosphere from the same places which provide you with your supposedly-analogous doubt about events of 9/11, had better similarly) pull your heads out of your ass.

Global warming = real

9/11 = State sponsored military-contracted inside job
( _not_ an 'Arabs outta caves with sat phones' operation )

^^ Facts that can't be refuted.