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----------Kahuraru: The Eaters of Wisdom------------

Select Excerpts from Lost Universe
Historically, the control of masses of people has been an important element in the building of Old World civilization. For millenia, people have been grouped into ruling classes and ruled masses.
Within this century, the apartment or family dwelling has become more and more isolated. The isolation has become absolute and we have become the loneliest people that ever existed and precludes almost all casual social contacts. At the same time, within the apartment or household the sexes are thrown together in an incest-breeding welter of physical familiarity. Simultaneously a demand is made for personal detachment, so that we require intensive psychological reorganization to heal us from the ordeal of our childhood. This emotional turmoil is implanted so early that we are convinced it is inevitable. In the outside world a further kind of isolation has been set up. We have developed a serious of age shelves so that each age becomes a segregated universe of its own. Retirement is now a shelf for social discard, while the younger age levels are left to their conformists and magnified rivalries.
But we cannot readily free ourselves of this habitual approach to the human being.
reflects itself in our view of the individual as a function of the statistical average. The process of statistical generalization involves a disregarding of the very characteristics that make a man an individual, ie, his uniqueness.
Chloe the beatnik preserved an understanding of the individual personality as the keystone of society rather than as a function of it. His society is therefore fluid and creative. He does not require doctrine in order to develop formal social structures, and the structures he does develop are currently functional rather than frozen.
This is the story as told directly by the citizens who were part of it in those last years and who, in the course of their lives, saw it become a lost universe. It is one of the unknown building blocks that was built into the nation of the United States.