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MALE SEXUAL MUTILATION (infant circumcision): “Bloodstained Men” Provocatively Protest

More and more US-born men are becoming aware of and are speaking out against the atrocity and fraud of infant circumcision sexual mutilation (and torture) inflicted on them at birth. This senseless, contraindicated, unethical, non-therapeutic, and permanently harmful, permanently damaging practice has to be outlawed in the US. Girls are protected by national law from having their genitals mutilated and boys must be so protected too. An incredible number of sexual mutilators are at large in US medicine: the largest group of them is now and has always been obstetricians.
An eye-catching, shocking and powerful sight is that of men wearing all white EXCEPT for a large red blotch over the crotch. This red blotch stands for the location of the penis sexual mutilation and torture inflicted at birth on each of them and FORCED on ~ 85% of US-born men. [Probably 75 to 80% of the world's men are lucky to have normal, natural, uncut, INTACT penis and they don't have all the "awful problems" that foolish or stupid Americans imagine.] These "blood stained" men importantly protest the evil, sickening and permanently damaging practice of infant circumcision sexual mutilation and torture—> MALE SEXUAL MUTILATION, a notable human rights violation in US medicine and in perverse, anti-human, violent religion. If you can, join them in Washington, DC right now for the 20th Annual Genital Integrity Awareness Week. For details on the currently running Washington, DC protest, go to:


[For an article covering the "blood stained men", go to  http://tinyurl.com/cbsbvyp ]

homepage: homepage: http://www.StopInfantCircumcision.org

Okay, I'll say t if I haven't already 29.Mar.2013 18:33


Circumcision --any type --is dumb. No one is getting cancer of the penis or whatever bs fear mongering defense. We would know about it. "Benefits" are in the category of if you don't have something, of course nothing can go wrong with it. People defending it are being dishonest moral cowards. There's no reason to cut things off babies, period(baring actual cancer, etc). And if you still think there is, just repeat "liability suit" over and over if something goes wrong and the baby grows up. Millions of years of evolution says the foreskin has a purpose. Just learn to wash guys.

Now, all that said, I don't believe for two seconds this clown spamming indymedia is doing so because he cares about unnecessary operations on babies. It smells like far right propaganda(the use of "MALE SEXUAL MUTILATION" is a clue) calculated to dismiss/coopt feminist issues a la " men are the ones REALLY oppressed".

The thing that pisses me off most about this guy? He's making anyone questioning circumcision look like a dick. And that DOESN'T help boy babies. So please STFU and GDIAF, asshole.


It's more likely far-left propaganda. 30.Mar.2013 08:28


@ rex:

It looks like far left propaganda to me. In the USA, right-wingers generally approve of circumcision, which is why 75% of US males get circumcized.

It's right wingers who prefer the clean cut look. 30.Mar.2013 08:31


It's right wingers who prefer the "clean cut" look.

What goes around 31.Mar.2013 08:28


@ never had a personal say:

The reason why your girlfriend was getting infections from her uncircumcised hubby was because her uncircumcised hubby was dicking your mom.

@what goes around 31.Mar.2013 12:40

never had any say

I think I said that, and I quote:

"Man, I've known so (many) guys, though, that will put that thing just about anywhere..."

Hell, I knew a guy who was diagnosed with the clap. He had gotten it from a lady who for whatever reason or another was ding what she did to make money. Anyway, he was bragging that he refused the treatment, went back to her for more, and then got the treatment. Somehow he thought he was smart. I was asking myself after hearing the story that he shouldn't have bothered at all, and certainly not thinking it was funny. But, then I thought that I'm glad he did get the treatment, as it seems he was tired of his hand, and would then pass it on to whatever lady who for whatever reason decided to have sex with him.

And I do agree with seriously when he said (I assume he's male from his wording):

"The one anecdotal thing probably true is men's hygiene education in the states is way behind Europe, or even South America. A combination of circumcision and puritanism...ironic given Yankee phallus based machismo."

I've always thought that it's been downright ignorant and stupid that the discussion of health education in schools has somehow been framed as an issue as a product of the left side of the political spectrum, where the right thinks it's not needed at all for whatever reason, often ?religious? It's really, really stupid. I grew up in the 'burbs in the 50s and I guarantee a three year old farm kid knew more about the truth of sex and reproduction than I was ever taught at home. I was raised catlicker, went to catlicker elementary school, and what I knew I got from my friends (like they were much different that me in that regard) and the encyclopedia we had at home: the 50s variety, that of the morally lustful puritan. Actually, I was a funny kid and liked to read the encyclodedia in my spare time. Otherwise, beside my grandmother (who wasn't catholic, or anything, for that matter that I knew of) when I was real little teaching me how to clean myself (while I distinctly remember her remarking "Why in hell didn't your mother teach you this?") it would have been left to the neighboorhood gang until I told my parents that I would not under any circumstances go to a catholic high school. I then had health classes in the public school.

Whatever...I did often wonder why my mate hadn't taken her ex-husband aside and asked the same question my grandmother did of me as a little kid. And was he stupid? He gave her a gun for a christmas present toward the end of their marriage during which she informed me that the arguements were really getting hot and he had threatened her with violence. I didn't know him, but what I was told of him from her biased and obviously disgusted point of view, was that at the least he didn't think things through to any extent. He was lucky that she did think things through and didn't use the damned gun on him.

You know, I bet jesus was cut, as he was the consumate jew no matter what the christians claim, but the tradition outside of their manipulated books among other things makes a case that he was a healer and was part of his allure. (Those 'demons' he exorcised were the parasites that people in impovershed and backward regions still deal with, and even their books love to tell of how he healed, though in the context of 'miracles' proving his divinity.) I'd bet, too, that jesus, would be quite open about our reproductive selves and the need for cleanliness. I certainly can't see him having a bitch about health education or even caring if one is cut or not for his purposes other than emphasising the required cleanliness with either. It's really obvious the obsession and resources given by cultures from the earliest to sanitation and cleanliness. It was a matter of great PUBLIC concern, not to be left to the vagaries of parent's teachings. One does wonder where some minds are at regarding health education, but I'm sure (or maybe not, because I'm not of any consequence to anyone) that it's been wondered about mind.

And the truth of my mind is the wonder you're now showing at all this typing. Don't be concerned. I'm just blowing time waiting for jesus to return.

honestly 01.Apr.2013 09:34


I'm glad I am circumcised. have you seen an uncircumcised penis? Looks like some kind of sea monster.