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"The Decider" Is Decided Upon

History is the ultimate "decider.
And history is already increasingly deciding that george w bush was the most stupid, the most vile, the most pompous, the most cowardly, the most deceitful, the most costly, the most vicious, the most sociopathic president ever suffered by this nation.

Who Cares ? 20.Mar.2013 19:02


So what does the 'personalized' Bu$h-hate accomplish?

Fact remains, that GWB was simply -- and deliberately/purposely placed -- 'in office' as of year 2001 to be the hood ornament for the state sponsored 9/11 'attack',

which launched the 'War On Terror', DHS, USA Patriot Act etc.

all of which have been more than endorsed and followed through on by his successor.

As far as general decline of the American state i.e. nation-state, that has been going on since November 5th 1980 -

election of Ronald Wilson Reagan
6 6 6

His ascendance to power (also as a hood ornament / titular figurehead, not a politician or statesman of any consequence) marked the backlash of state corporatism i.e. fascism against the relative 'permissiveness' and elite-perceived 'decay' which had occurred both in U.S. society and politics since the Vietnam-Nixon era.

Get a grip. 9/11 _was_ an inside job (not some 'random' or 'coordinated' attack by 'Islamists' commanded-organized by a cavebound leader).

You subsist in a _fake_ nation-state. Just like Orwell's '1984'.

Seems 20.Mar.2013 19:57


He was chosen by one of the most recent candidates for the validity of the Faustian story in my memory (I'm 60) Cheney because he was so glaringly stupid, impressionable, extremely coachable, empatheticly impaired ex alcohol and drug addict the repugs could find. How else could one explain why Cheney has live so long? Do you really think medical science is that advanced that they can animate shit that well as to resemble life? I don't think the computer animation people are that advanced yet.

That was fun, but I'm kinda ashamed, now that I think about it. Maybe because I didn't immolate myself in the street? I seriously doubt even that could comfort the ache I've felt for the bruising and beating my ethical sense and my confidence in an idea of a collective ethical sense took and still takes, though now, thanks to Bush, it's a little different. One does what what can, short of immolation.

Maybe you feel that, too, Den Mark, and that's why you still write about that ass? Or just blowing off some frustration? There's quite enough material around that would burn in the streets if there was real justice and someone to keep striking the match. We gotta live in these moments. Fuck Bush. Leave him to the cosmos. I'll bet Cheney and Faust have rarely been this amused. It really isn't fun.

Poor George 21.Mar.2013 00:02


Don't you think he was put in his place when his wife's book outsold his? I'd bet that he blames the PR, but has had moments when his little mind just hated her for it.

Anniversary 21.Mar.2013 14:31

Den Mark

I posted the op because of the tenth anniversary of one of the greatest crimes ever committed by this country, or by any country. I agree that george bush & his sociopathic gang of thugs have, as individuals, been relegated to the fetid compost pile, but their legacy unfortunately continues.

Have to Disagree 21.Mar.2013 14:53

Connie Mack

We don't have to wait on history to know that obama is the most stupid, the most vile, the most pompous, the most cowardly, the most deceitful, the most costly, the most vicious, the most sociopathic president ever suffered by this nation.

Bush was an absolute piker compared to the current pResident. And please, if you are going to rant on someone, make it truthful. Obama is the most costly by a multiplier of trillions. Bush screwed up america, but he certainly wasn't anywhere near as pompous as obama with his nose stuck so far in the air it's a wonder he don't drown when it rains.

Let's us criticize as deserved, not by selective politics. Bush is gone, he isn't coming back Why don't you take on the current obamanation in the white house and show some balls by protesting against the targeting of American citizens for death without due cause, killing women and children with drones, authorizing the indefinite detention of citizens without due cause, Gitmo, and on and on.

Get out of the past and get with the present, bush is gone, fuck him and his place in history. Lets fight what can hurt us now and the children in the future.

Come ON! 21.Mar.2013 18:10

Den Mark

Something's wrong with a poor soul who still cannot understand why i posted the op at his time, that is, the tenth anniversary of the vicious disgusting despicable cowardly bush attack on innocent Iraqis.

One asinine thing about PIMC is when somebody posts something specific, & is then lamely attacked by some poor munchkin who thinks he knows everything about the poster. Maybe, just maybe, i am involved in hundreds of issues. And i am neither a republican not a democrat, & do not vote for their presidential candidates.

And i can read the fucking calendar.

Bush and Obama are actors, and they serve the same elitist Masters. 22.Mar.2013 21:34

What it is

Bush Senior was a former Director of the CIA and a former POTUS; Dubya got to be POTUS for two reasons: because he was the son of his father, and because he could play the "good old boy" role the ruling elite wanted to sell the War on Terrorism to the rubes.

Once the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were well under way, the ruling elite wanted an archtypical Liberal like Obama to keep the wars going. The game is to present candidates that look like opposites but actually perform exectly the same way.

Bush and Obama are actors of the same type, and they serve the same elitist Masters.

Our next POTUS could be a woman who wants to invade Iran.

Got Your Munchkin Swinging 23.Mar.2013 07:29

Connie Mack

Oh, I fully understand why you posted what you did. You want to beat a dead dog rethuglican rather than actually do something constructive like protest and editorialize against the clear and present threat in the white house now. Why would I think I know everything about you? I don't know shit about you except that apparently you are a typical dishonest progressive who had rather whine about bush 10 years ago instead of protesting your comrade president now doing the same shit bush did. Sorta like all the outraged protests over Gitmo when bush was pres that have disappeared now that obama is pres. Glad you can read a calendar, I am impressed at your intellectual accomplishment. Yep, it's disgusting when PIMC allows others to have a viewpoint contrary to yours, isn't it. Any disagreement with your opinion is a "lame" attack by a "poor soul munchkin". What an elitist asshole you are.

But Den Mark 23.Mar.2013 08:37


What you wrote was just about Bush, and though most of us (though I can't really know) realized what you were alluding to, it was just an allusion. Reading your post again with that in mind, can't you agree that's correct? If you had mentioned specifically and clearly the war and anniversary along with it, I imagine you would have gotten quite a different response.

For me, I'm sorry it devolved into the typical name-calling criticism that one normally sees here.