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Climate Space: Rethinking Strategies to Fight For Our Future

Open call to join the Climate Space at the World Social Forum in Tunisia, March 26-30, 2013
The 2013 World Social Forum will be held this March 26-30 in Tunisia, where only two years ago, a revolution began and resulted into a historic change that created a ripple effect on the region. Now, Tunisia is an inspiration to movements both old and new, across the globe.

It is with this inspiration, from the wave of changes and the rise of new movements with exciting new strategies and tactics that the idea of the Climate Space was born. The Climate Space will be a fixed space inside the World Social Forum 2013 in Tunisia to discuss the causes, impacts, struggles, alternatives and strategies to address climate change. It will be a venue with various workshops, debates and strategy sessions.

We have lost too many important battles in the fight for climate justice that there is little time left for us to stop Mother Earth and humanity from falling off the precipice and into a future too dire to imagine. Climate change is already contributing to 400,000 deaths a year. Just these past few months we witnessed the devastation of the Southern Philippines with a typhoon so destructive that it killed more than 1,000 people and left thousands without homes or livelihoods, the extreme heat in Australia that gasoline would evaporate, and, the ruin that Hurricane Sandy wrought on Haiti, parts of Canada and the United States. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the body tasked with agreeing on a global deal that would halt our march into climate chaos, has, instead, protected business as usual and agreed on a deal that would burn the planet.

The scientific evidence is overwhelming. The impacts are felt and seen firsthand the world over. Studies have shown that if we are to have any chance at reversing our march into climate chaos, that we need to leave the remaining fossil fuels in the ground and yet, governments continue to dig deeper into oil pits and tar sands. Action is what is needed if we are to change our future.

The Climate Space aims to bring together environmental activists and social activists in order to discuss: What went wrong from Bali to Doha? How can we achieve the target to leave more than 2/3 of the fossil fuels under the ground? What are our decentralized energy alternatives? How do we tackle the food crisis that is aggravated by the climate and financial crises? How do we stop the disruptions of the vital cycles of water? How do we respond to the need of employment and stop this suicidal path of endless growth? How do we strengthen the fight against false solutions like GMOs, Synthetic Biology, Agrofuels, and Geoengineering? What are the implications of the financialization of nature through green economy, carbon markets and REDD? What are the threats of climate security for peace, democracy and migrants? How do we build alternatives to capitalism from experiences like "Vivir Bien", the defense of the commons, the happiness index, food sovereignty and other examples that have already been developed from the grassroots?

Because it is true that for many, many years, indigenous peoples, small farmers, local communities, have been practicing and developing ways of living and co-existing with nature. Agroecology, a system of farming that peasants and small farmers has been using and developing, has even been proven by scientists to not only feed people better, healthier food but it also has the ability to cool down the planet. But how do we bring these solutions to the forefront and put a stop to the harmful false solutions?

In other words, how do we go beyond our usual strategies and see how we can win concrete victories on the ground by working together, across sectors, across movements, old and new, linking social struggles with environmental struggles bringing together trade unions, peasants, women, indigenous, migrants, faith communities, indignados, occupy movements, Idle No More and other climate & environmental activists.

We invite all of you who are interested in turning the tide to come and join us in the Climate Space at the World Social Forum in Tunisia, March 16-30, 2013.

Organizations facilitators:

Alliance of Progressive Labor Philippines  http://www.apl.org.ph
Alternatives International  http://www.alterinter.org/spip.php?article3951
ATTAC France
Ecologistas en Acción  https://www.ecologistasenaccion.org/article25019.html
Environmental Rights Action, Nigeria
ETC Group
Fairwatch, Italy  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fairwatch/445018358851242
Focus on the Global South
 link to focusweb.org
Global Campaign to Dismantle Corporate Power and end TNCs' impunity
Global Forest Coalition
Grassroots Global Justice Alliance  http://ggjalliance.org/WSFclimatespace2013
Grupo de Reflexão e Apoio ao Processo do Fórum Social Mundial
Indigenous Environmental Network
La Via Campesina
 link to viacampesina.org
No-REDD Africa Network
Migrants Rights International
OilWatch International
Polaris Institute
Social Movements for Alternative Asia
Transnational Institute

Different name same BULLSHIT 18.Mar.2013 10:16

Connor Locklear

What garbage. Climate space says:

The scientific evidence is overwhelming. The impacts are felt and seen firsthand the world over. Studies have shown that if we are to have any chance at reversing our march into climate chaos, that we need to leave the remaining fossil fuels in the ground and yet, governments continue to dig deeper into oil pits and tar sands. Action is what is needed if we are to change our future.

This is an absolute lie. If the scientific evidence was overwhelming we wouldn't even need this bullshit article. It is overwhelming in showing that the climate change/global warming scam is a hoax foisted on the public by liars and damned liars.

What to do now with no warming in 10 years with a cooling being projected now.

The whole agenda is to force America especially to waste money and destroy the economy to bring on communism/socialism chasing this climate change bullshit. Your movement is dead, it was always a lie, now it's a dead dog. Keep beating it though, there are some stupid enough to believe it, but not many.

Brainwash the children, enslave the adults. 18.Mar.2013 16:51

Survivor of Public School 17

When I was a child in public school, I believed that we were being brainwashed there. Now, as an adult, I am certain of it.

Most of the teachers don't know that they are brainwashing the students because the teachers have all grown up brainwashed by the same system.

The purpose of the schools is to produce obedient workers and soldiers. In addition to false histories, we are taught the Myth of US Superiority.

Critical thinking is discouraged; disbelief is punished.

Global Warming is promoted by rich people. They don't want communism. 18.Mar.2013 16:55

Lord Mountebank

The Global Warming scam is being promoted by some of the world's richest people. Their goal is not socialism/communism; at least not for the ruling (wealthy) class.

Ah, the anti-science folks are at it again 18.Mar.2013 20:50


The science is clear: rising temperatures are changing climate patterns, and those rising temperatures are due to humans. Contrary to the intense public relations campaign funded by the petroleum companies, from Exxon to the Koch Brothers, the science is not in doubt.

That said, Connor Locklear kind of hit something on the head. Many people fear that capitalism will give way to socialism, and that fear is proper. The problem cannot be solved through capitalism, and the think tanks, such as the Heartland Institute, funded by the Koch Brothers, Exxon; etc. understand this implicitly.

Unfortunately for Locklear and his ilk, nature does not care what you believe. The drought in the midwest US, Hurricane Sandy, just to name a couple, hit everybody regardless of ideology. And by the way Connor, you are confusing warming with climate change, which also is a purposeful tool of the Koch Brother et al., never mind that you are using cherry picked data. There has been warming, and as predicted by the models, climate has become less predictable. But don't let reality bring you down to it.

Thankfully, Locklear is wrong. Most people do in fact understand there is a problem, particularly on a global level. Even in the US, where the propaganda is so intense, most people still understand climate change is real.

The Science shows that the Earth is cooling, not warming. 18.Mar.2013 23:46

Science is not determined by concensus

Rutgers University's Global Snow Lab Chart (1967-2013) shows that Winter Northern Hemisphere Snow Extent has been steadily increasing since 1967, when satellite measurements of Winter Northern Hemisphere Snow Extent began.

Satellites Confirm: Atmospheric Global Cooling Reigns, Not The IPCC's Predicted CO2 "Global Warming"
The 2012 year-end satellite measurements continue to be cruel to the IPCC's green-sharia scientists - this UN agency has long predicted huge atmospheric global warming from CO2 emissions .....yet in reality, global cooling currently dominates
 link to www.c3headlines.com

Ocean-Heat-Content-Based Model By German Scientists Shows Continued Global Cooling Ahead
By P Gosselin on 9. January 2013
A Look At Global Mean Temperatures in 2013: Cooling Ahead!
By Fritz Vahrenholt, Frank Bosse
 link to notrickszone.com

Tree ring studies confirm global COOLING, cast doubt on AB 32
Jan. 31, 2013
By Chriss Street
The prestigious Nature Journal recently published a major climate change study, "Orbital Forcing Of Tree-Ring Data." It provided a thorough analysis of more than 2000 years of tree-ring evidence that showed current climate models substantially underestimated ancient Northern Europe temperatures levels during the Roman and Medieval Periods. That temperatures have trended downward for the last two centuries debunks theories that anthropogenic (man-made) global warming is caused by a rising CO2 gas levels associated with industrial burning of "fossil fuels."
 link to www.calwatchdog.com

Burt Rutan: 'This says it all and says it clear'
Posted on January 23, 2013 by Anthony Watts
People send me stuff.
Engineer and aerospace pioneer Burt Rutan writes to me in an email today:
The chart the Alarmists do not want you to see. Human Carbon emissions vs. The 'Gold Standard' global temperature data set (chart from C3).
The alarmists are now fighting hard to protect their reputations and their damaged careers, not fighting to protect a failed theory of Dangerous Human GHG warming.

Himalayan Glaciers have Zero Loss, and the Antarctic Ice Sheet is Growing. 19.Mar.2013 08:17

Science is not a consensus

The Guardian UK
Wednesday 8 February 2012 18.10 GMT
The Himalayas and nearby peaks have lost no ice in past 10 years, study shows

The study is the first to survey all the world's icecaps and glaciers and was made possible by the use of satellite data. Overall, the contribution of melting ice outside the two largest caps - Greenland and Antarctica - is much less than previously estimated, with the lack of ice loss in the Himalayas and the other high peaks of Asia responsible for most of the discrepancy.
Bristol University glaciologist Prof Jonathan Bamber, who was not part of the research team, said: "The very unexpected result was the negligible mass loss from high mountain Asia, which is not significantly different from zero."

 link to m.guardian.co.uk

Study: Glaciers in western Himalayas bucking global melting

Antarctic Sea Ice Sets Another Record - Forbes
Sep 19, 2012

Glaciers on Asia's largest mountain range getting BIGGER
By Robert Felix on April 16, 2012

All seven glaciers on California's Mount Shasta are growing, including three-mile-long Whitney glacier, the state's largest.

Farther north in Washington State, the Nisqually Glacier on Mt. Rainier is growing. The Emmons Glacier on Mt. Rainier is growing. Glaciers on Glacier Peak in northern Washington are growing. And Crater Glacier on Mt. Saint Helens is now larger than it was before the 1980 eruption.

Even farther north, the Juneau Icefield, which covers 1,505 square miles (3,900 sq km) and is the fifth-largest ice field in the Western Hemisphere, is also growing.

Are these growing glaciers also just "an anomalous gain of mass"? Well, let's look at a few other countries.

Perito Moreno Glacier, the largest glacier in Argentina, is growing.
Pio XI Glacier, the largest glacier in Chile, is growing.
Glaciers are growing on Mt. Logan, the tallest mountain in Canada.
Glaciers are growing on Mt. Blanc, the tallest mountain in France.
Glaciers are growing in Norway, says the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE).
And the last time I checked, all 50 glaciers in New Zealand were growing. (The Franz Josef glacier is advancing at the rate of 4 to 7 feet per day!)
But these glaciers are babies when you look at our planet's largest ice mass, namely, the Antarctic ice sheet.

Contrary to what you may have heard, this huge ice sheet is growing.

In 2007, Antarctica set a new record for most ice extent since 1979, says meteorologist Joe D'Aleo. Antarctic sea ice has also been increasing, on average, since 1980.

The Antarctic Ice Sheet, which is almost twice as big as the contiguous United States, is about 90 times bigger than all of the rest of the world's glaciers combined.

Close to 90 percent of the world's glaciers are growing, in other words, and all we hear about are the ones that are shrinking.

 link to iceagenow.info

Yep The Science is Very Clear 19.Mar.2013 09:43

Connor Locklear

You are right Garth, the science is very clear that the man made climate change morons are wrong, dead wrong.

That you disregard that science to spout your idiotic socialist ideology is typical of people of Garth's ilk. Science don't have shit to do with this, it is destroying the economy with useless regulation and bullshit about man made "climate change". You are right though Garth, the global warming scam failed, so now it's man made climate change. Same scam, different name.

I am curious about the statement from lord Mountebank, that the rich are pushing this scam, well yes they are, Gore got rich as hell from it, but the scam is being pushed from Occupy to the Raging Grannies. I guess they are all rich and don't want socialism and communism, huh. Really ignorant crap from someone who bills them self as "lord" something. Garth and the lord need to remove their heads from their asses, although it will be a monumental task, it may be enlightening to face some actual reality.

Global Warming Hysteria has funding from wealthy persons and corporations 19.Mar.2013 11:53

Lord Montebank

@ Connor Lockyear:

My moniker was not intended as a jibe at Lord Monckton, who I like, mostly agree with regarding climate, and have exchanged emails with. I intended the Lord Montebank moniker as a jibe at the rich in general.

It's not only Al Gore who's getting rich from Global Warming alarmism, but also a very large number of entrepreneurs, opportunists, and moonlighting beaurocrats and politicians. James Hansen has made a small fortune from promoting Global Warming alarmism.



There are large corporations and investors who are pushing the Global Warming meme because they see it as a cash cow. The Global Warming meme is useful to big energy companies because it can serve as a means of manipulating the public and the market, with the help of Governments. Governments are using the Global Warming meme as a social engineering tool.

If the people running the US Government actually believed what they are telling us about Global Warming, they would have ended the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and brought the troops home. Because they are telling us that fossil fuels - not Arabs - pose an imminent threat of extermination to all life on Earth.

The Global Warming hysteria is being promoted by some very wealthy persons (George Soros, Maurice Strong, the British Royal Family, etceteras) and corporations, exemplified by the Heinz Foundation gift of $250K to James Hansen. You can rest assured that the wealthy persons and corporations that are bankrolling the Global Warming hysteria do not want socialism or communism to diminish or eliminate their own profits and power, although they do want the masses to be enslaved.

The Global Warming social engineering end game will be energy and resource monopolies for a some wealthy families and the privileged managerial class, and low-carbon footprint servitude for the masses.

Totally Confused 20.Mar.2013 09:48

Connor Locklear

@ Lord Montebank

I agree that the scam of man made climate change is driven by many rich individuals and corps. Most if not all are left leaning as well, ie Soros, Gore; Heinz corp, etc. One percenters each and every one. Why would Occupy, World Can't Wait, Raging Grannies, Code Pink and all the other progressive groups support such a scam driven by the one percent. Every protest by the progressive left has at least one contingent blathering on about man made climate change and stopping the use of petroleum, coal and any form of fossil fuel because of "climate change".

Socialism/communism is the very core of this climate change crap. You can dress it up, put makeup on it and call it what you want, it is nothing but communism/socialism.