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Why Chicago as the Center for Metro and the New World Order Treasonists? Old Secrets and L

Old Secrets and Lies remain plagueing Free Americans to this very day.. Very few had the initiative to 'dig' into the problems of our history to find out what fixed the problems if they ever came back at some future day creating the same old problems like a wheel going round and round in a muddy rut, never knowing how to "pull out of the rut".. VKD
Old Secrets and Lies

Old Secrets and Lies has been created as a place for me to post and share my "archives" of political corruption, lies, secrets and the like for which we the real Americans have been kept in the dark over.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008
Why is Chicago the center of the NWO?
Below is an article from my archives. This goes along with my other post "Great Britain owns USA." [ http://oldsecretsandlies.blogspot.com/2008/10/great-britain-owns-usa.html ]

Begin post:


The Southwest Reporter

Special Edition Sept. 30, 1995

Why Chicago as the Center for Metro and the

New World Order Treasonists?

By David A. Newby & "Grandma"

As this mystery unravels we have found more that has been hidden from us. A very dear friend and fellow researcher asked a relevant question in reference to this Metro mess, "Why Chicago"? This is a very pertinent question and what the attendant research revealed will be just one more shock upon those already revealed.

Grandma and I have to do our work by phone and fax. We don't have the luxury of having the same books to work from in most cases and this slows down this process of divination of the mystery. She has copies of the old Charter maps and through these maps we found that under the original charters Chicago and Connecticut were outside the Virginia and Massachusetts charters. What we discovered was that Connecticut and Chicago fell under the Hudson's Bay Company Charter.

Quoting the 11th Edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica from 1911:
"In the year 1670 Charles II granted a charter to Prince Rupert and seventeen other noblemen and gentlemen, incorporation them as the 'Governor and Company of Adventures of England trading into Hudson's Bay,' securing to them the 'sole trade and commerce of all those seas, straits, bays, rivers, lake, creeks and streams in whatever latitude they shall be, that lie within the entrance of the straits commonly called Hudson's Straits, together with all lands and territories upon the countries, coasts and islands of the seas, bays, & aforesaid, that are not already actually possessed by or granted to any of our subjects, or possessed by the subjects of any other Christian prince or state."

With this broad grant of latitude of all the waterways it should be pretty obvious that the Charter included all of the Great Lakes. But aside from all of this granting of land by the King, the Charter was also granted the whole right to travel for trade to and from the bays and waterways whether by land or water. This clause of the Charter has heavy relevance later in this article.

In 1842 a Convention was concluded with England establishing the northern border of the United States at the 49th parallel. In studying these treaties and the laws you must always look at the words because they always have a relevance. Citing the Convention as to boundaries, Suppression of the slave Trade, and Extradition of 1842 Article IV states:
"All grants of land heretofore made by either party, within the limits of the territory which by this treaty falls within the dominions of the other party, shall by held valid, ratified and confirmed to the persons in possession under such grant..."

This section states that any property rights would be honored. In 1863 there was a "Treaty for Settlement of Claims with the Hudson Bay Company, etc." Article I states in part:
"...it was stipulated and agreed that in the future appropriation of the territory south of the 49th parallel of the north latitude, as provided in the first article of the said treaty, (1846) the possessory rights of the Hudson's Bay Company...should by respected."

The verbiage is identical to the 1846 treaty of the boundaries west of the rockies and similar to the 1842 Convention. The relevance of all of this in these two treaties is that Chicago was a fort or outpost of the Hudson's Bay Company. By 1842, and most definitely by 1863 Chicago was a large city. It is a proper assumption that the Hudson's Bay Company had substantial property interests and holdings in the Chicago area and that is why these provisions in the treaties are there.

Remember that the original charter gave the Hudson's Bay Company control over all trade and travel to and from the "waters". Chicago today is a free port under maritime. With control of the travel and trade granted in the original charter, it most probably means that the Hudson's Bay Company controlled all the railroads, ports and roads in Chicago and probably does so to this day. The Hudson's Bay Company was relinquished to the Crown in 1869. This means that Chicago, at least in great part, is nothing but a British outpost on American soil and there is your direct connection between Metro and the Crown! That's "Why Chicago"!

When one is into researching this type of data you never know what you may find. While digging through the books I found the Proclamation of 1763 in the Documents of American History. Within this Proclamation we see the King of England establishing four new governments, one in Quebec, one in East Florida, one in West Florida and one in Grenada.

All of this got us to thinking. Why is the King of England setting up government in these obviously French and Spanish territories? We discovered that France and Spain had fought a war against England and concluded it with a treaty in Paris in February of 1763. The Proclamation was issued on October 7th of that same year. We determined that these aforementioned territories falling under British control shows that they were "prizes of war" and taken under treaty. The relevance of all of this comes to light when you look at the fact that we supposedly bought the "Floridas" from Spain in 1819. How could we buy the Floridas from Spain if Spain gave them to England as war prizes?

The question led us to the Treaty of Friendship of 1795. Within the treaties of Spain at that time the King of Spain was always referred to as His Catholic Majesty. But within the document of 1795 we find a reference to His Majesty, a distinct difference and not an oversight. Establishing the Commission for negotiations it states:
"And if on any account it should be found necessary that the said Commissioners and Surveyors should be accompanied by guards, they shall be furnished in equal proportions by the commanding officer of His Majesty's troops in the two Floridas..."

As it appears from the distinction between His Catholic Majesty and His Majesty, there were British occupying forces in the Floridas. Here is a plausible hypothetical scenario: The King of England took over the territories of the Floridas. The King of Spain had subjects in the cities of St. Augustine and Pensacola and elsewhere. the King of England took over the land, but let the King of Spain retain rights to the cities, i.e. the Spanish Territory of the 1819 sale. When the United States bought the Spanish territories in the Floridas it only bought the Spanish cities.

When you read the treaty of 1819 where the deal was made "His Majesty" appears again. From the way the treaty reads, the King of Spain had to petition "His Majesty's foreign minister" to get permission to make the sale. The British control of the Floridas also helps explain why Andrew Jackson "fought the bloody British in the town of New Orleans" during the war of 1812... the British had a vested land interest!

Grandma states that the British troops were probably expelled, if they were not already gone, by the Monroe Doctrine of 1823. Even though there was no physical occupation by the British, the Crown still maintains the property rights to the Floridas. This could explain why Dade County, Florida is where the Metro pilot program started. It also explains why the British sided with the South during the Civil War, they were part owners!

Another point that must be considered is that as well educated as the generation of the Founders was, they must have known of the British ownership of the Floridas. Something of that magnitude could not be reasonably overlooked. This leads one to thing that there may possibly have been some kind of deal cut between the United States government and the Crown.
Not of us was ever taught the Proclamation of 1763 which brings this all into question. I am of the firm conviction nowadays that anything that is hidden in hidden for a reason.

We've proven, through treaties and charters that the Hudson's Bay Company owned Chicago and the travel and tread thereto which includes more than likely the Chicago Transit Authority, the Port Authority, the municipal water works, power and telecommunications companies, and the railroads.

Notice on the list of CSG Associates how many public utilities and public transpiration companies are affiliated. The following will establish the ADL aspect or the Khazarian connection. Citing from EIR's book, Dope, Inc.:
"The probe turned up a 70-year legacy of intimate ADL ties with Jewish gangsters, from Meyer Lansky and his 'Our Crowd' sponsor Arnold Rothstein, to more contemporary Dope, Inc. figures such as Max Fisher, Edgar Bronfman, Edmond Safra, Meshulam Riklis, and the ADL's own national chairman, Kenneth Bialkin, the lawyer for the Medellin Cartel's 'American Connection,' Robert Vesco. We also discovered that much of the ADL's financial backing comes from leading families of Anglo-American establishment, whose fortunes trace back to the British banks and trading companies that ran the opium clipper ships in and out of China in the last century."

Take note of the name Meyer Lansky who was the head of the Mafia during the Kennedy administration. Lansky had definitive connections in Miami which still serves as a major point of ingress to this country for illegal drugs. Remember that Attorney General Janet Reno comes from Miami, or Metro-Dade, and has been accused of covering up all manner of corruption in the book Votescam and by other individuals who worked in close association with her. It is very likely that she was picked as USAG specifically because of her probably ties directly into Metro.

The Khazarian Bronfman family owns the Seagrams empire which you will note is a corporate associate of the CSG. The Anglo-American banking interests include J.P. Morgan & Associates. Per the citing from Dope, Inc. these selfsame organizations serve as contributors to the ADL.

The Great Chicago fire occurred 8 years after the 1863 Settlement of Claims with the Hudson's Bay Company back to the Crown. One of the prime methods of deleting land titles and records is by fire. You will find great numbers of burned houses of records in Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Brazil, and all across the South during the Civil War in order to expunge deeds as well as the original 13th Amendment.

Franklin Roosevelt once said that in politics there are no coincidences. It is too coincidental that two years after the Crown took over the possessions of the Hudson's Bay Company the city of Chicago burned to the ground. What an excellent way it would be to destroy legitimate land titles and put a British beachhead in America. Grolier's National Encyclopedia states:
"The Great Fire destroyed 2,024 acres at a cost of $178,000,000, which did not destroy the hopes of Chicago...which was rebuilt in two years..."

That means about $1 million per acre! We've done some figuring on just where that $178 million came from and this is what we came up with. Of Course, this is speculation based on certain real factors. In the series we did on Railroads and Corporations we discussed the Gold Railroad bonds issued during the Grant administration that made certain Congressmen a 500% profit, for which none were prosecuted. These bonds totaled about $62 million. Consider that a life insurance policy (Tontine) on someone was about $2,000 at that time, multiplied by about 1,500 deaths and that equals $3 million. A rough estimate on property loss runs about $100 million what with residential and commercial property, railroads, grainaries and cattle yards. That leaves over $11 million unaccounted for. We speculated that the banks that burned called their loans in from the smaller banks which made up the other $11 million which caused reverberations throughout the nation causing the Bank Panic of 1873. To make more sense out of this:

Railroad bonds........................ $62 million

Property loss and death insurance.....$100 million

Bank loans called in...................$11 million


Total............$173 million

Which would leave $5 million to be balanced between the property damage, loss of life and the bank note calls equaling the $178 million required to rebuild. It is our contention that most of this money came from the Insurance premiums and the Railroad Bonds in order to build a new "capitol" city in America from which to launch the New World Order through the Agent called Metro.

"In 1890, Lake Michigan and the Illinois Michigan canal received Chicago's sewage...the Chicago River, when the canal was brought in, reversed its course to flow into the Mississippi..."

- (Groliers - 1939)

With the Settlement of the Hudson's Bay Company of 1863 giving the lawful possessors of land control of the lands adjoining the water; with the burning of all titles and deeds to prove ownership being burned in the fire; with the control of the courts, what a wonderful opportunity it would be to expand those "holdings" of the Hudson's Bay Company to encompass all of Chicago. Anyone who disputed the claims probably lost in court as they could not produce their deeds or titles due to the fire. do you see how neat it is? And on top of that it is a possibility that the assets of the major people involved had been spirited away and stored before "Mrs. O'leary's cow" started the fire. Could the Great Chicago fire be nothing more than another insurance scam and power play by the British to reclaim this nation for herself? The record of provable deeds is so phenomenal as to numb the mind, so we don't think this is beyond the realm of possibility. Especially when they modus operandi is the same, only on a larger scale.

Throughout this series we have laid out substantial proof of our assertions, which, upon investigation will prove out the charges levied of sedition, fraud, theft and treason. The United States government, in concert with the British/Zionist/Communist controlled Metro organizations and it's Governors' Conference of the fifty State Governors has worked continuously to destroy this nation.

Even if we are incorrect in our assessment and potential reasons for the Great Fire of 1871, (and we don't think we are), there is still more than enough evidence to convict these traitors in any court of true justice.

In 1908 the Council of Governors issued a Declaration to the Congress in reference to Conservation. This 1908 Declaration reads very similar to the RAMSAR, and Bio-diversity treaty currently put forth through the U.S. Government and the U.N., who is intimately tied into Metro. The year 2007 keeps coming up in matters before the Congress. The year 2007 is 99 years from the 1908 Council of Governors Declaration on Conservation. This Declaration calls for the "COMPLETE CONTROL" of the waterways, streams, lakes and rivers of this nation as well as for soil and forest conservation. Sounds just like the enviromentalist's "green" agenda, doesn't it? It is my assertion that that is exactly what it is.

It appears that anywhere between 20-40 years before these treaties, declarations and laws are to take effect, by the 99 years rule under the Law of Perpetuity, the Metro gang create groups to push for the acceptance of the already decided change. That figures out to be 1-2 generations, plenty long enough to push their agenda through the propaganda mills and educate the next generation into acceptance. Look at how hard the agenda is working for the biodiversity acceptance through the cartoons your children watch and the commercials being aired on recycling. We are all being herded like cattle into the new Metro-ized society of the New World Order of British-Israel.

We all know that the flooding of the Midwest in the last two to three yours is unnatural. Is it possible that these floods are not accidental? With the rerouting and reversing of the Chicago River and it dumping into the Mississippi the backwash would not be evident at the headwaters but would flood downstream. does the connection to the Mississippi River now give the Crown/Hudson's Bay Company a broadened area of operations? Who is buying up all that land that was flooded out? Metro and associates, ADM? Always follow the money. Who profits?

These articles are supposed to make you think and maybe do something to save your country and yourself. Grandma, Rex and I can't do it all for you. You have to help expose the lie, and many of you are.

In the last article we showed how the Federal Reserve came into being in 1913, but forgot to mention that two other British controlled organizations came into this country as well, the American Bar Association was organized in 1913 and so was the ADL. Through the research of the EIR group, Liberty Lobby and others it has been revealed that the ADL is nothing but an extension of the British Intelligence arm MI-6 and is a spying and propaganda organization here to do nothing but to promote the agenda of British-Israel, or Zionism.

The Intimate ties are there between the Khazarian elite and the royal heads of Europe and have been intertwined for centuries. This nation has stood as a bar to worldwide feudalism for the last two centuries, but the efforts by these same entities to destroy this nation and her people have almost succeeded. Our own lack of attention, de-education and laziness have allowed us to come to this. Some blame lies with Metro et al., the rest lies with us.

Sources: Documents of American History - Commager U.S. Treaties, Conventions, International Acts, Protocols and Agreements. Encyclopedia Britannica 11th Ed. 1911 Dope, Inc. EIR Grolier's National Encyclopedia, 1939 Ed.

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