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Sea Shepherd comes to the rescue

Sea shepherd has started a coalition with Portland based ARA groups
today was the start of the "Compassion on the Columbia campaign" to save sea lions on the Columbia River.

Sea Shepherd has formed a coalition with "sea lion defense brigade" and IDA. Thankfully Sea Shepherd has arrived from out of town to provide some much needed leadership for the sea lion defenders. Since Matt Rossell has left his job at IDA and moved away there has been a minor and unorganized campaign to save the Columbia River sea lions. Both the SLDB and IDA have been nearly silent since Matt left. Now Sea Shepherd is here and they have a track record of results.

 link to beachcarolina.com

Sea Shepard is awesome 22.Mar.2013 09:53


This is great news.

way to go... "airick" 24.Mar.2013 22:24

your master

Good job, boy. Earn that dough sowing division. Yeah!


Am loving it 16.Mar.2013 16:36


Hip Hip Hooray!

Hundreds of Starving Baby Sea Lions Wash Ashore... 16.Mar.2013 21:05


By Nadia Drake 3.15.13

It began in January. At first, there were only a few. But as the weeks went on, more sea lion pups washed ashore. The dehydrated, emaciated pups showed up on Southern California's beaches, tucked under trucks and lifeguard towers. One was found huddled in a flower pot.

In late January, scientists surveying Channel Island sea lion rookeries reported something worrying: Pups out there were in bad shape. By early February, regional marine mammal rescue centers were concerned.

The strandings hadn't stopped. Instead, the pace was picking up.

Now, hundreds of these little animals have been admitted to rescue centers between Santa Barbara and San Diego. For a non-El Niņo year, the numbers are much too high, too early. Something is going badly wrong offshore, and no one knows what it is yet.

"We're in the process of trying to understand what is actually causing this," said Sharon Melin, a wildlife biologist with the National Fisheries Service. "The stranding centers in Southern California are being inundated with animals. It hasn't hit the northern centers yet."

As of Mar. 13, 517 pups had been admitted to five Southern California rescue centers. That total is higher than the total for some entire years, said Sarah Wilkin, regional strandings coordinator with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. "And we're only two months and a week in."

More at:



Hidden NOAA animation shows ocean all along U.S. West Coast contaminated with Fukushima cesium by end of March 2011 (VIDEO)

 link to enenews.com


 link to www.coastal.ca.gov

It's getting tough out there for sea lions. So why do we have to kill them?

volunteers 17.Mar.2013 14:28


I see on the website they need volunteers in Astoria and at Bonneville. How do people volunteer and what is expected of them?

Oh, good grief 23.Mar.2013 08:09

danny boy

You went to their website saw they needed volunteers and then you come on here wanting to know how to volunteer. Are you fucking kidding, the info is on the site, you fucking moron.

here's a thought, danny boy... 24.Mar.2013 15:27


Danny boy,
did it ever occur to you that I may have asked that question in case other people who had not visited the website would be informed about volunteering? not everyone is as articulate and savvy as you obviously are.