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Sea Shepherd comes to the rescue

Sea shepherd has started a coalition with Portland based ARA groups
today was the start of the "Compassion on the Columbia campaign" to save sea lions on the Columbia River.

Sea Shepherd has formed a coalition with "sea lion defense brigade" and IDA. Thankfully Sea Shepherd has arrived from out of town to provide some much needed leadership for the sea lion defenders. Since Matt Rossell has left his job at IDA and moved away there has been a minor and unorganized campaign to save the Columbia River sea lions. Both the SLDB and IDA have been nearly silent since Matt left. Now Sea Shepherd is here and they have a track record of results.

 link to beachcarolina.com

Sea Shepard is awesome 22.Mar.2013 09:53


This is great news.

way to go... "airick" 24.Mar.2013 22:24

your master

Good job, boy. Earn that dough sowing division. Yeah!