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No Fluoride In My Shower

There is a vote in May
Today on the West-Side of Hawthorne Bridge at 4:00 PM there will be a protest
Today on the West-Side of Hawthorne Bridge at 4:00 PM there will be a protest
Portland, Oregon-----Friday, March 15, 2013

Good news, Oregon Progressive Party passed a resolution that supports "No Fluoride" in our clear wonderful drinking water. The motion was passed last Tuesday March 12, 2013. We are concerned how the City Council passed this motion before any public testimony was given. Three of the members of Portland City Council had made statements that supported adding "Hydrofluosilicic Acid" before the first person spoke for or against this ordinance. This may or may not be legal but it is surely bad policy. Many of us fought to get the issue on the 2014 ballot and we did get over 40,000 people to sign a petition and were excited to hear we had more than enough signatures to qualify for the general election. We were angry when Mayor Adams and Commissioner Leonard led another motion to move the vote to a special election this coming May. We saw this as a slap in the face of those volunteers who worked so hard to allow the people of Portland to vote on this important issue. We, who oppose adding this toxic waste to our drinking water, wanted the people of Portland to have enough time to debate this issue and make the best possible decision. By moving up the vote by a full year, the council, with the exception of Commission Fritz (who voted no on moving up the election), deprives us of any real debate. Money may decide this election unless you say NO. Many well known organizations have come out in support of this action to add fluoride to our drinking water, but recent studies and questions of controlling the safe level have caused members of the same organizations to oppose their agencies. Union scientists at the EPA have come out against adding any medication to our drinking water. This is the asbestos, PCBs, (Polychlorinated Biphenyl) smoking hazards all over again.


As a member of the Oregon Progressive Party I applaud our actions and hope members who support adding chemicals to our drinking water do their own research and not just accept what the government is telling you. This is important stuff and should not be ordered by five people that will affect the life of over 900,000. Let us fight with all our might to stop this madness.




homepage: homepage: http://IndividualsForJustice.com

We Had A Time 16.Mar.2013 09:40

Lone Vet lonevet2008@comcast.net

Putting Fluoride, (Hydrofluosilicic Acid--H2SiF6) In Our Drinking Water

We, Individuals For Justice, will remain on the Hawthorne Bridge on the west-side every Friday at 4:00 PM until the last Friday in March and on the 5th of April will move our protest to the east-side for the remainder of April. We will post where we intend to be at least a week before we gather. We invite all of you to join this battle against the forced medication of over 900,000 people in the Portland area. We had a wonderful time last Friday with so many people coming from Clean Water and Occupy. It was a time.

Malcolm from Veterans For Peace even bought me a mocha and I smiled from ear to ear. After the protest we all went to Lotus and I had a rum and coke (first time in over a year) with a good and noble group of people. I was happy. We need to keep this fight going and leave our egos at the door, it is very important we defeat this action by the city council. The opposition will have more money than we, but we have the passion and can win. The people going home over the bridge were excited to see us and will continue to consider the issue but we must be in the streets, on the phones, making new signs and have fun doing it. It is important to keep your sense of humor or you will burn out. I am so proud of you all who are fighting against this madness, we are on the side of the scientists who have and will continue to come out and buck their agencies. Many of our friends are on the other side, but they will still be my friends after this vote in May. I cheered Commissioner Fritz on her lead in the sick leave ordinance but will fight her tooth and nail on the camping ban, sidewalk restrictions, and this issue. We will never be friends but we must support each other when we can, that is what being human is all about; honoring the other.

So smile all you trouble makers, we did good on the HB.

we had fun
we had fun

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