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Interesting, But Sad, Too

Detroiters pledge uprising during state takeover: 'Make sure you are prepared and you will survive'
Councilman Kwame Kenyatta and a packed room of Detroiters warned today of an impending revolt against state intervention, urging residents to stock up on canned food and supplies.

"Save up and purchase food, canned goods and water because you are going to see a new civil rights movement," pledged Marie Thornton, a former Detroit Public Schools Board member. "I won't give up my right to vote. We are going to shut down freeways and we are going to disrupt the economic system."

 link to motorcitymuckraker.com

and what's sad about this 14.Mar.2013 20:00


is it's way too late. The economy has been disrupted, and, really, with the politics of governments today, there's little anyone can or will do about it if it goes no farther than the city. The state will unleash the mercenaries in blue, like the riots in the 60s when there were actually things to burn and defend, and if it gets too bad, the national guard, hurt and shoot some people. I guess for these people it's better than doing nothing, or packing your things and going somewhere else that has little future. 'Bout all that can be said for it is that spring is right around the corner. It gets awfully cold in Detroit and no one will freeze unless it goes on too long.