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Hate groups in SE - Que?

Anyone notice a proliferation of homeless harasement and hate group activity (hate graffiti ) in inner SE?

Is it related to the arsons or tire slashings??


it is helpful 14.Mar.2013 10:34


If you describe the actual graffiti in question when making a post like this. There is a ton of graffiti on the street in this town, and SE is a big place.

Are you talking tags? Stickers? Specific words or phrases?

Tire slashings, window smashing, and arsons are not violence 17.Mar.2013 21:53

Go Anarchist Riot

Portland: slashed tires on yuppie cars for Kerry and Kiki
Fri, 01/11/2013 - 12:42am

Tonight the tires were slashed on 6 yuppie cars in northeast Portland. All that was needed for this small expression of complicity was a sharp knife, a bike for a quick getaway, and plenty of rage (which seems to be in abundant supply lately).

Solidarity with Kiki (Sergey) Turzhanskiy, who supposedly threw a molotov cocktail at a cop car and was just released from jail on terms of not talking to other anarchists; and Kerry Cunneen and all others throwing a wrench into the gears of the Seattle grand jury.

Eat shit, yuppie scum!



Anarchists claim responsibility for Seattle house fire
Tue, 03/05/2013 - 3:17pm

Local anarchists have claimed responsibility for the fire that destroyed an under-construction townhouse last week in the Central District, stating they attacked the building in order to reject the status quo and shed the "subjugated subjectivity" forced on them by the government.

Flames were visible from 10 blocks away when the Seattle Fire Department was called to a construction site near South Norman Street and 24th Avenue South around 12:30 a.m. Feb. 26.

According to the Fire Department, the fire did an estimated $30,000 in damage to the three-story townhouse and caused the evacuation of a nearby home when embers landed on its roof.

The Fire Department later determined the fire had been intentionally set, and the Seattle Police Department's Arson Bomb Squad took over the investigation.

On March 3, someone posted to the Puget Sound Anarchists website, taking credit for the fire.

"Just before midnight, Monday Feb. 25, we strolled over to the townhouses under construction on 24th and Norman in the Central District," the post states. "After slipping inside, we set one ablaze. Oh what ease! Oh what fun!"

According to the post, the townhouse was intended to be a sustainable development, which the poster rejects as a myth that furthers gentrification and ecological destruction.

The post ends with a call to action to other anarchists.

"Now is the time to attack," states the post. "Enemies abound. Weapons are everywhere."

The Seattle Police Department is continuing to investigate the fire and had no comments on possible anarchist involvement at this time.



Vancouver Solidarity Arson
Thu, 02/28/2013 - 2:29pm

The fire still burns. With the news of the release of two of the three Grand Jury Resistors ( Matt and it warmed our hearts but also filled them with anger. The state has taken parts of their life they will never get back. We also have not forgotten about the third resister (Maddy) and all the other nameless ones.

So last night, we decided to send a message that the release of our comrades will not stop our attacks on financial infrastructure, government and all others who oppress and take away our freedom. An unsuspecting bank, CIBC, had a Molotov cocktail thrown at it. The flames brought new life to our minds and destruction to the bank and a sense of insecurity to the Vancouver Police and the banks investors that they will never be able to stop us and that our attacks will increase.

The fire will always burn. Last night, we let that fire burn a financial institution that profits off the lives of the workers and foreclosures of families homes. Let this inspire anarchists and other radical elements of Vancouver, Coast Salish Territory, to attack and to attack now. We cannot be stopped.

Love, to all comrades from CST Vancouver