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Day of action againt police brutality

Here it comes!! Let's show the world that we are 't ok with police violence.
we are going to confront this with solidarity and passion, the world is changing and we don't care about your world. IN a society that destroys adventure, the only adventure left is to destroy that society.
Here it comes!! Let's show the world that we are 't ok with police violence.
we are going to confront this with solidarity and passion, the world is changing and we don't care about your world. IN a society that destroys adventure, the only adventure left is to destroy that society. March 15th Holladay Park at 8pm

The Antifas Cooperate with the Police to Stage Their Phoney Protests 14.Mar.2013 07:09

Gabriel Santander Nunez

The Antifa "police protests" are staged, cooperative events that benefit
the Police more than anyone else.

The individual Police officers benefit by getting overtime pay for "riot

The Police Department benefits by getting to practice their anti-riot
procedures with the Antifas.

The Police Department also benefits by being able to show the taxpayers
that there is an ongoing "threat" of violent protests, as exemplified by
the posturing Antifas.

The Police are always informed, well ahead of time, about the upcoming
Antifa "police protests."

The Antifa "police protests" are highly choreographed, to avoid direct
confrontation between the police and the Antifas. Even when the Antifas
cause major property damage to banks, shops, and cars, there are seldom
any arrests.

There are Police informers and provocateurs working within the Antifa at
the highest levels.

The Antifas benefit from their "police protests" because it helps make the
Antifas look like real dissidents, which they are not.

The Antifas attack anyone who questions the US Government's fairy tale
about 9/11. The Antifas support the false concept of "global Islamic
terrorism." The Antifas exist to harass and discredit the real dissidents
and activists.

What?! 14.Mar.2013 20:38

Fuck You

The "Antifas???!!!"

Oh! No! Oh GOD no!!!!!

Not the "Antifas!!!"

Tire Slashings and Arsons by Northwest Anarchists are on the Rise 15.Mar.2013 07:16

Go Anarchist Riot

Portland: slashed tires on yuppie cars for Kerry and Kiki
Fri, 01/11/2013 - 12:42am

Tonight the tires were slashed on 6 yuppie cars in northeast Portland. All that was needed for this small expression of complicity was a sharp knife, a bike for a quick getaway, and plenty of rage (which seems to be in abundant supply lately).

Solidarity with Kiki (Sergey) Turzhanskiy, who supposedly threw a molotov cocktail at a cop car and was just released from jail on terms of not talking to other anarchists; and Kerry Cunneen and all others throwing a wrench into the gears of the Seattle grand jury.

Eat shit, yuppie scum!



Anarchists claim responsibility for Seattle house fire
Tue, 03/05/2013 - 3:17pm

Local anarchists have claimed responsibility for the fire that destroyed an under-construction townhouse last week in the Central District, stating they attacked the building in order to reject the status quo and shed the "subjugated subjectivity" forced on them by the government.

Flames were visible from 10 blocks away when the Seattle Fire Department was called to a construction site near South Norman Street and 24th Avenue South around 12:30 a.m. Feb. 26.

According to the Fire Department, the fire did an estimated $30,000 in damage to the three-story townhouse and caused the evacuation of a nearby home when embers landed on its roof.

The Fire Department later determined the fire had been intentionally set, and the Seattle Police Department's Arson Bomb Squad took over the investigation.

On March 3, someone posted to the Puget Sound Anarchists website, taking credit for the fire.

"Just before midnight, Monday Feb. 25, we strolled over to the townhouses under construction on 24th and Norman in the Central District," the post states. "After slipping inside, we set one ablaze. Oh what ease! Oh what fun!"

According to the post, the townhouse was intended to be a sustainable development, which the poster rejects as a myth that furthers gentrification and ecological destruction.

The post ends with a call to action to other anarchists.

"Now is the time to attack," states the post. "Enemies abound. Weapons are everywhere."

The Seattle Police Department is continuing to investigate the fire and had no comments on possible anarchist involvement at this time.



Vancouver Solidarity Arson
Thu, 02/28/2013 - 2:29pm

The fire still burns. With the news of the release of two of the three Grand Jury Resistors ( Matt and it warmed our hearts but also filled them with anger. The state has taken parts of their life they will never get back. We also have not forgotten about the third resister (Maddy) and all the other nameless ones.

So last night, we decided to send a message that the release of our comrades will not stop our attacks on financial infrastructure, government and all others who oppress and take away our freedom. An unsuspecting bank, CIBC, had a Molotov cocktail thrown at it. The flames brought new life to our minds and destruction to the bank and a sense of insecurity to the Vancouver Police and the banks investors that they will never be able to stop us and that our attacks will increase.

The fire will always burn. Last night, we let that fire burn a financial institution that profits off the lives of the workers and foreclosures of families homes. Let this inspire anarchists and other radical elements of Vancouver, Coast Salish Territory, to attack and to attack now. We cannot be stopped.

Love, to all comrades from CST Vancouver


fascist shittalker invited to show up 15.Mar.2013 13:59


Hey fascist, come on down to the protest, you are invited.
Just let the participants know who you are when you get there.

I was there next to you, wearing a red bandana as a mask. 16.Mar.2013 02:14


I was there next to you, wearing a red bandana as a mask. Got some great photos of everybody. Cheers.

Rose City Antifa and ARA threaten Portland with vigilante violence 19.Mar.2013 08:38

Antifas and ARA are Violent

The Rose City Antifa and their allied organization, Anti-Racist Action, both threaten vigilante-style violence, and both the Rose City Antifa and Anti-Racist Action express their contempt for the Rule of Law.

"We don't believe in waiting for the police to handle the fascists and racists, either. We know their job is to protect and serve us with harassment, beatings and arrests. We know that institutions like the police and prisons can never be "fixed" or "reformed" if their function is to maintain a racist and homophobic power structure. We believe that we need a dedicated and large force of militant antifascists with great intelligence, analysis, and dedication to crushing emerging extreme Right and fascist movements." - Rose City Antifa website.

"If you can get away it [sic], carry weapons, or if there's a chance you might get searched by cops, carry items that can be used as weapons in a pinch (hefty flagpoles, thick placard sticks, batteries, maglights, bike locks).... And don't forget your masks—nothing makes the fascists tremble like a group of black-clad, balaclava-wearing Antifa bearing down on them." - Anti-Racist Action website.

"On May 19, 2012, up to 20 people wearing masks and black clothes entered the Ashford House Restaurant in Tinley Park (a suburb of Chicago) and used bats and hammers to beat patrons who were attending the fifth annual White Nationalist Economic Summit and Illinois White Nationalist Meet-and-Greet. Five members of Hoosier Anti-Racist Movement, which is part of the Anti-Racist Action Network, were subsequently charged with felony counts of mob action, aggravated battery and criminal damage to property." - Anti-Racist Action Wikipedia page.

"On April 15, 2011, ARA members confronted the National Socialist Movement's annual conference in Pemberton, New Jersey. A melee ensued with reports indicating that four members of the NSM being hospitalized and the conference being shut down." - Anti-Racist Action Wikipedia page.

The Rose City Antifa and their allied organization, Anti-Racist Action, are violent extremists who want to replace the Rule of Law with Mob Rule under the Diktat of the anonymous Antifa and Anti-Racist Action thugs and their anonymous leaders.

August 16, 2009 - Someone (probably a member of the Rose City Antifa) spray-painted a Swastika and wrote "Tim is a Nazi" on the Citybikes shop in Southeast Portland.

November 14, 2011 - Antifa members smashed several windows at the Umpqua Bank at NE 18th and Alberta in Portland.

Feb 6, 2012 - Antifa members smashed shop windows, including the Genoa Restaurant, and "tagged" (spray-painted) or broke windows of random cars throughout the Buckman neighborhood between Southeast Hawthorne and Stark Streets in Portland.

Feb 28, 2012 - Antifa members smashed several windows at the U.S. Bank branch near the intersection of Southeast Cesar E. Chavez Boulevard and Main Street in Portland.

Feb 29, 2012 - Antifa members smashed several windows at a Key Bank branch and a Starbucks coffee shop at the intersection of Northeast Broadway and 39th Avenue in Portland.

April 24, 2012 - Antifa members smashed nearly a dozen windows, some of them stained glass, at the historic Mars Hill church on Southeast 32nd in Portland.

April 24, 2012 - Antifa members smashed several windows at the US Bank at 1225 Southeast 32nd in Portland.

July 25, 2012 - The FBI arrested four Portland Anarchists for their alleged participation in the May 1st, 2012 Seattle riot.

October 11, 2012 - Antifa members smashed windows at four banks in Southeast Portland, including rocks through multiple windows at an Umpqua Bank, a large metal chair through a Wells Fargo window, and
rocks through windows at a Chase Bank and a U.S. Bank. A Walgreens window was also smashed. Portland Anarchist websites announced that their October 11, 2012 riot was in retaliation for Grand Jury proceedings against the four Portland Anarchists who were arrested by the FBI on July 25, 2012.

November 5, 2012 - Antifa member Sergey Yefimobich Turzhanskiy, 24, was arrested just after police said he threw a fire bomb at an unoccupied police cruiser parked in the North Precinct parking lot in the 400 block of NE Emerson Street in Portland.

The members of the Rose City Antifa, who have frequently vandalized banks, shops, restaurants, and cars throughout Portland, and who despise the Police and the Rule of Law, claim to be the protectors of justice in the community. In truth, the Rose City Antifa have a history of vandalism and violent threats against the law-abiding citizens of the community. No one should support the Rose City Antifa or their smear campaigns and mob violence.