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Fukushima aftermath:West Coast USA & inland tested,high levels of nuke radiation, coverup?

Although high levels of radioactive fallout were initially measured on West Coast shorelines, sea life and inland food producing animals and land.... apparently the publishing of any further test results by the Feds has been discontinued or kept from public view.
".....After the North American governments refused to fund testing, oceanographer Ken Buesseler, a senior scientist at the non-profit Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Woods Hole, Mass, along with Nicholas Fisher, a marine sciences professor at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, and other concerned scientists, managed to secure private funding for a Pacific research voyage. The results?

Cesium levels in the Pacific had initially gone up an astonishing 45 million times above pre-accident levels. The levels then declined rapidly for a while, but after that, they unexpectedly leveled off.

In July, cesium levels stopped declining and remained stuck at 10,000 times above pre-accident levels.

This means the ocean isn't diluting the radiation as expected. If it had been, cesium levels would have kept falling.

The finding suggests that radiation is still being released into the ocean long after the accident in March, 2011....."

Read the entire article:


come on 12.Mar.2013 11:51


You're linking to a facebook page as a source? This is laughable.

A little digging shows that facebook post linking to a "SHTF" site. Not surprisingly, a site that caters to people who are convinced the world is ending (and a site that makes money from advertisers selling end-of-the-world food prepper kits and places to buy gold) is also picking up this study.

But where is the actual study? Where is the actual data that those indie scientists gathered? It is interesting if you look at the actual study itself, because it actually says there is not much cause for alarm. No wonder they didn't link it on all of those doomsday posts declaring the end of humanity by radiation poisoning.

from the actual study:
"As a result, radiation levels in the eddy were as much as 1,000 times higher than those before the start of the accident, but these remained well below levels of concern for humans and marine organisms and were approximately one-sixth the level of radiation that marine organisms receive from naturally occurring radionuclides such as potassium-40."

You can find the original study here:  http://www.whoi.edu/page.do?pid=117456&tid=3622&cid=133509

The study notes that we should be conerned and monitor the radiation levels closely. It does not indicate a coverup, and it does not indicate that we are being poisoned.

There is another source that the doomsday prophets mention on that joke of a facebook post, which states that:
"Infant mortality rates across the United States have increased by more than 35% since the nuclear disaster, according to a court statement by Dr. with independent scientist Leuren Moret, MA, PhD. A study published in The International Journal of Medicine indicates that more than 20,000 deaths right here in North America can be directly attributed to the release of radioactive material from Fukushima."

20,000 deaths? That's a lot. Unless, of course, the statistics you use to get that number are horribly flawed and sloppy, as is shown by this article.
 link to blogs.scientificamerican.com

Should we be concerned about the nuclear consequences from Fukishima? Absolutely.
Should we let conpsiracy theories about coverups and doomsday cheerleaders be the ones giving us our info? Probably not. As usual, they are distorting facts to fit their narrative that everything is a coverup and the world is ending. Buy gold! Hoard food and guns!

Well, actually 15.Mar.2013 09:34

too bad

I think that this whole business of projected deaths is disarming to some and empowering to others, an exercise in manipulating shit. One can form it into a statue of Venus, but it's still shit. A bit of exposure for obscure scientists with an exhibitionuist streak, a little more morbidity for the personally depressed, a bit of paranoia for those who like to indulge, an excuse for those who can't blame themsevles, and a little fun for the statisticians. Honestly, I can't accept most risk models as science beyond math exercises, and don't know how scientists can, especially with the poor record-keeping, poor record-producing, limited time-periods, poor attribution of effects, lack of history that can be said of many, and sometimes simply formulation of the questions behind the statistical model itself. Beyond the math, many models simply don't meet the claimed rigors of science even if they do understand the pitfalls of the data used. While the comment may be right on concerning conspirational thinking and especially the citation of sources from facebook or wikipedia linked to even more questionalbe information, one believes what one believes, using whatever criteria is available to them intellectually.

But I think that it's pretty obvious that nuclear is a sad mess that is a very long way from playing itself out economically, politically, medically, and, above all, ethically. That much is certain. The case with Fukushima is that it's not a neat little experiment with clear parameters for study, data has admittedly been obscured, ignored, unreported, avoided through procedure, or simply not taken. The site continually releases radioactivity to the environmnet from the site itself to dilution through 'sharing' contaminated material throughout Japan.

There's little point in making little brown statues of it or stating that fact poeticly, and making such statements as the arguements of science just serves to give the public some comfort or make some more shit available for more or larger statues. May as well just smile, as the condescending Japanese government and Tepco encouraged the population to do, huh?

But can't we agree that there's a mess, and beyond the mess, there's whole lot of potential messes that we're ignoring? You know, even in the wealthiest environment, eventually the market becomes saturated with little brown statues. Who can one sell them to then?

thanks 22.Apr.2013 02:40


since i didn't have much time, it 's really helpful that ..... though you had the nastiness to first demean me and my post, haha, you ACTUALLY SUPPLIED a couple LINKS that might be of further use to any readers. Exactly what people who are only good for legwork, and have a big mouth but no class, are supposed to do---make themselves useful by unwittingly obliging their superiors who just don't have the time! But of course there are many many sources and links, from different vantage points and sides, but most people know how to use google once they are tipped off to an issue. That was the point. To stimulate the people who care, to seek more info as there is a ton of it online and the one source had a few of those links. The post is not intended for the jerks who just want to demean others, but i thank them for visiting and depositing some of their time as mine is too precious to do all the legwork.

only an idiot with his head up his 22.Apr.2013 02:49


everyone knows that there is a lot of fluffy stuff on facebook, but you must not be familiar with the site if you think that people don't link to or quote real articles from the real press. the page is worth a read, and the links are worth exploring. then google it for yourself. despite what some self righteous blowhard wants you to think or do. Looks like he wants to believe the ones who coverup or try to discredit or at least are sceptical about the ill effects. Scientific american is by no means without its own opinionated faulty ego driven redundant or erring editorials.

Wow...fools 26.Jul.2013 07:06

Patty Lawless

Anyone who takes the shit lightly or downplays the nuclear disaster in Japan is a damn fool. Keep f'n with nuclear shit & this is what you get, it is NEVER safe. Our media & government steady lie, cover up & manipulate us. Anyone with any common f'n sense, study or no study knows damn well we just got f'd up BIG time! That plant still leakn it's ass off, it is not under control the damage is already done cannot be reversed, it is what it is. You ppl thinkn it's no big deal are in serious f'n denial. Stay out of the pacific ocean period, I wouldn't even swim in that water. I would recommend ppl move away from the west coast...but...it's already too late you been exposed and are f'd anyway. We all are going to be affected the winds go around the whole planet...duh like no one knows that? That toxic shit is everywhere now we're just fucking the earth day after day the practices of mankind sicken me, blatant disregard for anything or anyone. Guess what dumbfucks...we got to live here! You gonna set up camp on Mars? Pfft get real.