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CIRCUMCISION DEATH: Yet Another One (I Hate Writing These), by Joseph the Angry Intactivi.

More than 100 baby boys die each year in the US due to senseless, contraindicated, non-therapeutic, lifelong-harmful infant circumcision. They either get an infection in the wound and die or, because of the open wound, they slowly bleed to death. To prevent lawsuits and to keep the public ignorant about these crimes, these deaths are covered up by the doctors and by the hospitals-- these doctors and these hospitals NEVER blame the real cause for the death, infant circumcision surgery. Parents who lost a boy in this way almost always protect the doctor who caused the death--> they protect and find blameless the doctor who killed their son! One of the main reasons why this atrocity and fraud continues is due to the fact that the US society is so screwed up when it comes to the penis: ignorant parents demand senseless, violent, contraindicated, etc., etc. infant circumcision because they're so, SO worried about how the boy's penis will look and that it should match the sexually mutilated penis of the father (and of other sexually mutilated boys)! Europeans are correct in viewing Americans as mad, as insane.

Friday, 8 March 2013

CIRCUMCISION DEATH: Yet Another One (I Hate Writing These)

It has all happened before.

And, until the non-therapeautic circumcision of infants is banned, it will all happen again.

But this time, it happened in Sacramento, California.

Within the last hour, Brayden Tyler Frazier died after circumcision put him in critical condition.

He started bleeding uncontrollably after he was circumcised Wednesday at.......

[Go to the URL at the top to read the rest of this sad story, and be sure to read the comments that follow it.]

homepage: homepage: http://www.NOCIRC.org

thanks for not getting too hysterical 10.Mar.2013 22:25


generally agree this is a problem. some places won't do it because of that...liability.


this is a joke 11.Mar.2013 14:49


it is sad that a child died, for any reason, but getting up in arms over this as though it is some kind of public health crisis is just ridiculous.

Data from a national survey shows that upwards of 75% of men are circumcised in this country. Are you seriously trying to say that those people have been mutilated? That they can't function sexually? Because every male I know is circumcised, and they function just fine between the sheets.

Talk about conjuring up a social problem where one doesn't really exist. This stretches the term "activism" quite a bit.

Additionally, the benefits of circumcision have been reconfirmed by recent studies: link to usatoday30.usatoday.com

I don't think it should be mandatory for every male to be snipped, but acting as though this is some kind of public health crisis is absurd. If you're obsessed with genital mutilation, focus your energy on keeping young women from being forcibly mutilated.

Opposition to Male Circumcision linked to neoNazis and Holocaust deniers 26.Mar.2013 07:32


The Europeans who oppose male circumcision are antiSemites who incite hatred against Jewish culture and Jewish dick heads.

All those who oppose male circumcision are in league with Holocaust deniers, neoNazis, David Irving, Stormfront, Iran's Amhadinejad, Adolph Hitler, and the fascist League of Women Voters.