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Irish Prisoner Night

Cheer someone up. Send a shamrock oe'r t' pond!
We'll be wearing the green at the Red & Black on Thursday, March 7th, at 7pm. Get together with PDXABC, Books to Prisoners, The Oregon Jericho Movement, and the invisible leprechauns that live under everybody's bed and are always hiding one shoe, to send greetings to Irish prisoners. This is easy, it pretty much involves signing 8, or 9 cards and you don't need to be Irish, either. Prison is dull whether you are Irish, or not. Everyone likes to know people are thinking of them. Why not draw someone a picture of a shamrock! Prisoners love that. If you have ever wanted to learn about IRA prisoners, this is the place to be. We will have information about them and you might even discover where your 'begorra' is! Eh...I better calm down. All materials will be provided.

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