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Are there any animal rights activists left in Portland or are they all off tending their organic gardens and baking vegan cookies?
I am a not-very-sustainable, somewhat organic, almost vegan, used-to-be-active animal rights believer, and hopeless human being. As I drove by the OHSU Primate Center today and gave a silent "I'm sorry" to all the animals being tortured behind those walls, I realized that the beings we fought for in the "old days" of animal rights have been pushed into the background. Becoming vegetarian/vegan (at least from what I have observed in PDX) is just another personal choice that has little to do with animal rights or protection. Do an internet search on "animal rights" in Oregon and you mostly find social meetups and vegan bakeries. It appears that the AETA has done what it set out to do--

I realize the few people who read this (because Indymedia isn't exactly a hotbed of animal rights news these days) will possibly be offended. Good. Let's all get offended. Let's all get angry and righteous. The animals need us to get back out on the streets to remember and remind. The mouse with the broken back doesn't care if you are vegan. The old horse being shipped off to slaughter in Mexico/Canada (and possibly again in the US) doesn't care if you use gluten-free flour. The chickens in the factory farm will continue to suffer in darkness if the AgGag bills are passed--and your faux meat will not matter one bit to the chick in the grinder.

I am going to start something.
Stay tuned.

Oh, but it DOES 05.Mar.2013 15:16

Mike Novack

"Becoming vegetarian/vegan (at least from what I have observed in PDX) is just another personal choice that has little to do with animal rights or protection"

When YOU personally decide not to harm animals, eat other animals, etc. you are doing something entirely under your control. You can do this no matter how many other people object to your choice.

Getting SOMEBODY ELSE not to eat other animals means you have to convince them OR somehow manage to come up with sufficient means to stop them. I suspect that your fellow vegans think that at the present time concentrating on trying to convince others is the best (only?) approach. That you lack the means to use force.

Looks like the bad guys have won 05.Mar.2013 21:32

Once upon a time

I for one am not offended. I agree with you about the animal rights movement in Portland. Seems like the activists have left the building. Where is everyone? Have they simply moved on and left the movement? Did they stop caring? Did they give up their hopes and dreams of animal rights and liberation? An annual protest outside the primate center is not going to change things for the animals still inside. A once a year march the day after Thanksgiving is not going to shut down the fur trade in Portland. Our lack of presence in front of the giant OHSU will however allow them to continue the torture and abuse of animals without any resistance or fear of reprisal. Looks like the bad guys have won. It is a sad day in Portlandia.

still active! 06.Mar.2013 08:18


since Matt Rossell left down and IDA seems to have changed focus, there hasn't been much going on. You might want to check out PAWA, Portland Animal Welfare Advocates, which is a rights group despite the name. They're doing a lot, a we sure had fun leafletting at the Rock and Worship Concert. Join us for leafletting at the Dali Lama.

Or start something! There's definitely a need. I'll turn out for actions as often as possible.