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Human Rights Activists Demand Clinton Foundation End Exploitation of Africans

The atrocity and fraud of male infant circumcision sexual mutilation is being introduced to AIDS/HIV ravaged Africa. Actually, various US "researchers" want you in the US and want Africans (where many men are intact, not circumcised, i. e. not sexually mutilated) to fall for the notion that cutting off the foreskin of the intact men of Africa will end the problem of AIDS/HIV in Africa. This is the latest lie - in a long list of lies - that sexually mutilated men (US MDs, US "researchers", certain Jews) use to spread the perversion of infant circumcision sexual mutilation (and the torture that comes with such mutilation). First, they'll brainwash unsuspecting African men to undergo circumcision sexual mutilation and then they'll make the switch (already underway) to the sexual mutilation of helpless, healthy baby boys born in Africa. Once the African male population is to a high percentage a sexually mutilated one, it will likely be impossible to return Africa to a genitally intact continent (with respect to the male population there). Foolish Bill Gates, foolish Bill Clinton, and foolish Barack Obama all fell for the "findings", and for the "results" from "studies" of the "researchers" working hard in Africa to spread and keep alive male sexual mutilation.
HIV-AIDS and male circumcision
HIV-AIDS and male circumcision
[The following is found at  http://bit.ly/YKz1E9 ]

Published: Mon. 4 March 2013

By Intaction.org

BROOKLYN, N.Y., 4 March 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ During tonight's Clinton Foundation Millennium Network event featuring a dialogue with President Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, and Hollywood actor Ed Norton, protesters from the human rights organization INTACTION disrupted the show wearing bloodstained white suits to protest the exploitative and racist health policies involving the circumcision of African men.

The concept of HIV prevention through circumcision began with biased medical researchers searching for a solution to the AIDS pandemic that could be marketed to government agencies and philanthropic organizations. The research teams that could develop a marketable solution, regardless of efficacy, would be richly rewarded with grants, research money, and tenure at their institution.

The U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), the Clinton Foundation, and the Gates Foundation jumped on the circumcision bandwagon to demonstrate their effectiveness to their stakeholders and their donors. However, these organizations were either misguided or blinded by their quest to increase goodwill and donations by hyping circumcision.

Male circumcision is a dangerous mistake in the fight against HIV, and it endangers both men and women. Recent studies examining circumcision rates and HIV prevalence found that circumcision did not significantly the reduce rate of infection in Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, and America.

U.S government medical authorities and U.S. academic researchers have a checkered history over human rights, ethics, and outright racism with STD experiments. From the Tuskegee experiments done to American black men to the disastrous STD experiments conducted in Guatemala, American researchers are now inflicting the same racist theories and pseudo-scientific experiments on Africans.

African men and women are being duped into the belief that circumcision offers effective protection from HIV. These organizations can tout their achievements to keep their revenue streams flowing, while poor Africans suffer from the continued spread of HIV and the trauma from the loss of their foreskins.

Further detailed information on these issues with citations can be viewed at  http://www.intaction.org/circumcision-a-dangerous-mistake-for-hiv-prevention/

Video footage and photos of the event available for publication

Press Contact: Anthony Losquadro Executive Director Intaction.org A 501 (c)(3) Non-profit organization 222 Varick Ave Brooklyn, NY, 11237,tel: 877-CARE-103, email:  tony@intaction.org

SOURCE: www.Intaction.org

[The above is found at  http://bit.ly/YKz1E9 ]

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