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The Drones Take Manhattan

Two airliners landed at JFK earlier reporting an RC plane or drone at 1,500ft on the approach to runway 31R. We are investigating...

NYCAviation (@NYCAviation) March 4, 2013
A Zerohedge article, short and interesting. For those who haven't experienced the site before, it's basically confused libertarian partakers of 'the markets'. One should read the comments, just for the laughs and, much too often, basic truth as well as even nuttier things that one can find in comments here. Zerohedge also can be quite educating, catching things like high-frequency trading long before the MSM admits to knowing the scam and 'informing' the public.

Anyway...Seems some have the ingenuity to make their own drones from common, off-the-shelf items and a little skill. There may be hope for us yet, and they seem much better idea than mine of honing up my skills with Estes rockets.