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OMG----Portland Salaries.

The Council has no money honey!
"Holy Moly"
Just found out an interesting piece of information about our city employees in Portland, Oregon. A friend asked me a question of how we spend our money here in Portland, and I discovered something that made my head hurt. We have about 500 people making over $100,000 dollars per year and according to the our local paper it is closer to 600 members of our civil service who make this amount of money. Among the people making the most money is our Chief of Police with a salary of $183,715 per year. Our mayor only makes about $118,000. We have to cut $25,000,000 from our city budget, maybe this would be a good place to start.

Police can double their salaries with overtime and premium pay. Now you know why there are so many cops at protests--lots of money to be made. These are salaries from 2009-2010, the latest I could find, so they may be higher. One cop went from making $71,213, his base pay, to a whopping $173,304 for riding a motorcycle. I think he must have slept on his bike because he made over $68,000 on overtime. You can find all 500-600 by going to:


If you click on the link below you will find what the Swiss did after finding out how much executives were costing them in salaries and benefits; sounds like something we should think about here in Portland, Oregon. The city caps salaries for lowly workers so we should be able to set up a citizens committee to cap the big boys and girls.


We should look for ways to make our city run fairly and with dignity, not sure if the council knew about this, but they do now. Our mayor has cut the summer program for kids to work during the summer, and cut funds for street repairs on the East-side. Why? Because he has no money leftover after paying out these salaries. This is unacceptable to me, how about you? Do I see another referendum coming? I think it would be easy to get people to sign a petition to cap all salaries say at $100,000 during times of budget cuts. See you in the streets. Sometimes even a cynic like me gets surprised.

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Antifa versus Police Protests are Staged Theater 05.Mar.2013 12:09

Antifas are Fascists

At their protests, the Antifa and the Police perform a ballet called Waste Taxpayer Money. The whole thing is choreographed to make it appear that the Police are preventing violence and protecting public and private property. The Antifa leaders are provocateurs with a pro-Establishment agenda.