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Survey Reveals Harm from Male Circumcision

The survey of the dreadful, permanent physical damage inflicted on US-born men - and on others in the world - by in fact unethical, in fact contraindicated, in fact non-therapeutic infant circumcision surgery has been reported to the Canadian Pediatric Society (which is the equivalent of the AAP, American Academy of Pediatrics).
Survey Reveals Harm from Male Circumcision: Canadian Paediatric Society (14 minutes, YouTube)


Tireless and famous intactivist Tim Hammond announces to the world and to the Canadian Pediatric Society the findings of the circumcision harm survey. In late August 2012, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) issued its new, horrifying statement and position on infant circumcision surgery. The AAP is a notably corrupt, greedy and dangerous US medical industry guild that only seeks to keep the money flowing into the pockets of wealthy US MDs and into the coffers of US hospitals, and seeks to protect its members from being sued. The AAP and other US medical organizations such as the AMA (Amer. Medical Assn.), ACOG (Amer. Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists—> obstetricians have always been the largest group of circumcisers, of sexual mutilators in the US), etc. simply refuse to acknowledge the terrible, permanent sexual damage done to US-born men by in fact unethical, in fact contraindicated, in fact non-therapeutic penile reduction surgery — senseless, violent, permanently harmful infant circumcision surgery — inflicted on each of them in infancy. Beyond any doubt, this notable human rights violation is male sexual mutilation which has to be outlawed in the US. [True, valid, medically indicated infant circumcision surgery would of course never be outlawed but this surgery would be only very rarely done anyway.] If the AAP and other US medical organizations were to recognize and publicly state that, as inflicted in the US, infant circumcision surgery is indeed forever harmful (as it is) and terribly damages (as it does) male sexual functioning and male sexual pleasure, US MDs would face massive lawsuits and they'd also lose all the easy money coming to them from this vile, perverse, anti-human, lifelong-harmful practice. Therefore, the AAP and other US medical organizations continue to lie and to deceive the public and US-born men about this in fact non-medical practice designed to harm and damage.

For info on the survey, go to:


To help identify the numerous kinds of physical damage done to the penis by senseless, lifelong harmful infant circumcision surgery, go to:


Watch, at YouTube, Morten Frisch, MD talking about "Circumcision and Sexual Function Difficulties" :


homepage: homepage: http://www.SexuallyMutilatedChild.org

bullshit 01.Mar.2013 17:12


Data from a national survey shows that upwards of 75% of men are circumcised in this country. Are you seriously trying to say that those people have been mutilated? That they can't function sexually? Because every male I know is circumcised, and they function just fine between the sheets.

Talk about conjuring up a social problem where one doesn't really exist. This stretches the term "activism" quite a bit.

Additionally, the benefits of circumcision have been reconfirmed by recent studies:  link to usatoday30.usatoday.com

I don't think it should be mandatory for every male to be snipped, but acting as though this is some kind of public health crisis is absurd. If you're obsessed with genital mutilation, focus your energy on keeping young women from being forcibly mutilated.

@... 02.Mar.2013 21:31


Alleged benefits are dubious at best. Alleged problems are easily solved by hygiene(washing). Common sense says something we were evolved with is probably just fine intact. Cultures that practice it tend to live in arid regions leading to how it got started in the west>>>

The custom took root in the early 20th century b/c western troops stationed in the middle east suffered severely from fine desert sand irritating the foreskin.

I've known cut guys who rage they didn't have a choice. And cut guys who don't care. As an uncut guy it's meh what I'm used to but like fuck am I going to get cut because of bullshit heath scares. Guys dicks don't fall off in south amercia and europe. the rejoinder is they don't wash and are skanky. so are chicks that don't wash "down there". trust me. solution? put the scalpels away and teach kids to wash "down there". it's not hard people.

okay that said, op is a friggin drama queen and making anyone questioning the unnecessary practice look life a fruit loop. the fact is circumcision is declining and there are places that refuse to do it for liability reasons.

gkXuyABeCHpZ 08.Aug.2015 08:51

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