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An Improper Burden

Lennon assassination letters found during an investigation into the origin of AIDS have given the study of history an unexpected turn. We are at a crossroads of either hiding this development completely hoping it will disappear or pursuing the academic challenge posed by this unearthly revelation in the hopes of matching our talents as obligated to understand the facts of history.
sent 1975 opened 1994
sent 1975 opened 1994
I am writing to express my disappointment in the community's unwillingness to help me come to grips with evidence in the murder of Lennon and King that emerged while I was investigating the origin of AIDS. When it comes to the evidence itself, I have never failed to win the argument, when it comes to attacking me however, my schizophrenia has often provided an alibi to the persons responsible. I was attacked horrendously as a child and lead a horrifically lonely, deaf life from nerve injuries to my face, eyes and ears from the brutality. I'm surprised there are no offices or individuals willing to take a more active interest. Most people don't seem to be able to imagine the burden that I carry morning, noon and night.

Taboo and conscription to silence has so far ruled out rational response. The authress of the letters in question, at least in so far as being behind the pen of partnership, also gives their reasons for killing Martin Luther King. Her name was Gail Burstyn and she attended Bryn Mawr College. I hope you might share my concern that it is improper to ignor the letters altogether.

There is too much distance between the present lack of response and the magnitude of the crime. I believe a thorough investigation and prosecution is due.

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