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^^^^^ “Amplified Police State Mentality” in “Progress” ^^^^^

How the Fall of Greece Affects YOU — No Matter Where You Are.


Time Marches On. —>>>>>>>>
Reform—> TERMINATE the conditions that Lead to *FORCED WAGE SLAVERY*!
Reform—> TERMINATE the conditions that Lead to *FORCED WAGE SLAVERY*!
Not in Our Name—> No More War!
Not in Our Name—> No More War!
Unified Field Energy Catalyst—>>>> Moving FORWARD >>>>>>>>
Unified Field Energy Catalyst—>>>> Moving FORWARD >>>>>>>>
Thousands across Greece protest austerity— 02/20/2013  http://www.dw.de/thousands-across-greece-protest-austerity/a-16612903
Greeks in fresh general strike against austerity— 02/20/2013  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-21515012

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ World "Amplified Police State Mentality" in so-called "Progress" ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

The amped-up and ultra-magnified "austerity measures" being imposed on the people of Greece are outrageous and totally unjustified. It is just a matter of time before this same thing is more profoundly forced on all of us too, here in the U.S. of Amerika. From 'outlawing dissent' to more actively creating fear, confusion, chaos and 'economic turmoil'. This is not 'unplanned'. It is all "staged by design"— planned "engineered economic downfall/chaos" (Never forget the plans of the PNAC crowd which they initialized in *September of the year 2000*— the *Project for the New American Century*)—> and never forget their ulterior motives... under the guise of being "justified" to "set into motion events and economic situations" as a means to utilize globalization towards their nefarious ends as a direct result of the contrived never ending "War on Terror" (a.k.a. War for OIL/resources) and the resulting manufactured "War Economy". It is just another example of 'mass exploitation' & 'mass oppression' by Corporatism/Disaster Capitalism and "profiteering" from agendas that create misfortune and loss of opportunities for us (the common folk) in our common struggle against the so-called "global-power-elite" MACHINE/|\SYSTEM and their plans of keeping us oppressed, disempowered and downtrodden. It all comes down to greed, 'power & control', and MONEY $$$$$$$$$.

How the Fall of Greece Affects YOU — No Matter Where You Are. —from Feb 24, 2012— (p.s.— I don't agree with everything in this video. But it has some interesting insights and "food-for-thought" in it.)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jF9uB9JCSgY
(((Problem - Reaction - Solution)))—> the *Hegemonic Hegelian Principle*

People can feel free to throw up the "conspiracy-theory-fear-flag" and wave it around as much as they want now if they so choose. It's a "free country". . . or so we're told anyways. Anyone with 'commonsense' knows that this is not true at all though. (Thought I should emphasize I am not a Libertarian... nor have I ever been... nor am I affiliated in any way with that crowd). My leanings and my worldview is *Anarchistic in Nature* and is where I get my inspiration from (as a true means/true catalyst to the creation of true world liberation). @Always Has Been@... Because it is *NATURAL*. It is my motiVation towards moVing FORWARD >>>> towards World Liberation For Real. It's good to 'proVoke-thought' in the hopes of maybe helping to contribute to the *proVoking-of-true-earth-freedom*... someday. Not the false disingenuous trash/unreal "freedom" that is foisted upon us by those who are completely void of any 'real integrity'— the so-called "powers that be"/"authorities"/pseudo "world leaders" deceivers. Those who know not the true meaning of integrity or freedom— or what it 'really represents'. Total True Earth Justice & Freedom is what really matters. All things are interconnected in the 'Realm of the Earth'... always have been and always will be. —>(((Cause & Effect)))<— It's time to UNIFY FORCES towards the direction of True Earth Solidarity.

We are ALL being forced to be debt slaves/wage slaves by design. This is a "manufactured reality" for us to be dominated by. . . yet again (in an even more aggressively imposing way)—> which will yet again actively take away even more of our inherent "rights" as (((***Citizens of the Unified World***))). False 'CORPORATE NARRATIVES/STORYLINES' are used to manipulate and indoctrinate/dominate/incarcerate us with 'false guidance' and forced ulterior motives and false agendas that are used for the sole purpose of turning us into a serf population of 'wage-slave-worker-drones' forever forced to struggle to make ends meet and struggle to survive... because of the 'combined actions' of ever multiplying *Corporatized Industrialized Institutions* of the so-called modern advanced "civilization of so-called progress". "Class-War" is what is being created—> $$$$$. It is us against them in the "Breakaway Civilization" which they (the so-called "global-power-elite") are creating for us all NOW in a multitude of ways and on various levels and FRONTS within "society/civilization".
As always— 'Divide & Conquer' is the endgame.

Not In Our Name -> The Poor Die... the Rich Profit! -> No More War/Lies -> No More War/Ruse.

Walking on Wasted Land ->-> *CHANGE THE SPIRAL*. —  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjAMD3qAVbY

Calm the people
Tell them life's better than a hundred years ago

Feed them with hope in a war of OIL
Against all but don't let them know

How can I show you the path to a land
That blossoms in your inside
Frees you from all your compulsion and fears
To discover the beauty of your life

How far can we go?
How far can we go?

Walking on wasted land
But we have to go on
Walking on wasted land
But the show must go on

The news is ok
The system is working, let's watch a tv show

War is a game
Our life's a balance sheet
Your money tells you what's right and wrong

Cutting the truth into shreds and completing
A puzzle where no one's to blame
Living for our desires and needs
But nobody's winning this game

How far can we go?
How far can we go?

Walking on wasted land
But we have to go on
Walking on wasted land
But the "show" must go on... (or... must it?)
~ Lyrics to "WASTED LAND" - RPWL

It's time to be the "change" and ***Reverse the SPIRAL*** away from the WarDogma/WarSystem and towards hopefully eVentual ultimate infinite *PEACE ON EARTH*.

"The Truth Cannot Be Told... It Must Be Realized". <<<—>>> "Truth Is Within."
Minds are like the wings of a Butterfly; they work best when they are open. *~~~<3

There needs to be truth, justice & accountability in the World (***JUSTICE AGAINST WAR CRIMINALS***). It's up to all of us to make it a reality. Life is short. Do the right thing. The truth (in *All Areas of Inquiry*) will set us all free.

***Power Corrupts — Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely*** —>>>Don't Turn a Blind Eye<<<

Transform the World with Love Energy *~~~<}{((Love is Our RESISTANCE))}{>~~~<3
"When the power of Love overcomes the love of power. . . the World will know Peace." — Jimi Hendrix

No more Lies, No more Betrayal, No more Hypocrisy. See beyond the lies/myths/illusions of Empire/Globalization/Corporatist Fascism and Liberate the planet. RETHINK the definition of the word "Freedom". WarDogma is used for power/control/manipulation/exploitation/oppression. Myths are used to manipulate/control societies through indoctrination and can be used to create a 'war culture' and thus a 'war system'. Fear-based ideology is toxic. Question all so-called "authority" always. Question anything used as a tool to create Fear & Division among people.

"He who controls the past controls the future." — George Orwell

>>>eVerything is ^+_connected_+^<<<

***Power to the People to Be a United and Combined Worldwide Force of Nature against the WarSystem/|\WarMachine*** —8>(((Cause & Effect)))<8— *NATURE IN ACTION*.

Equal Rights and Justice for ALL (Worldwide).

It's time to make *CONNECTIONS*—> Total Earth Justice Now.

—>One Struggle One Fight ~~~Resistance and Liberation Always~~~!

==>>>EQUALITY and Economic JUSTICE for ALL PEOPLE Worldwide<<== for *TRUE FREEDOM* to Move FORWARD for REAL ========>

---->->-> Austerity USA Begins March 1st, 2013 27.Feb.2013 15:54


---->->-> Austerity USA Begins March 1st—  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2013/02/422113.shtml

—>>>> Moving "FORWARD" >>>>>>>> (Backwards) <<<<<<<<

Wealth Inequality in America. 04.Mar.2013 15:18


Chart shows rich vs. poor in US.

Wealth Inequality in America—  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPKKQnijnsM


Just a 'heads up'. . .

. . . and 'out-of-the-sand'. . . (and out of Oil-fields— a.k.a. regions of "OCCUPATION"— a.k.a. "Job-of-War"). —> $$$$$

Caution: Viewing Reality is sometimes ‘harsh and painful’. 06.Mar.2013 16:57


harsh reality video:---:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnogCha5Iu0

No more "Profit Driven" Wars —> (for Oil, Resources, 'Power & Control', Money $$$). RESISTANCE against the injustice of illegal and immoral wars of invasion and *ECONOMIC OCCUPATION*— (Job of War = War Industry = War At All Costs $$$). Wars based from the beginning on the 'systematic foundation of lies' to achieve the goals/agenda of EMPIRE.

History repeats if people choose to remain ignorant of the "tools/dogma" used to push Imperialism... unless people learn from the 'mistakes of the past'... history always repeats itself.

No more "conquering and domination" of Empire under the disingenuous guise of "fighting the good(God) fight. No more oppression & exploitation caused by never ending *Lies & War*. War is perpetuated by racism/jingoism/xenophobia— blind patriotism/nationalism. No more enslavement buy the 'War-System' $$$. We have freewill to 'stop buying the lies' $$$. We can choose to not 'ignore history'.

Verifiable Research on 9/11 (?) - Timeline (together we can change the 'future timeline' by speaking out against COVErt Actions/Operations that take place in the present and by exposing 'crimes of the past' by the 'power elite')—>  http://www.wanttoknow.info/9-11timeline60pg#pnac
(from preceding article) September 2000: A neo-conservative think-tank, Project for the New American Century (PNAC), writes a blueprint for the creation of a global "Pax Americana." Titled Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources For a New Century, the document was written for the Bush team even before the 2000 Presidential election. It was commissioned by future Vice President Cheney, future Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, future Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, Florida Governor and President Bush's brother Jeb Bush, and future Vice President Cheney's Chief of Staff Lewis Libby.

Were 1998 Memos a Blueprint for War? (This report originally aired on Nightline on March 5, 2003)  http://abcnews.go.com/Nightline/story?id=128491&page=1

We are all seen as resources (cannon fodder) by the 'powers that be'. War is a Racket. We are all potential "Sacrifices for the Toxic WarSystem". We are all seen as "disposable" and "expendable" in the system we are all enslaved by where even human life is sacrificed as fuel for the war machine. We live in a "throwaway consumer war culture" where even human lives are discarded and "thrown-away". No more 'Rivers of Blood' for oil to 'fuel the WarSystem'—> No more Sacrificial Lambs/Scapegoats to be used to Fuel the War Machine/Industry. We are all in this together— no one is safe in this toxic system that is 'grinding up and consuming the planet'.

Wasted lives and wasted land. No more sacrificing innocent people and despOILing land by actions caused by hegemonic despotism—toxic Imperialism.

No more sacrificing innocent people and despOILing land to the so-called "Masters of War"/so-called "Gods of War".
No More 'Sacrificial Lambs/Scapegoats of War'.
Put nature and the Earth before money & TOXIC FALSE PROFIT $$$.

Renounce War—> No more Resource Wars—> $$$

Focus on Natural Alternative Renewable Energy Resources—> No more Blood for Oil/resource wars based on lies for Empire/Corporatocracy/Plutocracy/Globalization/Militarization/Disaster Capitalism. Hegemonic War "profiteering" at the expense of all of us... at the expense of the World... is an insane reality that has been created and is an oxymoron. What we do to others we do to ourselves, what we do to the planet (ECOCIDE) we do to ourselves.

No Justice___No Peace

Believe in the *GRASSROOTS* for REAL CHANGE. 07.Mar.2013 17:03


no-- $$$ --system ($-0->numbers<-0-$) --time for real 'System-Change'

We all have the *power* to be pro-active in defending the planet and to be 'ONE' with nature... and 'ONE' with the Earth... and 'ONE' with ALL who liVe here.

RESIST the system that is consuming the Earth... for ALL of our sakes.


~Infinity 8~
Universal Wolf Howl —>>> for *TRUE EQUALITY* & *TRUE JUSTICE* —>>> Worldwide
Universal Wolf Howl —>>> for *TRUE EQUALITY* & *TRUE JUSTICE* —>>> Worldwide