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Day of Action for Political Prisoner Joshua "Skelly" Stafford

Call prison warden to demand proper food rations for Skelly's health. Thursday Feb. 28th
Day of Action February 28th, 2013!
Call CCA Prison Warden to help political prisoner Joshua "Skelly" Stafford of The Cleveland 4
Skelly is not receiving the amount of food that it is medically documented that he needs. We are organizing a day to have everyone call in and tell the Warden or the Assistant Warden that we know about these needs and that they are not being met.
The call in day will be Thursday February 28, please call anytime between

The name of the Assistant Warden is Johnson
The name of the Warden is Pugh

The number for the facility is 330-746-3777, please call, select option "2" and ask to speak to either the Warden or the Assistant Warden.

Sample Script: Hi my name is _________ and I am calling in regards to prisoner #57976-060 Joshua Stafford. For medical reasons Joshua needs increased caloric intake, and has yet to be provided with additional food rations. Please address this oversight of Joshua's caloric needs as both his family and friends are concerned about his health and well being.


The Cleveland 4 are four Occupy Cleveland activists, Brandon, Connor, Doug and Joshua "Skelly." They were arrested on May 1st, 2012, accused of plotting a series of bombings, including an area bridge. However, the real story is that the FBI, working with an informant, created the scheme, produced the explosives, and coerced these four into participating.

Connor, Doug and Brandon pled guilty to all charges. The judge applied a "terrorist enhancement" to each of them, elongating their sentences as well as subjecting them to harsher prison conditions. Doug is serving 11.5 years, Brandon 9 years 9 months, and Connor 8 years 1 month.
Meanwhile, Skelly is still pleading innocent; his trial is pending.
They all continue to fight against the government's attempt to brand them as terrorists, and to expose the techniques of entrapment employed by the FBI and their informant.

homepage: homepage: http://www.cleveland4solidarity.org