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State failure

One has within the propaganda system complete baloney which represents the owners of society and the things they produce, with 19th century science, but otherwise it is a society whose institutions are almost all (except for the propaganda system) complete failures
The media is presented in terms of left and right
Lets see if Portland indy can take criticism
See Scribd.com mconcoyle for more about the new math of physical science
Where the right is for the rich hierarchical elitists authoritarian of course very judgmental and "arbitrary moralistic crap" all based on extreme violence. They are a bunch of bullies protected by hiding behind the skirts of the rich, and with their poor associates who are basically prone to violence and coercion who the bullies control with propaganda. They can discuss ideas based on vague principles and they talk about generalities and cliché's, they can say anything which supports the status quo, and they are allowed (or required) to have the more commanding and authoritative voice, when righties talk to lefties
The left are the intellectual bullies, who are disciplined, aggressive, competitive, obsessive, and stand-up for the personality-cult which represents a scientific truth, where the ideas expressed by these science-personalities are the ideas which are used within the principle production businesses of the owners of society, eg weapons and communication systems. However, the left must always use long-winded arguments which do not fit into the media's way of talking quickly and glibly. Those on the left are less likely to use violence, but they believe in inequality, and subsequently they also believe-in personality-cult, and they believe in "the system," and they uphold and praise the law (which, in fact, is corrupt), and they express a need for protection (of the elites from the public). Because they are more disciplined and more moral, in regard to violence, all of their liberal ideas are erroneously interpreted by the right to be ideas in favor of an oligarchy based on the government ie some form of communism. Thus, the media harps on the icon of big government being bad, ie big government is about communism (so the media implies). But as communist-China shows, communism is, essentially, the same as the oligarchy which is called capitalism, in the west, but capitalism, in the west, is really central planning based on the selfish interests of the owners of society, where the government serves the needs of the big property owning oligarchs of capitalism.

In fact it is the Declaration of Independence which defines the basis for US law, and it claims that all people are equal, and that the government is dependent on the public, and (in the Constitution) the government needs to serve the common welfare of a society of equal creators, ie free and equal people who can express beliefs and relate descriptive knowledge to practical creativity (the first amendment of the Bill of Rights), and it is only then that a truly free market can be established.
Whereas efficiency is only about a very narrow way of relating products to a narrow vision of life style a life style which depends on certain products, but then this is not capitalism it allows the investors to usurp the powers of the government and becomes investment practices of the central planning committee of investors supported by the state. It seems that efficiency is the only attribute which big investors can provide to the world. So why are they so important? Because of perversions of the US law, by their being big property owners, means that they are of ultimate importance.
That is, illicitly, US law is based on property rights and minority rule and rule by violence and coercion. That is, the US revolution was a change from a European outlook (established by the Roman-Empire) based on property and violence, and the major change was that law was to be based on equality, and it was the egalitarian Quaker colonies which best represent the idea about the nature of the US nation at the time of the revolution, where the Quakers made agreements with the native peoples which the Quakers honored.

This introduction is for the ridiculous editors of all the managed and infiltrated media outlets such as indy-media (except for one outlet which is now jammed), and other more controlled publishing outlets, editors (and peer-reviewers) who say arbitrary foolish things (which adhere to dogmas) and make idiotic foolish judgments about "truth," so as to serve the propaganda system... , news is any arbitrary story (which is allowed on the media and labeled as news)... , the left must represent such "news" as a documented truth (accepted by arbitrary authorities of academic institutions, but these are authoritative institutions which have failed in terms of being institutions which, actually, can determine the truth), since, supposedly, the left is about people who mis-lead the public (provide them with free things {which the earth provides for mankind in a free manner} [while the right steals the property and steals the culture with patent law and then sells material products based on the creativity of the culture based on fixed prices within a controlled monopolistic market structure, which it claims the right {the property owners} has the right to do, because the property owners can produce things more efficiently. Unfortunately, the assembly line and mass production can be done by anyone, and what such a system really causes (because of its narrow obsessive focus) is the destruction of certain resources within the earth due to monopolistic and domineering social powers, so that this destruction is allowed for big-money by a (big) government which has come to serve the owners of society (where now the big government is big on coercion which serves the interests of the owners of society)]),
... , while the right can say anything on the propaganda system, and the right mostly states things which mis-represent "the truth,"... .,
eg science math economics, politics, the law, and mostly arbitrary moral judgments resulting from a partnership of the-owners-of-society's with the hierarchical and arbitrarily authoritative religions (eg the Puritans) etc,
... ., to the public.
But (implicit in the assumptions of the media, since the media is owned by the right) is that the right is providing the public with the correct and moral scenario concerning life.

Let one count the ways that the major institutions of society have failed:

0. Education has failed since it teaches the absolute authority espoused by the propaganda system this is a result of controlling the communication system especially one centralized by means of electronic communication equipment thus education does not follow Socrates and equal free-inquiry in regard to inquiry's relation to creativity nor does it follow the equal democratic ideals of science as born from Copernicus and descriptions relation to freedom of belief and truth being both measurably verified, as were the ideas of Ptolemy, but also practically useful in regard to practical creativity, nor does it follow the obvious need to always change language based on the great limitation which a precise measurable language possesses as demonstrated by Godel's incompleteness theorem

1. Science and math; no new inventions due to the information obtained from descriptions of physical systems based on physical law (except for the laser) as expressed for quantum physics, particle physics general relativity, and all other speculative theories derived from these three descriptive contexts which are claimed to be the basis for physical law
Failure of indefinable randomness to identify valid expressions for risk despite its, supposed, rigorous setting
Failure of math to identify the idea of "a stable pattern" as being a fundamental math construct and instead focus on convergences within continuums, continuums, extending number fields, indefinable randomness, function spaces related to non-linear partial differential equations.
Only further developments of the technologies provided by 19th century classical physics eg from electromagnetism, Newton's gravity, thermodynamics, statistical physics, where quantum theory only provides a vague basis for quantization of phase-space in statistical physics, where electronics is about speed of switching (on-off states) and nuclear weapons are about probabilities of particle-collisions, ie the 19th century chemical model of statistical physics used to model the rate of chemical reactions, especially in an explosion
Note: The transistor and micro-chip are all produced using the properties of classical physics, mostly thermal physics and physical chemistry, and optics.

1b. Failure of biology since its model of development is based on indefinable randomness so it cannot account in a useful way for the development of complex systems so it is not a description which ;leads to useful results.

2. Failure of economics as a valid description based on measured values. This is clear since there are a few who have enough money to change the nature of economic structures in a matter of hours by changing their investing so what is one to believe about the quantitative structures which can be so suddenly changed, ie the quantitative models mean nothing. Furthermore, business is based on (business) risk (which is indefinably random) and there are no valid quantitative models of indefinable randomness. What there is, is the stable social structures which have remained stable since the Roman-Empire.
It might be best to define a market system as a society which has a fixed structure of providing for: food, shelter, water, and transportation held in a fixed relation-ship due to extreme violence. This is what the Romans did. Wherever the Romans were, the Roman solders held society fixed by violence, but they also built: roads, water systems, and sewers, so that food and shelter fit into a fixed social order, so this fixed order could be related to a "market system." The value of what we call "capitalism" is all about the violence which holds the functioning structure of a society fixed. The value of an economy is based on (or defined within) this stable functioning process.
The Roman structure for society was held fairly stable in the European region until about the 1400's wherein the bankers started to take over the market traditions of organizing society and its fixed way of social organization around food and shelter and transportation (and water) etc.
Economics sociology and psychology are not sciences which have any valid relation to measurable properties. All the relations in these areas of study are based on statistics and lame correlations associated to indefinably random statistics. But these institutions are associated to characteristic behaviors of their practitioners, and these behaviors are about manipulating and deceiving people, basically to serve the interests of the owners of society. Social forces act on personality types in particular ways, where these behaviors can be observed.

3. Failed propaganda system, since it has created a society which is far too narrowly focused, and too focused (or more realistically exclusively focused) on the protection of the few super-rich and their property.
The main point of the propaganda system has shown itself to be wrong. Namely, inequality is the main message of the propaganda system, and inequality leads to destruction of society and the earth as well as leading to the destruction of valid knowledge. Furthermore, inequality needs to be upheld by extreme violence, so all the ways in which any form of coercive violence can be incorporated into society is welcomed, eg gun rights vs. gun control is about using violence to terrorize the public, etc.
Furthermore the propaganda system is based on academic and journalistic expressions of the ideas which aid with helping the main stream of corporate interests, so the expressions of the, so called, "opposition" (the enlightened expert propagandists on the other side) mirrors the ideologies of: science, math, biology, economics, and sociology etc whose measured constructs are arbitrary and meaningless, but nonetheless serve the interests of very big investors, and the relation of knowledge to creativity within a society which serves the interests of the very rich. Thus the discussion remains well within the language of the propaganda system as set-up by the right, so the opposition is actually helping to keep the propaganda system within its correct framework wherein it wants to stay.

4. The failure of spying,
they did not see the collapse of the soviet union,
they did not see the economic collapse,
they did not see 9-11 (or at least, that is their story), and
the unnecessary confinement of ideas due to their infiltration into the left organizations, and subsequent destruction of ideas (or movements) which oppose the ideas and social structures which support the super-rich, and thus there are no new ideas which leads to the collapse of the economic system

5. Failure of law and government.
The basis for social class warfare is waged by the courts and politicians against the citizens, this is clear and interpreted to be perfectly legal, and
now there are high-level personal, ie managers, who serve the super-rich, managers who have come to be above the law, eg high level managers of the super-rich, ie the super-rich have always been seen to be above the law since murder instigated by the owners of society, eg in strikes, has always been interpreted to be legal (apparently it is legal under the law of the Roman Empire).

while politics is about being a part of the propaganda system.

The propaganda system is represented to the public as a single solitary voice of absolute authority which espouses nonsense and arbitrariness, which the public is required to accept as absolute truths, because the public is terrorized by the legal and political system, and their wage-slave status (enforced by the justice system), and they are coerced by the economy and the academic system,
where all of these institutional positions are about bullying which is based on an arbitrariness which consistently fails to do the actions which are required for the intents of their institutional name-sakes to succeed. One cannot create anything of practical value based on modern physical science and math except maybe calculations of business risk, where these calculations are made by MIT PhD mathematicians and physicists, whose main characteristic is that they fail to properly identify the risks

Unfortunately, due to the mis-representations of truth by the propaganda system, the public is led to form a personality-cult which follows of the scientists, and their so called scientific truths. This is so that there will be no competition for the super-rich few in regard to creativity coming from their expert math and science authorities, while chemically based biology studies are a bewildering mess of statistics and confusion, where successes are measured if 10% of the patients can be affected by a molecularly based plan for health cures.
The public is led to believe that they, the public, must be wage-slaves to support investment, but investment is narrow and adheres to the fixed social structures, essentially, following the fixed way in which civilization was organized by the Roman-Empire.
This narrowness leads to social failure, even though the academic structure is set-up to gradually develop complicated viewpoints (contexts) associated with complicated instruments (into which there have already existed investments) which serve (have served) the interests of the investors and then any new developments are stolen from public institutions, so as to result in the ideas having a relation to the investment structure of society, but the science and math ideas upon which the instruments are based are not valid science laws due to their relation to such a narrow viewpoint of serving investment interests.

6. The failure to protect the earth, which is a result of a dysfunctional propaganda system, which is only used to support the power of the few very big investors, ie the message is "people do not count," ie "violence is the only way in which for a person to actually stand-up within the world," but the violent-person must support the power of the very few

Globalization is all about "the very rich few" gaining ever more power at the expense of society, so that society must conform to the investments of the very rich, and this is allowed by greater military prowess, both controlling the violence of other institutions, eg nations groups etc, and controlling the actions of the public within society ie greater surveillance so as to stop unwanted ideas, and surveillance is only marginally about stopping violent opposing groups, since these groups (usually on the right) are easily manipulated through the media. The society is moving away from national flows of value of goods to global flows of goods because of the failure to develop new contexts for practical creativity, ie the failure of physical science and math.

The very rich are supported by both
(A) a set of pathological people who support the rich for personal advantage, these people are manipulated by violence and the lure of social domination, and they manipulate others in the same way, and
(B) by the intellectual opposition, who are disciplined, and not prone to violence, they are the mirror-images of the very rich, but they are competitive and they argue against the policies of the rich, not the rich themselves, ie this group of people wants to be in the positions of the rich, since they too (also) believe in social inequality, since that is what is taught in biology, eg evolution (survival of the fittest), where this was originally taught at the behest of the ruling mercantile class in the 19th century.
That is, those in the opposition, who are "given voice (allowed on the media)" are those who accept the absolute basis for the authority of the very rich, an idea which was provided to them in the education system, eg accept this dogma and compete or be marginal. That is, the opposition supports the intellectual basis for the current social structure, they have been indoctrinated and rewarded to believe this baloney.

Apparently this spawned the idea that some of the best propaganda is the propaganda which expresses ideas opposite to what the rich want:
Against big government
The rich are dependent on big government, eg regulations and the military and the justice system are extremely expensive and require big government, and the propaganda system tricks the public into big government by means of social issues, eg against abortion or against big government, but this is done by means of espousing being against big government
Want accountability in education
The education system has been managed by the military personnel since the end of WW II, and the education system has provided the work force perfectly tailored to corporate interests, so accountability means they do not need education any more science is mired in its own stupidity and is irrelevant to either further development or to causing unwanted competition (thus necessitating having control over science), and/or they want the money in educational districts, so they want to destroy education.
Furthermore, the calculation of business risks was a big component of the economic failure, ie big science and math failed big-time, so they are to be punished.

Fiscal responsibility
How can this be taken seriously, they want big military and a coercive justice system attacking both the world and the public, respectively, the rich are very paranoid about "who is, in fact, is allowed to run everything, namely, themselves" This social structure is to be held in place by extreme violence.
They are concerned about protecting the rights of the people
ie they are opposed to gun control, where gun control is really about the manipulative side of violent coercion: the Bremmer's, the Laughner's, the Lee Harvey Oswald's, the Sirha-Sirha's, the J E Ray's etc ([almost] all attacking the left, or an intellectual institution).
Furthermore, the only human-right they (the very rich) are really concerned about is the right to own and dominate property, from which they derive their social power, they support property rights over life, and this is not explicitly in the law (the constitution, which includes the Bill of Rights) The strongest statements about US law are in the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights and none of these laws are enforced. The US justice system has no valid legal standing.

People have the right to religion, as long as the religion stays in a fixed structure based on hierarchical authority and domination.
Thus the rich get the public to support an authoritarian religion over religious freedom but religious freedom is really about the freedom to believe
Free speech is now defined within the letter-of-the-law to mean the right of "the owners of media outlets" to express what-ever propaganda they want to express, so as to be expressed by the paid and funded personnel, who it is claimed, must only report objective truths, matters of fact, to be interpreted in the contexts of an intellectual structure which has been taken over by the interests of the ruling class and its propaganda outlets, ie to be interpreted in any arbitrary way which supports the interests of the investment class,

They are pro-life
But they are all about violence and inequality and domination, ie they are at war with life, where life takes the form of the public as well as the earth,

They are against the left, namely the "left which has a voice in the media,"
but the "left which has voice" supports all the intellectual framework which, in turn, supports the social and creative framework upon which the power of the very rich depends, where it depends on (through) the market (of these very rich investors) which supports these very rich few
The "left with voice" never express the belief-in equality. In fact, they almost always support the idea of inequality, and that there is a need to develop the merit (of people) which is needed to run both the state and the learned-institutions.
Unfortunately, it is now seen that these institution, especially the intellectually dependent ones, are all failing in a major way.
In fact, it is the job of the media to show that the intellectual institutions are all developing all sorts of new instruments, but unfortunately instruments based on 19th century science and math.

Nonetheless the left expresses the ideals that most Americans have, so the police departments and spy agencies all need to destroy any organizations which express the ideas of those on the "left" (the left which has voice), since this is the group (the left with voice) which is best qualified to supplant the very rich, and still remain in the same social structure,
However, it is a good prediction (based on the current attitudes of the "left with voice") that this "left with voice" (if they were in power) would turn around and support all the same ideas and structures which the super rich supported,

They (the very rich) are against taxes
which they put into an economic scenario which is upheld by the propaganda system so the public accepts this, obvious baloney, about how it is best not to tax the very rich,
but in fact the very rich support big taxes applied to the relatively poor (relatively poor when compared to the very rich), eg big property taxes, eg using taxes to build private sports arenas
They are all for economic competition, but,
in fact, they get big-government to legislate away the competition

Thus, we live in a society which is based on property rights minority rule and inequality all held together by means of extreme violence, within a communication system which espouses an absolute authoritative truth upon which the power of the minority of a few (very big property owners) depends, and is expressed in, an education system which does not serve equality and knowledge (and the relation of knowledge to (practical) creativity), but rather supports narrow authoritative dogmas related to maintaining complicated instruments whose functioning is controlled, not by the public, but controlled by the owners of society.
Such a society is only possible if it is maintained by extreme violence and coercion, which is most effectively instituted by the "left with voice" those discipline ones who buy into the authoritative narrowness and who believe there is "no other possibility," ie the unimaginative left, and by a right associated to an authoritative-religion whose main idea is a narrow hierarchical domination.
This is an example of the clever use of personality types where the "left with voice" are obsessive types with little imagination and no vision tied in their viewpoints, where their viewpoints uphold a narrow dogma, and where the right is violently dominant.
If the dogma of the rich is challenged, then both the left and right both exclude such challenges, ie this is a result of the "societal magic" of controlling a centralized communication system.
Thus, one sees a very clever mix of the violent and the obsessive both agreeing on an unquestionable authority which effectively excludes any differences in practical creativity in regard to markets and domination either by the violent of by the obsessive adherence to dogma, so that society (life styles) and institutions (associated to new knowledge and new creative contexts) stay fixed and consistent with the structure of markets and society which support the very rich (We are still living in the Roman-Empire, or the Holy-Roman-Empire of the Roman-Emperor Constantine)

Thus, there is a powerless left, and a right employed to protect the super rich, where the super rich are quite similar to the left which the right hates.
Everyone is "played for a chump" in our, so called, "equal and free nation," where the main player is the controlled communication systems (channels), ie propaganda, and the context (of words) provided by the propaganda system is: unequal domination of the many by the few either intellectual or by violence. In Roman time intellectual domination meant intellectual domination by the Church, but now it is the failed dogmas of science, eg indefinable randomness, materialism, and non-linearity.

There is a new way in which to use a precise measurable descriptive language which transcends the material world, but the material world is a subset of the new descriptive context. Namely, it is many-dimensional precise descriptive structure, and it is a description which is not based on materialism, so it should be of interest to the religious people [the false conflict between ideal religion vs. material science; is ended], it is geometric and linear so it can be thought about, and it can also be placed in a controllable context, ie for practical creativity.
It is consistent with classical physics, and it identifies the cause for quantum randomness and the point-like character of quantum properties. It is many-dimensional and unitary so it fits into the patterns of particle-physics. It gives a linear example for general relativity, wherein general relativity, ie the shape of space affects material motion, actually functions {but in a limited but fundamental context}. Note: The non-linear models of general relativity are useless for any form of practical creativity.
The new descriptive context allows for the explicit descriptions of stable physical systems.
The new descriptive context requires that math consider the idea of a stable math pattern as a fundamental math property. These stable math patterns have been identified by the Thurston-Perelman geometrization, namely, the stable geometric patterns are predominantly the discrete hyperbolic shapes, which, in turn, have been described by D Coxeter.

These new ideas provide an example of how to use precise language in new and different ways, in a similar way as did Copernicus, back around 1550.

The reason these new ideas are excluded and marginalized from the media, both "the radical media" and main stream media, is because of the existence of the gate-keepers of truth within the propaganda system. The communication system (owned by the big investors) is a communication system which uses language to best serve the interests of these big investing bankers and investing monopolistic businesses.
The gate-keepers of truth are the editors and those in the peer-review process (of an entire professional community, why a professional community needs so much protection is beyond me, especially, since the scientists which the business interests want peer-reviewed are peer-reviewed, no matter how bad the science and math they present to the professional journals, and the fact that math and science have failed their descriptions are irrelevant to developing any new practical creative systems except in regard to systems dependent on averages or the indefinably random feedback systems)
These "gate-keepers of truth" play the same role in protecting a dogmatic and authoritative truth as did the pope in the age of Copernicus or as the Puritans who judged the native people's to be a part of an inferior culture so that both the pope or as did the puritans [or other gate-keepers of an absolute truth for the highly controlled media (or propaganda system)] and this gate-keeping-for-truth process is used to justify the right (of the Puritans) to arbitrarily exterminate the native peoples so as to get their land (property), and the gate-keepers of an absolute truth are used to exterminate the ideas (in particular ideas which are in fact superior to the current ideas) of people who are not members of the personality-cult of science and math.
This arbitrary way in which ideas are excluded and terminated from the media is the true mode of operation today within the propaganda system.
This intellectual barbarianism still happens (as the pope would have done to Copernicus) even though the limitations of precise languages are known from Godel's incompleteness theorem.
However, when experts talk about the incompleteness theorem the discussion is, not about the tenuousness of any truth based on axioms, but rather the discussion is about the axioms and definitions and "processes of creating" which are associated to numbers. Usually when the experts, or the media schills, represent Godel's incompleteness theorem to the public, it is most often stated abstractly, that a math system cannot prove its own consistency, but this really means that axioms may possess within themselves either opposing or incompatible relations in regard to the other axioms, or as compared with the other axioms of the math system.
Furthermore, creativity is best related to the elementary aspects of a system of a precise language relationships, where in the new example, the idea of materialism is replaced with the idea of many-dimensions partitioned by a fixed set of very stable shapes, so the stable shapes become the material but it depends on both the dimension of the containing metric-space and the dimension of the stable shapes, where the many dimensions can, in fact, be placed in either a real (isometry) or a unitary (or complex number) context.
Why do the professionals, who are only able to discuss ideas which are irrelevant to (or even opposed to) practical creativity, ie their Platonic truths based on word agreements lead to a world of illusions not to the real world of experience (eg the failure to calculate business risk based on the supposedly rigorous math of indefinable randomness).
Why should there be such sheltered people, when their own math structures insist on considering many different ways of organizing the language of mathematics

That is, both the fixed dogmatic descriptive language, as well as the violence from which the owners of society derive their social and economic power, are limited structures. This is the nature of language, so to give only certain people an immense (great) amount of social power, forming an unequal society, results in destruction and failure. One cannot allow either JD Rockefeller or JP Morgan or E Witten or S Hawking to amass so very much societal power, as the propaganda and legal and political system grants to these people. This imbalance of power leads to a system in which people are willing to do both absurdities and atrocities for a system which opposes both life and creativity, and elevates a few
The public is reluctant to believe a system of thought which represents life and creativity at its most inventive, creative, and exploratory level
so that
The propaganda system wedded to materialism and an absolute but arbitrary high-value (whose failures have shown these dogmatic truths to not even be closely associated to a truth which can be related to practical creativity) which promotes the sacrifice of life in action and in knowledge, where this sacrifice is used for selfish purposes to uphold a lofty few.
This is clear evidence of mind control

So why are these ideas... , which are substantial enough for the joint math conference on mathematics, in San Diego 2013, to be addressed by the author of these ideas... ., not expressed in the media, and why do editors exclude these ideas on the, so called, free-speech outlets on the internet?
Because (1) these people (right-wing editors and authorities on the left) are chumps, and (2) these ideas require a revolution of thinking which will be destructive to the current social structure, where in the current social structure "authority is considered to be the same as truth."

But the propaganda system sounds "too much" like the authoritative church in the days of Copernicus?
Indeed, it is exactly the same, and the lesson of Copernicus is not about "science and materialism vs. religion" rather the lesson is

new ways of using a precise language (even though both authoritative ideas were being measurably verified eg Ptolemy's epicycles were consistent with data (after they had been corrected) and they were very precise in regards to predicting the motions of planets in the heavens)."

For example, today it is common practice within particle-physics for new particles to be proclaimed to exist when a new phenomenon (such as dark matter) is seen.
This "adding of new particles to the list of elementary-particles" (elementary-particles which had not ever been predicted) is very much an epicycle structure, exactly like the epi-cycle structures of Ptolemy.

That is, the intellectual basis for the left is destroyed by these new ideas, but the bulwark of arbitrary religious (or moral) authority of the right is also laid-waste.
There is a creative way in which to consider the world of the ideal (ie the religious context) and that "ideal world" is very real and that "ideal world" is the proper context in which to consider religion.

The super-rich have the (poor) public trapped and tricked in every direction that the public turns, (this is with the help of the propaganda system and the justice system (guided by a political system which has been corrupted), so as to support the super-rich, and a major way of doing this "tricking," is to have the people be dogmatic, rather than creative, in regard to the activity of science and math.
The rich want particular types of complicated instruments adjusted by the intellectual elites, but the very-rich do not want the intellectuals (or their intellectuals) thinking too much.

See Scribd.com mconcoyle for more about the new math of physical science