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Demands and declaration of the true real genuine Occupy Portland

We the true 99 percent proletarian occupiers hereby call to dissolve the counterfeit O. Q. Pie. Portland, now owned by so-called FOOP Inc, an Oregon corporation; and hereby demand the following, to wit:
be it enacted by the plenary people assembled, duly called to this grand people's general assembly of true, genuine, authentic, unquestionable occupy portland:

we the true 99 percent proletarian occupiers hereby call to dissolve the counterfeit o. q. pie. portland, now owned by so-called foop inc, an oregon corporation; and hereby demand the following, to wit:

(a) immediate dissolution of the fake foop and transfer of all monetary assets, physical assets, and intellectual property rights to the collective of people who are real occupy portland; and cease the use of the name occupy portland;

(b) immediate surrender of the assumed business name "occupy portland"

(c) complete repeal of the community norms, passed under deception on october 16 2011 by the guidance of the portland former city major samuel b. adams and by the police chief michael reese for the purpose of pacifying and emasculating this revolutionary movement

(d) creation of a new occupy platform clearly delineating the class struggle line, diversity of tactics, anti-racist, anti-fascist, anti-corporatist, anti-sexist, anti-transhomophobic, anti-property, anti-war, anti-imperialist, anti-middle-class, anti-business, anti-individualist, anti-money, anti-technology, anti-development, anti-elitist, platforms firmly to establish a path of collective liberation through radical primitive communist ideology as the foundation of occupy portland

(e) immediate resumption of our control and direct democratic governance over the occupy portland office and st francis park and expulsion of "foop" puppet regime

(f) immediate removal of all locks from all doors of st francis in order to provide for equitable and non-hierarchical 24/7 occupation and access, immediate removal of all surveillance devices, and immediate removal of christian sex-abusing anti-abortion anti-gay clerics

(g) abolish all "rules" established by foop puppets. our office will be 100% rule-free and everything will be decided by 100 percent concensus and no one gets to tell anyone what to do or what not to do

(h) unhoused occupiers will have full leadership roles in all areas of occupy portland leadership

(i) hold accountable the foop puppets who assaulted ahuviya rotem harel through a duly called people's tribunal

(j) hold accountable the foop puppets who misappropriated our monies by paying rent to the catholic church and demand refunds of all monies diverted to the pope

(k) immediate permanent occupation of chapman, lownsdale, shrunk, keller, and pettygrove parks and all park blocks north and south

(l) solidarity with right 2 dream too

(m) free kteeo and matt

(n) free cece

(o) immediate takeover of the city hall vigil under our collective leaderless leadership

(p) begin loyalty check and purge of all purported occupiers who are closet reformist, democrat, republican, tea party, christian, scientologist, zionist, capitalist, property owners, business owners, bosses, and government employees.

(q) stop cooperating with the government, police, military, or corporation in any way

nice 25.Feb.2013 01:03


Loyalty checks? Purges? You are really getting your goosestepping ducks in a row! Good for you.

Maybe now people will start taking occupy seriously.

Wait no. Still a complete joke.

The Good Shepherds of the Flock 25.Feb.2013 10:15

Father Pete O'Feeley

As Chairman of the Gay-Bi-Trans Priests of the Northwest Diocecese, I must defend our pastoral right to instruct the young in our Mission.

That went well 25.Feb.2013 14:16


You guys mean well, but you might be beating a dead horse. As someone said, Occupy has moved on, and the brand so to speak might be obsolete in light of new developments over seas.

OTOH I do support calling out and defending Occupy's good name, especially if it's being hijacked by a bunch of closet racist Tea Party losers. Not because Occupy is going anywhere, but because these same losers(tea patriots) will be waiting to hijack the next left progressive/radical (yes, both of those people) zeitgeist. The far right that tries to coop left/progressive and radical movements is also known to work with police informers.

Out those b!tches with my blessing.