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Protecting Global Warming Liars

"Considering that global warming is a lie from start to finish, one must conclude that all those involved have few, if any, qualms about lying."
"Considering that global warming is a lie from start to finish, one must conclude that all those involved have few, if any, qualms about lying."

Protecting Global Warming Liars
By Alan Caruba

The debasement of science continues as various elements, organizations and publications, and the mainstream media circle the wagons to protect those who continue to spread lies about global warming.

Most recently, the National Geographic Science Blogs have added Dr. Peter Gleick to its roster of contributors despite the fact that he stole documents from The Heartland Institute in 2012, creating and disseminated a phony "memo" to defame the 28-year-old, non-profit research organization.

In his initial National Geographic blog post, Dr. Glieck described himself as a member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences. He is also the president of the Pacific Institute. Among the topics he intends to address are "misrepresentations of science."

You can read the facts about his deception on www.fakegate.org, a website Heartland created after Dr. Glieck's aborted effort to spread a variety of lies about its funding and efforts to debunk the global warming hoax. Dr. Glieck admitted to this and one would think that such behavior would not be rewarded, but neither the National Geographic nor the Pacific Institute and other organizations that claim to be devoted to scientific accuracy and ethics were bothered in the least.

He was welcomed back to the Pacific Institute with a statement that blandly stated that Dr. Glieck "has apologized publicity for his actions, which are not condoned by the Pacific Institute of Directors and run counter to the Institute's policies and standards of ethics over its 25-year history. The Board accepts Dr. Glieck's apology for his lapse of judgment."

Lapse of judgment? Using deception to deliberately slander the Heartland Institute is hardly a lapse of judgment. Those invested in keeping the global warming hoax alive are happy to forgive and forget, and hope the public does so as well.

At a recent convention of the American Geophysical Union, Dr. Glieck was among the featured speakers, along with Michael Mann, a key figure in "Climategate", the 2009 exposure of emails between himself and other global warming schemers. Mann is famous for creating false data to support it and, in 2012, claimed to have been a joint winner of the Nobel Peace Prize! The Norwegian Nobel Institute issued a statement "affirming that climate scientist, Michael Mann lied... "

Penn State University where Michael Mann remains on the faculty despite his Nobel Peace Prize lie, the university simply scrubbed its websites and official documentation of his claim.

Considering that global warming is a lie from start to finish, one must conclude that all those involved have few, if any, qualms about lying. Indeed, this year the American Geophysical Union honored Dr. Glieck as a new AGU Fellow.

A year earlier, then AGU president, Michael McPherson stated that Dr. Glieck's "transgression cannot be condoned" and had "compromised AGU's credibility as a scientific society." But that was last year and AGU has the same short memory as other scientific organizations that have put their reputations on the line for global warming.

Other professions, such as the law, drum out such people, deny them the right to practice law in the courts, and treat them with contempt when they engage in criminal or unethical behavior, but in the world of science these days, such behavior ends up being rewarded and, by inference, defended.

It is not surprising that National Geographic has provided Dr. Glieck a platform for his defense of global warming. It has long perpetrated all the global warming lies we associate with the hoax.

It is not surprising that AGU has honored Dr. Glieck barely a year after the revelations of his attack on The Heartland Institute.

It is not surprising that Michael Mann remains on the faculty of Penn State University and continues to earn thousands for speeches about global warming.

Nor should we be surprised that Al Gore who spent years campaigning against fossil fuels as the "cause" of global warming should sell his television channel to Al Jazeera, funded by Qatar, a leading oil producer.

What we are witnessing is the web of deception, a global conspiracy joined by governments, including our own, to advance the greatest hoax of the modern era.

Its victims are those forced to pay higher prices for the energy provided by traditional sources, oil, natural gas, and oil, along with the higher cost of gasoline that must be blended with ethanol even if it damages the engines of our automobiles and drives up the cost of food as a large percentage of our corn crop is diverted for its production.

If the so-called "greenhouse gas emissions" of carbon dioxide can be taxed governments such as Australia's benefit while the industries and businesses affected are defrauded and even driven to close their doors. Carbon dioxide does not trap heat. The Earth balances its absorption and release. It is a minor gas in the atmosphere, barely 0.038%

There was a time when science adhered to strict rules of ethical behavior. When those are thrown overboard, everyone is victimized.

pics 24.Feb.2013 13:43


or didn't happen

. 24.Feb.2013 14:27



model 24.Feb.2013 16:33

up v down

Up or down

rats and clowns

better plant a tree

nail your Carbon down.
what sooner than later
what sooner than later
forcing model
forcing model

hm ... 24.Feb.2013 17:26


This whole Global Warming reminds me of a Star Trek TNG episode where they find aliens that have traces back to ancient earth and the leaders of the alien culture buried it to have their own doctrine.

One alien scientist on that planet has been researching for years coming close to the truth but never quite reaching it until the Starship Enterprise crew helps out filling in the missing pieces.

The scientist presents those pieces to the alien leader who completely poo poos the whole deal and even threatens to not only fire him if he continues his study but harm the crew of the Enterprise for helping out.

That episode on Star Trek I believe is a hidden message as to what was going on in the real science community at that time of writing.

And this was back in the 80s when we had a lot more jobs in the USA that had not been outsourced with our tax money.

Global Warming denial 24.Feb.2013 22:05


Had a convo about this at the Lucky Lab earlier. Why the appeal? And why does anyone with money think it's propaganda worth funding?
The general consensus was it's a long range political gambit to make discourse climate(heh) friendlier to irrational and religious based ideas.

This alleged climate debate is 100% manufactured by political interests:

 link to www.slate.com

"So let this be clear: There is no scientific controversy over this. Climate change denial is purely, 100 percent made-up political and corporate-sponsored crap. When the loudest voices are fossil-fuel funded think tanks, when they don't publish in journals but instead write error-laden op-eds in partisan venues, when they have to manipulate the data to support their point, then what they're doing isn't science.

It's nonsense. And worse, it's dangerous nonsense. Because they're fiddling with the data while the world burns."