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Vigil To Be Held By M.O.M.S For Mental Health Rights At Clark County Courthouse On 2/28

Cindy Fisher, co-founder of the Movement Of Mothers Standing-Up (M.O.M.S.) gives an account of her amazing 100-mile journey from Portland to northern Washington state to bring awareness to a broken mental health and justice system. We followed them on their journey, and along the way have met some wonderful passionate mothers who care deeply about their children and the community.

Mothers Need Your Help!

Cindy is holding an anniversary birthday vigil for her son, Siddharta Fisher at the Clark County Courthouse and encourages anyone who is interested in changing the current mental health system to attend. 10 other mothers as well as a new mom with stories of their adult and juvenile children have been documented by Cindy. The system and state has failed them and and brought their families anguish because it needs an overhaul.

No more pushing the pills and forgetting about us.

Here is our JoeAnybody.Com video page of these mothers' extroardinary journey:


A link to the event page on Facebook:

Vigil & Rally: There Is A Better Way

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