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Occupy Portland elitism, racism, classism and cissexism called out

Occupy Portland is now run by a small group of old white men with middle-class privilege. They are planning on relocating "office" to suburbs, and get rid of all houseless activists who are at the forefront of our revolutionary struggles day in and out.
Occupy Portland "Office" is at 1131 SOUTHEAST OAK STREET at St. Francis Dining Hall. It is run by a small group of white old men that call themselves Friends of Occupy Portland or FOOP, a business that was incorporated last year. There is no women, color people, or LGBTQ on FOOP Board of Directors, and this board of Directors is not elected by Occupy Portland's General Assembly. They just appointed themselves to this Board.

Since last month or so there has been a holy war against unhoused activists who organize and converge at this "Office". We the unhoused Occupiers work hard day and night on the streets, risk arrests, stand in rain and wind in front of City Hall, but we are treated like shit by FOOP "Office" Info Team. We deserve better treatment, less hostility, and more use out of the "Office" because we are the ones who are putting in more hours on Occupy vigil than anyone who is FOOP.

Occupy Portland is now officially UNSAFE and TRANSPHOBIC place. Our Trans Comrades have been BANNED from not only FOOP "Office" but also all ST FRANCIS DINING HALL because of hateful prejudice against Trans. Comrade Ahuviya Harel was assaulted by Occupy Portland after they misgendered her on purpose during a meeting.

Occupy Portland has also declared "Homeless Sweep" for tomorrow in order to throw away Unhoused Comrades's properties and to make the space even more unsafe for unhoused folks. This is CLASSIST and OPPRESSIVE BEHAVIOR that passes for Occupy today. General Assembly and Spokes Council are powerless in getting rid of elitist FOOP and reclaiming democratic governance of OUR community space.

Nowadays the only job they appear to have at the "Office" is to exclude Unhoused Occupier comrades, one by one, after finding faults and having a secret hush-hush meeting behind the door deciding who to exclude next.

Rings true 21.Feb.2013 12:18


This rings true. There is an almost constant attempt to coop genuine radical progressive movements. The antisemitism charge leveled at Occupy didn't come from no where. It was true...of a small group of pro Ron Paul, fake Anonymous, pushing cult crap under the "what is the plan" banner. (Google planfags) So of course someone who knew the agenda, leaked there was antisemitism, because they knew there was, to make Occupy look bad. Fortunately for Occupy the tea bagger types were vastly outnumbered and an effective response was made.

Back to Occupy Portland: corporate records for Friends of Occupy Portland show ownership by GREG AUSTIN was started 11-07-2011, and canceled 04-19-2012. It's now owned by JOHN SCHWIEBERT as of 04-19-2012, implying a non contentious transfer. If this is the same John, he's a "tax resistor" implying crazy right moonbattery:
"John Schwiebert, war tax resister for over thirty years. He is recently retired after more than four decades as a United Methodist minister. "

About previous owner Greg Austin:




It is understandable how Occupy Portland got in this mess. The early organizers were caught between not setting up a hated "corporation" and an inflow of money they didn't know what to do with.

Unfortunately, the early problems have been compounded. Over a month ago, the current organizers were caught between NOT being a corporation, yet trying to set up a NONPROFIT. We are still there. The solution is easy. Here it is:


And a Road Map to Get There

The Past: Reid Jackson, reportedly an Occupy Portland Finance Committee member, set up "Occupy Portland, Inc." with the State of Oregon in October, 2011. She dissolved this corporation in November, 2011. In November 2011 lawyer Greg Austin set up "Friends of Occupy Portland" as a Assumed Business Name. Greg Austin is primarily a criminal and divorce lawyer.

2. The Present: Occupy Portland presently only has an Assumed Business Name which is "Friends of Occupy Portland" registered with the State of Oregon. An Assumed Business Name IS NOT a corporation nor is it a nonprofit. The present Occupy Portland Finance Committee is hopelessly confused because they are not keeping three simple things separate:

Organizational Structure -- Here a lawyer is needed. A nonprofit only comes in one organizational variety which is a corporation. It is simple to set up. There are FREE resources to help Occupy Portland get set up as a nonprofit corporation. The Oregon State Bar has hundreds of lawyers willing to do this sort of work for FREE. For example, the Community Development Law Center "....assists nonprofit organizations involved in housing and other community development activities...." , including legal advice. In addition, the Oregon State Bar lawyer referral program (503-684 3763) is required to provide three lawyer's names who are experienced in this particular field and will provide legal advice for a one-time visit for $35. The Small Business Legal Clinic is an Oregon State Bar certified pro bono program. Then there is the National Lawyers Guild that may help in the process. All this legal help is available out there FOR FREE.
Financial Structure -- Here a CPA is needed. It is crucial to have professional help from a CPA to help set up the nonprofit structure, to set up the checking accounts and to set up the appropriate tax structure (ie. a nonprofit). A book keeper can help later to minister the books, but a CPA is needed to set up the books. There are many, many CPA's out there that would love to do this for Occupy Portland for free.
Occupy Portland Structure -- Once the Organizational Structure is set up and once the Financial Structure is set up then Occupy Portland will have to follow the nonprofit bylaws to set up officers of the organization including a Treasurer to be fiscally responsible for the inflow and outflow of Occupy Portland money.


First, Occupy Portland should identify three Occupy members from 'Legal' to be a subcommittee to interview THREE lawyers, all of whom should be willing to handle these matters pro bono (free). Then the Legal subcommittee should decide on one lawyer. That lawyer then should work with a 'Finance Committee' subcommittee who should interview THREE CPA's willing to handle the setting up of the nonprofit along with the lawyer -- for free.

Second, the appointed lawyer and the appointed CPA should make a presentation on THEIR PLAN to the combined Finance and Legal Full Committees in writing.

Third, the combined Legal and Finance Committees should present their written plan to the Spokes Council then to the General Assembly for approval.


Read what you will into it.

@Not involved

If you know something share. Otherwise keep your concern trolling crap to yourself. But let me quote your fail:
"If I were to believe this person, I wouldn't want to be involved and therefore I think its potentially sabotage."

On the subject of sabotage and Occupy, readers should be directed to this image uploaded by RCA in 2009 of an attendee of Holocaust denier David Irving's lecture:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2009/07/392889.shtml


also with Irving organizer Titrud at Mittleman Jewish center:

This appears to be the same Mike Smith heavily involved in Occupy Portland and still friends with Titrud, (see images).

Question: why would a personal obviously brainwashed by the far far radical racist right want to be involved with Occupy Portland?

"Not involved" has a probable answer: sabotage. Thank you, "not involved", for your participation bringing attention to Tea Party fuckers trying to poison/co-op Occupy.

You should have expected us.

@comrade 21.Feb.2013 13:35


I love you....

But as glad as I was that the charge was taken seriously, it was still proven wrong in the sense that it was anything resembling a broad consensus of participants. Even though disturbingly tolerated in many places (Phoenix), especially in Portland a year in a half ago I doubt they'd have done anything other than scare away liberals and leftists in general. Not condoning them, but just from an outsiders perspective....

what 21.Feb.2013 23:19


what part of 99% did you miss?
the 1% is not a right or a left group


the 99% is not a left or right group.
we're all in this together friends.

Weighing in 22.Feb.2013 02:00


Gotta give some people something to complain about or they won't be happy...

"the 99% is not a left or right group. "

True, most of the 99% identify as a mix of left and right. But the fact is, the right, especially the radical right(Thank "." for helping me be clear about what radical means) unknowingly support policies that advance the 1%. That how Reganomics got off the ground, convincing working class people rich tax cuts would benefit workers.

Personal political affiliation or philosophy is beside the point of left/right politics.

Left political policies are progressive and sometimes even radical(thank you "."!!!), aiming to benefit everyone by sharing resources equitably.

Right political policies have gotten more and more reactionary(radical right), aiming to benefit those already wealthy.

The 99% is a reflection of the commitment of OWS to worker solidarity, even for workers who are brainwashed RINOS. It is no way suggests the Occupy movement should be tolerating ultra right reactionary political agendas.

Hope that helps.

Fake "Occu Pie Portland" FOOP vs. Real Occupy Portland 22.Feb.2013 12:42

Friends of Real 99 Percent, not Friends of Corporation

After the eviction General Assembly approved a plan to rent St. Francis School building, in its entirety, as a temporary indoor occupation. Proposer Mike Withy also said he will work with church administrator and city officials to make St. Francis Park into a permanent occupation. For this we received $1000 from First Unitarian Church and also approved to commit $800 a month. After more than a year none of this happened, but OUR money has gone to pay for one small room.

FOOP did not exist until April and we were doing just fine without it. Metanoia Peace House was being fiscal sponsor for legal purposes. We did not need a stinkin corporation to fight corporation.

Mike Withy was clear from the start that St. Francis will be 24/7 and for all Occupiers, though initially we would be open from 9 AM to 9 PM every day except Sundays as we negotiate with the church.

Inexplicably none of this ever happened and Mike Withy was banned from St. Francis,

Vigil activists tried to store their green carts when the police told them to remove them off city hall sidewalks, but FOOP President (or Executive Director, whatever) Dan Keller threatened to throw them out unless someone removed them out of St. Francis. Vigil activists, many got sick from being OUTSIDE all day and all night for more than 1 year, went to St. Francis and took a nap in OUR space and got EXCLUDED FOR 30 DAYS by FOOP. If they left their bedroll in the office during the day someone throw them out in dumpster.

FOOP IS RUN BY WHITE, MIDDLE-CLASS, BUSINESSMEN AND PERPETUATING THE SAME OLD CLASSIST OPPRESSION AGAINST THE POOR, they are no better than city's politicians and their owners at Portland Business Alliance.

FOOP says they support the homeless... as long as they stay away from "their" office, SEPARATE BUT EQUAL, NOT IN THEIR BACKYARD.

I hear that FOOP now wants INDEPENDENCE from Occupy Portland Spokes Council and General Assembly, no longer wanting to answer to US THE OCCUPIERS.

We need to dump them and their bogus "General Assembly" and bogus "Spokes Council", start doing OUR 99 PERCENT REAL OCCUPY PORTLAND GA in the Terry Shrunk Park. Forget FOOP, forget them as they are now Corporate Institution for and by the reactionary petit-bourgeois class.

Now FOOP has "NO HOMELESS ALLOWED IN ST. FRANCIS" policy. They claim this is because of UNDERSTAFFING, but they REFUSE to have unhoused volunteers who are more than eager to help out. They also excluded Ahuviya Harel, one of the original radical Occupiers from Occupy Philly, and Zoey White, another radical Trans Occupier from Occupy Boston. FOOP has no solidarity with Occupy elsewhere. FOOP also hates unhoused, poor, Trans, people of color, women, working class folks. It is for and by retired rich white men who own a house (or two!) who solicit money from working class people instead of spending their own money to run this joke.

FOOP is yet to apologize for the violent assault and discrimination against Ahuviya Harel, and yet to acknowledge they're responsibility in allowing Mike Withy to rape her and beat her up across the street.

We want a real Occupy Portland and a real Occupation 24/7, not a fake corporate FOOP and UNSAFE office.

safe and diverse, almost, like where you are right now 22.Feb.2013 14:49

can be anonymous or made up

among the beauties and dangers of the this internet is that when one person with more than one personality, makes statements, those statements may seem true if no other person steps up with the other viewpoints on the situation.

As a person who has never really had sex with the "other" gender and never earned "median" income and has at times been prescribed mental health meds, sympathy is something I have, even for people who use pepper spray, be they Imperailist, Maoist, Male, Female, Fascist ... to use chemical weapons preemptively is sad... dangerous... and wrong. Wrong when "our country" does it, wrong when "our" cops do it, and wrong when Ahuviya(h) did it for reasons remaining unclear. However "Safe Space" has little or nothing to do with pepper-spraying a volunteer whose speech, semantics, or word choice is bothering your.

The people who donate to pay the rent are really the people who may have the most right to decide what goes on there, but the money is sometimes anonymous and the donors seem satisfied that the decisions are effective, regardless of the ethnicity class or gender of who is deciding. The only ways to stop anything from happening at the "Office" are to dissuade the donors, seek court injunction, or build an effective protest against any harmful actions being done... but harm is not the issue here. The harm has been done back in Philly, the PTSD came from there to here, and now it is about Ego and Power, Revenge and Mao, etc ... ignoring the truth that 7 days a week, homeless, cis and non-cis gendered, cooperate to advance the cause and enhance lives. Humans being humans, helping each other and annoying each other and comprimising/consensing, apologizing or not. To have people ask for respect beyond what they are willing to give will lead to nothing but a more fascist, more corporate world. Labeling people as enemies, complaining about tactics such as using 501(c)4 incorporation, not new, but diversity of tactics says that if poor old white men want to bad together and not prohibit women from meeting with them, then they are free to further resist Wall Street's mega corporations with whatever resources they can muster, and if they fight effectively, then women, men, trans, str8, old, young can all feel good about being comrades with them. That, though, is not the situation. The office, FoOP, Occupy, all are shared works of living, breathing, caring people, come experience rather than read a thread about it. :)

. 22.Feb.2013 22:08


"tax resistors" are usually right-wing libertarian types.

"war tax resistors" are, in nearly every case, left-wing peace activists.

please learn more about this stuff before spewing off nonsense and making yourself look like a fool.

@"." 23.Feb.2013 00:05

just wondering

are you the same "." who's imagining infiltrators everywhere and spewing rage all over imc ? may be you should see your analyst about that....

............ 23.Feb.2013 06:48


Id listen to comrade, take his suggestions seriously if you can.

"Left" "right", I was generalizing. Technically I don't show up on the scale period depending on who you ask. I think its where the line blurs or the cultural transcendencies and/or deep rooted social moores that make the differences. The tax things a generalized assumption. Especially when you take into consideration right or wrong Anarchisms considered a leftist libertarian ideology.

But to the author, take comrades suggestions seriously.

@just wondering 23.Feb.2013 13:09


You have to understand where "." is coming from. They are an unhappy individual who learned somewhere, probably from an authority figure early in life, that belittling people for mistakes is how to build their self esteem. They probably come from the very privileged class they claim to criticize, are college educated and are possible obsessive compulsive. Notice they dismiss all of what "comrade" said as "spewing off nonsense and making yourself look like a fool" and only focus on the one(possible) mistake?

Actually most of "comrades" comment seems accurate. I think I've seen that blue haired guy, didn't know he was connected to conspiracy crazies. "Comrade" may be wrong about Schwiebert, but it's an understandable considering all the vocal libertarian tax resistor conspiracy spam out there. Just look at IMC.

But to "." it's not understandable. Because "." has deluded themselves into believing "." never makes mistakes. Ergo they have no sympathy for people who do. We should feel sorry for them. Most people with this problem don't have close friends. Their constant negativity drives people away. They feel they're victimize and misunderstood.

Unfortunately, when they get called on shit, they don't reflect how they screwed up and how not to screw up again. Instead they look for the next excuse to attack someone to make themselves feel better. It never works but that doesn't stop them.

Oh well. I guess everyone has to have a hobby.

We want you to focus on gender instead of genocide. 25.Feb.2013 02:36

Colonel Jenny Sparks

Here at Portland's Joint Terrorism Task Force, we support (in more ways than
you may imagine) the divisive gender identity politics in the Occupy
movement, and in all progressive and anti-Establishment movements. As
long as you think that gender identity issues are the most important item
in the political arena, and allow gender identity issues to disrupt your
organizing, you will remain ineffective at accomplishing anything truly
important. As long as you keep your minds on your Mulahdara Chakra (crotch) instead of on your heart and brain, you will see "sexes" instead of humanity.

If you think that integrating the US Military for gays and lesbians is an
important issue, we applaud you. Anything that keeps your attention off
the US Military aggression in service of the wealthy elitist Establishment
is what we hope to see from you. Keep up the good work, Occupy. That goes
for you, too, Antifa.

u said that already 25.Feb.2013 11:39


@-- re "CJS" comments 08.Feb.2018 03:51

heads up

I was given a heads up to this poster's comments. The obsession with "gender identity politics" closely tracts with an individual who was involved with defrauding left antiwar activists 2006-2007.

 link to 911blogger.com

Appears to support both Bernie and Stein(or pretending to) on their twitter page and involved with libertarian/an-cap apologism.

Not only did they exploit Laughing Horse Books and their family's Church (First Congregational United Church of Christ), but there is documentation they even attempted to recruit their own relative's(including a council woman in Minneapolis) involvement in this fraud, to varying degrees of success.

This spamming might be vindictive acting out after they, and cohorts, were exposed by antifascists; the name used is connected to another person's blog that appears to have been deleted. Maybe this person hoped to start trouble by making it appear the real CJS was still active?

A "strategy" used by the commenter's group(if you call acting like a transparent dumbass a "strategy"), when everything goes to shit: blame someone convenient. Ex-members or people they know and hate on principle(POC, anti racists, liberals, etc...) are considered valid targets.

Considering the name used is of someone long gone, these comments are almost certainly impersonation and therefore against the rules of most IMCs. FYI.

What's really disturbing is the comments are dated 2013, 6 to 7 YEARS after the events that instigated them. Most liars and scam artists move on when exposed. It takes a special kind of arrogant entitled stupid to double down YEARS after complete failure and humiliation. Hope this individual still isn't involved in local anti war politics.

Probable related link to the real person(s) commenting in 2013: