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Clean Alternative Renewable Energy IDEAS/Resources are the only way FORWARD.

Focus on Natural Alternative Renewable Energy Resources.
We need to stop being 'slaves to the system'. With 'Eyes & Minds Open'. . . we must Focus on ***ALTERNATIVES AWAY FROM OIL*** for real and lasting "sustainable" change.

Let NATURE be our guide for R/evolution and a brighter future 'FREE FROM WAR'.
++>>>LOVE is Our RESISTANCE<<<++
++>>>LOVE is Our RESISTANCE<<<++
<><> *~~~Earth Eyes Wide Open~~~~~~~~*<3
<><> *~~~Earth Eyes Wide Open~~~~~~~~*<3
“Out of all things there comes a unity. . . and out of a unity all things.”
“Out of all things there comes a unity. . . and out of a unity all things.”

"Ideas Are Bulletproof". —> We ALL have the power to help contribute to being a part of the ++>>>POSITIVE EARTH CHANGE<<<++ because we are all a part of nature and are ***ALL a FORCE OF NATURE***.

Man-made Climate Change is Real. Global Warming caused by never ending man-made Global Warring (for Oil/resources).
It's beyond time to ***ASK QUESTIONS AND SMASH THE STATUS QUO*** "business-of-murder-and-carnage-and-ECOCIDE-as-usual" caused by the "Masters of War" and it's beyond time to QUESTION the—>>>Never Ending Lies That Lead to War<<<. Question so-called "authorities"/"world leaders"- deceivers ALWAYS.

The power to change the world is residing within all of us. Destiny/fate is what we all collectively choose to create. And it all starts at the grassroots level. *Power to the People to Free the Earth* from oppression/exploitation/tyranny/domination/Hegemonic Imperialism/Corporatist Fascism.

The evidence is clear for all to See—> CLIMATE JUSTICE NOW!
Global Warming's Terrifying New Math — Three simple numbers that add up to global catastrophe - and that make clear who the real enemy is — BILL MCKIBBEN— July 19, 2012  http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/global-warmings-terrifying-new-math-20120719

Fight the 'Conspiracy of Silence' on climate change—a silence that empowers TOXIC misinformation and TOXIC mythology to grow where science and truth should prevail. As is forever the status quo—the ***TOXIC CORPORATE MAINSTREAM MEDIA remains FOREVER SILENT***.

Arctic Ice Melt, Psychopathic Capitalism And The Corporate Media — October 3, 2012  link to griid.org

At least three-quarters of climate change is man-made— Independent study quantifies human influence on global warming. - 04 December 2011  link to www.nature.com

Scientists prove climate change IS man-made— Human activity has left its mark on the Arctic and Antarctic - 31 October 2008  link to www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk

Unless we *CHANGE THE PARADIGM*— CO2 levels will continue to rise. . . along with the Ocean level.

}>*We are All Energy* and *WE ARE ALL NATURE*<{  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2012/10/419406.shtml
No more lies, no more betrayal, no more hypocrisy— Love is our RESISTANCE. Heal the Earth.
Transform the World with Love and Compassion~~~<3~~~<3~~~<3

—Getting Perspective—

Stand Against the Keystone XL Pipeline— 2/11/2013  link to occupy.com

Independent/Alternative Ideas are Earth's most valuable infinite resource towards true "sustainability" as opposed to false promises/false solutions/false dogma. No more never ending lies, betrayals and hypocrisy.

Solutions, insights, and hope will be found in new ideas generated from the 'independent free flowing consciousness stream' of our collective creative alternative energy (we are the 'alternative energy' and within our minds reside potential and hope— new thoughts & ideas are the wellspring/pipeline of untapped solutions). The origins of creative innovation arise out of 'necessity' for REAL CHANGE. Think 100th Monkey Effect (cause & effect- Monkeys are great teachers)—> when enough people start focusing their 'combined energy' on stressing the importance of "manifesting" *True Earth Sustainability* and use their FREEWILL to cause it to arise out of the ashes of the 'old & obsolete destructive system'—> this is when *True Earth Freedom and Liberation* will be REALIZED/CREATED.

Shine the Light on Injustice and Liberate the Earth. Inspire 'freedom of thought' and inspire Transformation.

As a glaring example of the need to *SHINE THE LIGHT ON INJUSTICE*—> review and research PNAC—> The Project for the New American Century (in terms of understanding never ending *orchestrated war agendas & events*/|\those who abet in the creation of terror pretexts for war___and then cultivate plans for our "future" through the creation of the following "war economy" in which we find ourselves seemingly forever mired in NOW). It is important to always remember history and the glaring mistakes of the past. . . for the 'soul intent' of hoping to help keep the 'cycle-of-war-history' from repeating itself again and again to the detriment of the planet and ALL who live therein.

The mission is a radical transformation and *R/evolution of Consciousness* with the focus being on an expanded WorldView to help Heal Mother Earth from those whose agenda it is to violate Her through war, lies, toxicity which act against (Nature/Environment/Ecosystems/All Earth's Creatures including Us)—> the war against the planet is All Inclusive—> eVerything is connected. Total Earth Justice and Liberation for All... NOW.

—>One Struggle One Fight ~~~Resistance and Liberation Always~~~!

Utilize creative free-flowing independent thought/energy to create new solutions to the problems facing OUR PLANET.

***Radical R/evolution of Consciousness*** is the key to finding our way through this mess and to ultimately creating a World of Peace through JUSTICE which is the only real way to live on the planet in a truly "sustainable" way. Focus on natural alternative renewable energy resources. No more being 'Slaves to the System' and 'Slaves to Oil Wars'. It's up to all of us to speak out against the 'war ruse' and break the cycle of lies/the chains of injustice that enslave us ALL. No Justice, No Peace.

Respect—> Diversity of Tactics in the struggle/Resistance against Empire... defiance against the WarSystem that is killing the Earth. It's good to rethink things from time to time and *brainstorm* with the purpose of finding new strategies to combat against Police State repression/oppression and 'corporatized political despotism'. RESISTANCE against the 'forces that are destroying the planet'. RESISTANCE against the WarMachine.

"A new consciousness is developing which sees the Earth as a single organism, and recognizes that an organism at war with itself. . . is doomed." - Carl Sagan

Inspire to Liberate Earth from the domination and enslavement by the TOXIC "war-mentality"/oppression/exploitation ——> Toxic "War-System".

The focus needs to be on realizing clean alternative renewable energy resources are already in existence but much of the time are being SUPPRESSED from public consciousness so that so-called "profit" can continue to be made at *ALL OF OUR EXPENSE* by the few— at the expense/sacrifice of the entire Earth (oxymoronic). We have *freewill to use the power of our collective voices* to speak out against "False Profit" $$$$$ that acts to destroy the planet. ***Together we have the Power to Heal the Earth***.

FREEWILL—> Critical Thinking—> Independent Thought—> Freedom of Thought—> is what the World desperately needs NOW more than anything else to find Global SOLUTIONS. Free thinking skills will Lead the Way to eVentual FREE ENERGY which will in turn ultimately have the lasting effect of helping in the creation of a truly FREE EARTH.

It's time to FLOW with the Unified Field Theory~~~* Flower of LIFE *~~~<3


The Energy Solution Resolution - Brian O'Leary, Ph.D., (Quote from author of the book below)

"During these times of global political change and fiscal austerity, it seems that only one class of clean, renewable and sustainable energy sources can get us through these times: new, breakthrough "free" energy. If properly understood and developed, these previously suppressed technologies are the only path towards having affordable clean energy. The sources include vacuum energy, cold fusion and advanced hydrogen chemistries.

The capital investment and environmental impact required to deploy free energy to replace hydrocarbons and nuclear energy would be miniscule compared to the trillions needed to implement a pervasive economy of any other source, even including conventional renewables such as solar, wind and biofuels. The Energy Solution Revolution is a social and political mandate to create an awareness and a movement to develop these sources as soon as possible for the sake of all humanity and the Earth."

Renewable and Unconventional Energy for a Sustainable Future:
Can we convert in time? — Brian O'Leary — Feb. 26-28, 2007  link to www.brianoleary.info

"The resistance to a new idea increases as the square of its importance." - Bertrand Russell

Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices - Patrick J. Kelly  http://free-energy-info.co.uk/

Free Energy Generator and OverUnity - John Searl and the Searl Effect Generator  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPPBkhjp1fY&feature=player_embedded
"There is nothing impossible except that the State Of Your Mind makes it so." - Professor John Searl

{**} *~~~<>*<> —> ELEVATE CONSCIOUSNESS <<— <>*<>~~~* {**}
We have FREEWILL to Open Our Collective Eyes and Minds to a New Reality. Another World is Possible. ~*~<3

Tesla - The Race to Zero Point Free Energy ~~~* (with Jeane Manning, author of "The Coming Energy Revolution" — also Eugene Mallove, late Editor of "Infinite Energy Magazine" and founder of the non-profit New Energy Foundation — and the late Dr. Brian O'Leary, co-author of "Miracle in the Void: The New Energy Revolution" from 1998)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKWPht3fU-o

Defend the Earth against the —> {{{Crimes of Deep State Violence}}} <— Free Energy - Pentagon Conspiracy to Cover up  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGRsQZx6zWA&feature=player_embedded

^~*~^~*~^~*~^~*~^~*~^~*~^~*~^~We are All INFINITE ENERGY~^~*~^~*~^~*~^~*~^~*~^~*~^~*~^

"No problem can be solved by the same state of consciousness that created it." - Albert Einstein
"If we can really understand the problem, the answer will come out of it, because the answer is not separate from the problem." - J. Krishnamurti
"Ideas Are Bulletproof". - V for Vendetta


By the "authorities"/so-called "Official World Leaders" COMPLETE LACK OF INTEGRITY they force their 'planned disinformation'/explanation of events and history on us and completely keep us misinformed about facts we need to be made aware of. They *Censor the Truth and Full Disclosure* from us (We the People)... of the full reality/truth of the World which we are all a part of but "they" continue to keep their COVErt secrets from us. An informed citizenry is capable of 'Creating a Different Reality' and capable of finding solutions to the problems we are all faced with in life (but we continue to be lied to). If we have 'access to information' Another World is Possible with us being at the helm instead of the way it is now with 'those whose disingenuous actions aim to control us and our destiny' (this is a major CRIME and major INJUSTICE against humanity) — through their never-ending assault on us by continuous lies, betrayal and hypocrisy told to us about the World in which we live in order to shape and manipulate our "worldview" for their 'own benefit'. Through their 'lies and deception' they create our reality for us; it's time for us to collectively say "Enough!"—> Because I, like so many others, do not like what I see... the "reality"/system they have purposely created for us ALL to be enslaved by. The future is in OUR HANDS... not theirs.

Power to the People Always because 'WE have the numbers'. We just need to reach ***Critical Mass— 100th Monkey***. With 'REALIZATION' things will get better.

—>>> Positive *Change Activists* Are Not Terrorists <<<—
We want a sustainable World of peace and justice through truth— not a future of war, corporatist fascism, and environmental devastation caused by lies. All people WORLDWIDE are created equal and deserve equal rights, justice and freedom; freedom to live and love FREE FROM FEAR. Together we stand, divided we fall. ***INTEGRITY IS EVERYTHING***. We are all ONE— No More 'Divide & Conquer'. We are all 'one', we are all connected; with recognition & *Respect for Diversity of All Life* on the planet— with the focus on UNIVERSAL JUSTICE.

Total Worldwide Earth Justice and Liberation NOW.
Another World Is Possible.

>>>R/evolution NOW<<<

For the sake of eventual infinite PEACE.

Moving FORWARD >>>>>>>> 19.Feb.2013 13:09



Thoughts & Ideas that will *hopefully help build towards* >>>>>>>> TOTAL WORLD JUSTICE, TOTAL WORLD EQUITY—TOTAL WORLD EQUALITY, and TOTAL WORLD HEALING for the mission of helping moving FORWARD towards eventual infinite ***TOTAL WORLD LIBERATION*** for the future of ALL.

INTEGRITY is eVerything.

*~~~~~~~~Dreams Can Become Reality for Eventual Infinite World Peace~~~~~~~~*