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community building

Lessons from the Great Postal Strike- Catch the spirit of 1970

Documentary Videos followed by discussion.........
Documentary Videos followed by discussion

Letter Carriers Union Hall

5265 NE 42nd (S. Killingworth)

Food and drink Provided

Donation of $5 to $10 to benefit PCPWU

Info: 503-752-5112

Portland Community and Postal Workers United
NALC Branch 82

phone: phone: 503-752-5112

When 17.Feb.2013 09:34


Saturday, February 23, 2013
5:30 - 7:00

Learn a real lesson 20.Feb.2013 04:49


A strike today will kill the postal service. Didn't have E mail in 1970 nor Fed Ex so today is a different world and time. Time for a private postal service and a strike will ensure the quick demise of USPS.