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Gresham cop in Portland seizes camera phone

Gresham police officer Letis grabs camera phone off citizen while uploading live an arrest on Ustream.
 link to www.photographyisnotacrime.com

In 2008 The Portland Police said this about using Cameras & Filming the police 17.Feb.2013 19:35

Notes from Joe

What happened in 2008 when my case came up and what the city of Portland DA said about filming.

And some more related stuff about filming the police is here:

I recommend if your rights are violated when filming legally on the public street to contact: [not an addvertisement]
(1) portlandcopwatch.org
incident report line at 503-321-5120

(2) portlandlawcollective.com
1130 SW Morrison St., Suite 407
Portland, OR 97205
Tel: 503-228-1889 ext. 4
Fax: 503-223-4518

The Portland Law Collective has three attorneys and two legal workers.
The collective focuses on civil rights litigation, labor law, criminal defense, and appeals.

DOJ even knows 17.Feb.2013 19:42


DOJ Says It's OK to Record Police

In a welcome surprise, the US Department of Justice sent a letter to the Baltimore Police Department (BPD), putting them and every police department in the country on notice: People have a right to record police under the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments. A lawsuit against the BPD alleged that a man's camera was taken and footage deleted as he filmed the arrest of his friend. In the letter, the DOJ said recording police will "engender public confidence in our police departments, promote public access to information necessary to hold our governmental officers accountable, and ensure public and officer safety" (Wired.com, May 17). This is a useful addition to the Glik decision in the First Circuit last year (PPR #55), which upheld the right to record police in the Northeastern US. [source:  http://www.portlandcopwatch.org/PPR57/qfs57.html}

link 19.Feb.2013 10:14

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