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Propaganda and language-domains

Propaganda, narrowly defined math-science, ridged uses for language leading to the decay of both language and society:
Artificially fixed symbolic-domains of iconic-value are used in a business-centered world associated to the US society's propagandistic language (suggestive language), which is held together by the "letter of the law," and a complicit world of people administering and making law (politicians and judges and propagandists), where these symbolic-domains of iconic-social-value are maintained and upheld by extreme violence perpetrated against the public (eg the policeman, in Le Miserable, hounding the person who stole bread in order to help starving people), where this has led to a nation of bullies (each bully presiding over limited domains of social-value, and each such domain is endowed with the power of social coercion) where each bully fits into a domain which coerces the public (ie the other people, whom comprise the public), and defines the bullying-person's social power (their wage-slave social-value), and this process of partitioning symbolic power helps the ruling minority to keep society relatively fixed (this is the same model of society as the model of the Roman empire.
Indeed this is the reason that the letter-of-the-law is such a great corruption of an equal and literate society, a society of equal people who are willing to challenge "fixed authority," and be interested in a wide range of different practically creative contexts. Thus, being related to a truly free-market, which is to be built on a set of equal creators.


Artificially fixed symbolic-domains of iconic-value are used in a business-centered world associated to the US society's propagandistic language (suggestive language), which is held together by the "letter of the law," and a complicit world of people administering and making law (politicians and judges and propagandists), where these symbolic-domains of iconic-social-value are maintained and upheld by extreme violence perpetrated against the public (the public is not allowed to escape the symbolic domains provided to them by the propaganda system), where socially this... .
(social organization, [where product is associated domains of influence, and where it is all-about a command and controlled market-place, ie it is central planning, associated to the social power of the few in the ruling class, shrouded by a propaganda system calling it a "free-market"])
... ., where this has led to a nation of bullies (each bully presiding over limited domains of social-value, and each such domain is endowed with the power of social coercion) where each bully fits into a domain which coerces the public (ie the other people, whom comprise the public), and defines the bullying-person's social power (their wage-slave social-value), and this process of partitioning symbolic-power helps the ruling minority to keep society relatively fixed (this is the same model of society as the model of the Roman empire, where engineering is associated to limited domains of social value, it takes away the power of the public but the trade-off is comfort and convenience in living in a limited and constrained context). Indeed this is the reason that the letter-of-the-law is such a great corruption of an equal and literate society, a society of equal people who are willing to challenge "fixed authority."
Indeed this narrowness associated to business and social control was mocked by S Jobs in his youth, where his famous statement was, essentially, 'these people running big business are not particularly smart,' where Job's business career was characterized by his development of several different products rather than building a symbolic domain of market-dominance around a single product.
Indeed, building a symbolic domain of market-dominance around a single product, is more about gaming the system and following the path of the Roman-emperors whose power is based on extreme violence directed against society, so that there are only very narrow paths, which people can follow to social-power, and they are all paths which uphold the system of arbitrary-power upheld by violence.
It must be noted that S Jobs was able to reassert himself in business, because of his capacity to rule as an arbitrary emperor.
Despite claims that S Jobs simply liked being with intelligent engineers, the engineers are also narrowly defined "pawns in the game" though their language, based in the measurable, is related to an ability to create, but both Godel's incompleteness theorem, as well as the example of Copernicus using a precise language in different ways from the authorities of his day, express the idea that precise (measurable) language also has great limitations. That is, the engineers are (also) caught in their own narrow context of language, where they perform as the well-paid servants who adjust the complicated instruments, which help the ruling-class maintain their power.
Engineers are also divided into symbolic domains of influence (or relevance) so that the rulers can have available, to themselves, an assembly-line of inter-changeable parts (separate engineering domains) for relatively complicated instruments. But such a use of language, in narrow limited contexts, though useful for particular instruments (or particular processes), in fact, identifies a precise language which is narrow and limited in its relevance. Thus, it (also) defines a precise language which is ultimately destined to fail (to have limited relevance), especially if it is attached to fixed ways of organizing society (organizing care for the instruments of society), and organizing knowledge in fixed ways. It also needs to be noted that the invention of these instruments is related to the culture as a whole, but developing these instruments in a fixed social context which supports primarily the few rulers of society, is a process which shows how the letter-of-the-law can be used to steal knowledge from the culture, to be used in opposition to the social forces which allowed the invention of these instruments, and then using these instruments in a narrowly defined context of social use.

The use of the computer and the inter-net, should not be about spying and social control, but rather it should be "all about" a communication system through which descriptive knowledge can be developed, so that descriptive knowledge can become a big set wherein the many different languages can be based on the ways in which precise (measurable) languages can be created and/or organized, in regard to a precise language's relation to any of a wide-range of practically creative contexts. Note, however, the usefulness of any precise language will depend on a descriptive language's relation to stable patterns, ie to stable geometric patterns, and not to (improperly defined) randomness.

Propaganda, and fixed ways of using language

The main criticism that the public should have concerning the math-science experts... (especially in regard to the correct interpretation of the Godel's incompleteness theorem, where the best interpretation of Godel's incompleteness theorem is, that math requires many languages if math wants to be relevant in regard to the development of precisely described patterns, ie or in regard to the development of knowledge)... is that the experts stay in a fixed dogma, which is centered around the language of a specific set of assumptions and contexts. and interpretations (of data, and/or interpretations of math patterns themselves), etc; wherein the focus on quantities, geometry, and randomness is (has come to be) about
the continuum and convergences, within a containment set, modeled as a continuum, which is measurable, allowing for too many types of opposing ideas to be contained in the same measurable set, eg allowing both random and geometric descriptive structures to seem to be compatible with one another, because both sets of ideas can have convergences defined on the same continuum,
about quantitative discreteness (or quantities defined on a continuum), and solvability in an unrealistic math context which is not globally separable (globally parallel and orthogonal [at each point]), thus, there are no stable patterns which exist in such a context of "solvability,"
"the far too general" context of the continuous deformations of geometries, whose shapes are difficult to conceive, and which are unstable shapes,
an excessive focus on improperly defined randomness, and its associated function-space structures, which are without: spatial, temporal, or geometric properties by which to confine the properties of these function-spaces (whereas function-space techniques can work in the context of spectral-systems which possess physical properties (or are defined within a physical system), since physical-systems possess natural system-constraints).

The simple goals of the experts are defined by the big-business interests [so as to form a monopoly of knowledge for big business, in regard to both knowledge and creativity within society, a monopoly of knowledge which, in fact, they have no business managing, in regard to the public welfare of knowledge, and the sets of creative contexts to be used by the people, the market place is far too controlled (and thus distorted and manipulated, it is a market which is only slightly different from the market defined by the Roman Emperors, ie it now has gadgets invented with the knowledge of classical physics, including physical chemistry)].
That is, the narrow definition of knowledge (defined by big businesses and its "investments in established technologies") allows for only competitions within a narrow dogma (and within complicit educational institutions), where this dogma is identified by the limited creative interests of monopolistic businesses, businesses which sell one product, or are based on one-resource, or only apply to one social context, eg the military associated to violence and communication systems, and violence is all about maintaining inequality.
The business community has its small set of highly competitive (and thus fully indoctrinated communities of people, who are fully indoctrinated in a narrow dogma) these are "the experts" whose "job" is to adjust complicated instruments for the rich and powerful, where these are the instruments which help the powerful stay in power.
These people are represented as those experts who the investment community can trust.

Thus, expert descriptions in the science and math fields are about:
0. Classical physics, and coupling physical (quantum) properties to classical systems,
1. materialism and a continuum [and not stable patterns which are continuous in time, even though the property of "continuity in time" (one way in which to define a stable pattern) is a fundamental definition within physics (ie the definition of conserved energy)]
2. overly general shapes (associated to non-linearity, and instability, and randomness [usually improperly defined]),
3. complicated codes (of which native languages of the US first peoples are the most complicated), and
4. random and non-linear processes associated to unstable fleeting patterns
related to material systems (whose purpose can be defined in the context of a feedback system), which is: both
I. transitioning between two sets of relatively stable states, eg reactions, but there do not exist any valid descriptions of stable states... , where there is a vague thermal description of conservation of energy (yet quantum-system stability, as well as solar-system stability, are both patterns conserved in time, but whose stable structure is not describable when the descriptions are based on applying physical law (of quantum or particle-physics descriptions, nor within general relativity, or even within Newton's physics for a many-body system) within the accepted paradigm of physics (2013)),
II. the focus on unstable fleeting patterns is related to adjusting macroscopic components to conform to metric-space distinctions within a feedback-system {even though such distinctions are not a part of the metric-space's natural set of stable properties}, where (in a feedback system) stability is defined in regard to the system's defining partial differential equation, where the "stable range" of such a differential equation is difficult (usually bordering on impossible) to determine... , thus the malfunctioning of such feedback systems, with unknown causes, will be a common property of such systems.
This is because these descriptions are non-linear, and thus quantitatively inconsistent, leading to (amongst other things to) a chaotic system which is being represented as a "distinguishable relatively stable system structure" within the measuring context of a metric-space, but all parts of the pattern are unstable, so the failures of such systems can enter in many different ways.

There is an alternative which is outside of corporate and investment interests

Namely, a many dimensional hyperbolic metric-space, partitioned so as to be bounded (in the partition) by stable shapes of various dimensions and related to various subspaces, in turn, defining a finite stable spectral set for all the metric-space components contained within the containing space, and where component interactions are "dimensional-level-centered" processes, so that this context is, in fact, a very complicated and very interesting space within which to study math patterns which are stable and complicated and physically relevant.

The public and the experts cannot talk about alternative ideas (such uniformity of thought is maintained by the propaganda system)

This is because wage-slaves are easy to deceive, since the strategy of the propaganda system is to associate those who help corporate, and investment, interests as those people who possess high-social-value, they are those few who "do know," while the public, or a non-funded intellect, [according to the propaganda system] cannot possibly be discussing ideas that have any social value (where social value are the big business interests, where the high-value of these narrow interests are endlessly repeated over the propaganda system so as to become the society's social doctrine).

When an editor who bases their science-values on the interests of big business, or equivalently (for example) on the interests of the wage-slave MIT experts, and not on the actual nature of the many possibilities associated to descriptive structures of math and science, then one has an incompetent editor, who is judging the important descriptive ranges of math and science as being defined by a (the) narrow dogma (expressed in the media, or propaganda system), narrow dogmas which are (really) being identified by the very narrow interests of big business.
That is, one sees the circular thought patterns of society, whose social values are being defined by propaganda communication systems, systems which are owned and controlled by investors.
The media (or business interests) defines the focus for the MIT experts, and the focus of these experts defines the beliefs of a highly-valued editor (a competitive fellow aspiring within the dogmatic rules which are associated with educational competitions in a context of wage-slavery [or equivalently, a meritocracy]), but the editor is, in fact, the incompetent-link which defines the circular structure.

Thus, the ignorance of a Boston-indy editor... (who basically, is not understanding the school-boy example of "Copernicus vs. the church's authority," which is really equivalent to, "new ways of using language vs. accepting the authoritative way of using language as defined by the experts," in regard to the relation that new language has to developing new descriptive knowledge)... is the invaluable ingredient (which supports big business interests), associated to a narrow authoritarian agreement, between wage-slaves and investors, and which holds the propaganda system together.
But the wage-slaves did not really agree to this, the social state of being a wage-slave is a fiction invented by corrupt judges within a justice system, a justice system which does not uphold the "equal and common welfare" basis for US law. That is, wage-slavery is a result of the exploitation, by the big business community, of the weak-character of appointed (or elected) judges.

That is, a math-science context which is associated to stable patterns in a many-dimensional containment space has many more possibilities... ., for both measurably verifiable patterns as well as in regard to modeling very complicated systems, systems which can be practically useful, since the description is based on geometry (geometric stability)... ., than does today's (2013) mostly irrelevant descriptive context of math and physics, which is simply data-fitting (since that is the essence of a description based on randomness), where a random description of a stable system, built from relatively few components, is a useless descriptive context.
Thus, for an editor to make a judgment about knowledge and truth is again an example of weak and exploitative personalities using an (invalid, but) established social hierarchy for their own personal advantage, in the upward climb along the meritocracy, a social hierarchy based on the fallacy that authority and/or social-position are equivalent to truth.

Note: There is much confusion about the role of the descriptions of science to technical development.
Though there are quantum properties which can be coupled-to classical systems, the science upon which technical development depends within our current society is based on classical physics.
This is because the control of systems whose described properties are based on randomness only exists in a classical-thermal context (where measured values are averages over large reservoirs of many components), and systems with relatively few components whose described properties are based on randomness do not allow for any form of control.
Building transistors and micro-chips is almost entirely about using classical thermodynamics and chemical properties of materials, as well as optics, so as to form P and N types semi-conductors by thermal processes, then etch circuits on the semi-conductors, so as to possess and maintain semi-conductor properties within circuits (where the circuits are chemically etched into the P and N material properties of the semi-conductors used in these circuits). It is a classical thermal-chemical processes (with the help of classical optics) which create both the properties of N and P semi-conductor materials, as well as the circuit structures etched onto these semi-conductor materials, so that the thermally developed quantum properties of the different semi-conductor-types can be used in a classical context of electric circuits.
Micro-chips are, predominantly, about manipulating chemical properties of materials in a thermal context, it has very little to do with quantum physics other than semi-conductors possess quantum states which can be used in a classical context when the materials of the semi-conductors and the materials adhering to the semi-conductors are carefully thermally (and optically and chemically) manipulated to form classical circuits.

Furthermore, if today's irrelevant math-science context can be so complicated that the experts themselves have no understanding of it, ie they cannot apply their quantum and/or particle-physics descriptions to a practically useful context (particle-physics only applies to the rates of reactions in nuclear weapons), then the knowledge of the experts is irrelevant.
That is, if the identified quantum properties can only be both coupled to and used within a classical context, then the quantum context is irrelevant, especially when the quantum properties can be coupled-to in a classical context.
That is, the irrelevance of quantum description, [eg solve the radial equation for an atom with five or more charged components {ie nucleus and other charges}, this is not now being done, general solutions to these types of radial equations do not exist], means that its authority should be challenged.
This really means that there can be a very large set of languages associated to many math-science communities, which can be very large communities, with well separated sets of experts associated to the different languages, which are built on different sets of assumptions and contexts, ie whose interpretations and context are quite different in their natures, where the goal of these descriptive structures is to determine valid descriptions of observed properties and to find a new context within which to create new things based on the new (observed) stable microscopic (or now called quantum) context.

If E Witten or S Hawking want to talk to monopolistic business interests about a bunch of irrelevant baloney, OK, but do not let this pointless talk interfere with the exploration of new ideas.
That is, it needs to be noted that these "icons" of intellectual-value have not been able to solve the more difficult problems related to stable many-but-few-bodied material systems, but this is a problem which is immediately solved in the new context.
But "the E Witten, or S Hawking, talk" is really designed by the propaganda system to influence the impressionable editors (eg Boston-indy, aspiring within a corporate society) to believe in both an authoritative model for truth, and to believe in the monopolistic high-value of the (selfish) big-business interests.

This is a communication system (propaganda system) which is not guided by reason and thought (careful considerations about truth) but rather it is led by icons-of-value, which are used to suggest beliefs within the public, and to create agreement, a type of cheer-leading agreement, for corporate interests (and corporate investments), and the society which they control.

This gate-keeper status of funded editors (anyone funded so as to have a voice on the media) of thoughtless impressionable editors (or news personalities), is more like a "bad joke," since the media is opposed to the truth.
Thus, for someone to think that a voice, or gate-keeper, within the media is exercising their "competence to judge truth" by keeping other people from reading new ideas on the inter-net about science (new ideas which have not yet been associated to investment interests, and thus, it may be safely assumed, by the aspiring editors, to be wrong [since these new ideas are not, now, creating profits for the monopolistic economic institutions]), is quite a far-reach for a "rather loosely identified" gate-keeper of truth.

However, the main function of the main-stream media is to lie and mis-represent information, so why be subjected to the, so called, "high-standards" of an impressionable, thoughtless person, positioned as an editor (who is really about acting and making judgments to protect investor interests, since our model for truth is provided to us by the propaganda system, and the judgments of these editors is masked in a context of either distinguishing competence or distinguishing truth) one might see this sate of affairs as a bit funny (perhaps funny to G Beck, or R Limbaugh, one might find them somewhat humorous), because the funny thing is the sad-state of how information is controlled by propaganda in a big-business centered society.

That is, if a math conference of professional mathematicians are curious to hear these new ideas, yet these ideas are to be excluded by some authoritative editor at Boston-indy, a person who is clearly more interested in conforming to the dominant culture than being a person who is attempting to express the truth for the public, ie an editor at a web-site claiming to promote free-speech, but who is a defender of a fixed state for society (the owners could not be made any happier) which will aid the dominant interests, and this is because science and math are (have been) captured in the same way in which the government and the justice system are captured, so as to support the interests of the ruling class.

One should also note that the language of the first amendment is now interpreted, within the propaganda system, in terms of the "letter of the law," so that free-speech is really about the right of a wage-slave "press" to espouse propaganda.
Whereas, free-speech, equal free-inquiry is about the determination of truth, where truth needs to be related to an equal creator's "inventive interests," or developing a useful (geometric) model of existence, which conforms to the observed properties of the world, but a description which can be practically useful.

In a culture, whose religion is personality-cult, and where authoritative personalities are the icons-of-truth, one sees that the "difficult attempt" to determine (or discern) truth is an activity which has no meaning, so that one can "get away with" identifying the beliefs of the ruling class with the social attributes of authority and personal virtue, so that the opinions of the high-valued authorities determine both the basis for intellectual authority and the basis for a law (both knowledge and law which serves only the selfish interests of the ruling class) for all of society, and compliant editors can be found to protect this (fraudulent) truth.
Furthermore, this is done in the name of competence, since competence is defined by the media to mean that "one is to serve the interests of the ruling class."

When the core of a society's communication system is a propaganda system, used to support the interests of the oil, military, banking business monopolies, then social value and the value of knowledge (within society), which is expressed in the US educational institutions, has a purpose, and that purpose is to cause the public to vocationally-fit into the interests of the big-business monopolies, then when these narrow interests have reached their exploitative and destructive limits (of both the earth and society) then the knowledge base for the society fails, but editors (people who are judged to possess high-social-value) remain loyal to the fixed and established social-values (if they want to keep their jobs, or if they want to be thought of as protectors of [a corporate] truth, a truth as discernable through the eyes of those whose only focus is on propaganda, eg all-of-us), and the society fails in an even deeper manner.

Consider AARP it used to be an effective lobby for old people's interests, then a retired CEO ran for its presidency, and, apparently, the old-people believed that the retired CEO had high social value, and they voted him in as president, but this CEO destroyed the ability of the old-people to lobby for their interests by means of the AARP organization, and the AARP started lobbying for corporate interests, as directed by the deceptive (and already rich) retired CEO, who the public accepted as a person with high-social value.
This shows the danger of following the value "defined for the public" by the propaganda system.

If one looks at indy-media, it seems to have very little discussion about alternative ideas, its articles mostly are devoted to re-hashing what the main-stream media "talks about." There is some helpful reporting concerning the deceptive practices of the US in regard to foreign relations practices, and much (pointless) talk about the legal details of legal cases, and economics, and violence, in the established context of these narrow discussions, ie the context established by the propaganda system.
But there is no substantial discussion about "the role of law in society," and "how law should be structured." That is, law is to remain in the domain of the experts, and the discussion has no substance, but is only to be related to the marginal attributes of bullying, to which the public energetically react in the context of bullying and violence, since the society has been divided into domains of domination, in language and in violent acts.

However, the US already has a legal legacy, and US law is really about equality, and the US government is about the public welfare in regard to its citizens being equal.
Note: There cannot be a free-market unless each citizen is seen by the law as an "equal creator," whereas, the narrowly defined idea about "creativity and knowledge" which is used by big business is not enough to maintain a society.

Much of the social violence has been manipulated and controlled by the US secret security operatives, those hirelings who secretly, coming out of the defense and justice systems.
But this context of spying to protect corporate interests, such as paid reactionary agents, for example, either
interfering with the Florida vote-count,
creating an issue about immigration where the focus was on the people crossing the border, whereas the problem of this type of immigration was caused by businesses wanting to pay low-wages, is seldom discussed. These are not simply unemployed free-spirits solving the jobs-crisis, by violently stopping people crossing the border, these are paid undercover agents working for the interests of big business.

Rather the media talks about "ordering people around," for example it is claimed that, people cannot use violent expressions in speech (things which the secret operatives as well as political operatives were (are) doing, eg cross-hairs) but the enforcement arms of the justice system only apply these rules to liberals (the non-violent public), while the violent, undercover, agents go un-affected.
Instead of manipulating the public by terrorism, ie by these secret operatives as well as by political rhetoric, eg reactionary militias, whose loyalties are to the interests of big-business (ie whose loyalties are to the few elite in the ruling class). The rich are allowed to terrorize the public, eg kill the striking-public and destroy their protests, but the US will pre-emptive-ly attack someone who might be thinking about weakening the interests of the corporate-state.
So what is the terrorist organization, the corporate-state or the public seeking, eg in the occupy wall-street movement, equality and the freedom to know and create.
That is, if violent expression is used to change public-policy, then it is only allowed by the state and their secret operatives, eg tea-party and righteous-right religions Florida vote-disrupters etc.
Furthermore, the expression of new ideas (or how to apply established knowledge) is only allowed if the ideas are controlled by big business (the global warming scientists who interpret global-warming to mean "stop using carbon fuels" are marginalized, and this is done with the help of the professional peer-reviewed publications of science, publications controlled by the big investors).

Note: It is the propaganda system (and its solitary and, absolutely, authoritative voice) which has most contributed to the US-corporatism state to become a dominant empire (quite similar to ancient Rome) , as opposed to a society about equality (knowledge and creativity) and a government which is supposed to realize this equality for the public, based on promoting the common welfare, where instead, "common" is now (in all likely-hood) been re-defined to mean "the common interests of big corporations" by the corrupt judicial system, and the letter-of-the-law is then implemented and applied in its re-defined form.

Furthermore, the narrative of the propaganda system (which plays the role of the bully) is that the propaganda system is the judge of correctness of others (any arbitrary authoritative statement can be changed as the authoritative propaganda system if the propaganda system sees fit to change the nature of authority, so as to arbitrarily change the nature of authority)

However, in the US:
Law means equality (the Declaration of Independence)
Government means to "promote the general welfare," administrating a "real equality" for a population of equal creators, for a public who are free to believe and free to express those beliefs and thus to develop a new precise language and use that language in new creative contexts, where people create in a selfless manner,
so that then the "market" (trade of ideas and things) can, truly, be a free market.
Where free expression is about the many valid ways in which different measurable languages can be related to practical creativity.

Yet, instead the judges and the politicians "choose winners," they help monopolistic businesses to come into being, eg W Disney turned-in commie artists, ie his competitors, and this helped W Disney's business grow, and the government officials serve these few business-people to help them dominate, as well as frighten, society.
Thus, the free-market is (has become) a controlled market, which is essentially based on the commodities and associated living styles established by the Roman empire, but also by the electronic and thermal technology which emerged from 19th century science, as well as the exploitation of oil and coal in energy agriculture and textiles, but the vision of electronic development, by corporate America, is a vision related to a complete capability to "spy on" an entire population.
Judgment of such information (about such an all inclusive invasion into people's lives) can only be used in a very hierarchical society, a society where the ruling class identifies truth, and it is also above the law.
The conservatives are for keeping things fixed, a fixed society ruled by emperors, who are the personality-cult-centers which, essentially, make them "the gods" within society.
The liberals should be about equality and (practical) creativity.
On the other hand, most human-beings are for developing both knowledge and new contexts within which to create, which should mean that most humans are for equality, but as wage-slaves this is difficult to consider.
This is because wage-slavery is based on violence, and a need to terrorize and coerce the public, so that they will not want equality, and they will faithfully serve the authority which big-business defines for society.
Within such a violent society, it is the job of editors [and educational competitions, competitions defined in a narrow authoritative context], to keep the public on-track. The public is not allowed to stand for knowledge or creativity, since these are the domains of corporate interests, yet, masked as the beliefs of the superior intellects of society.

Aspiring editors, promoted by the media as "the best and the brightest," are those personality-types who acquiesce to authority, can collude with the interests of the propaganda system, and rise through the system, and thus they can either get to bully others or they can get a job and they can get published (and thus be a part of the bullying process), since a frightened, wage-slave must get a good job, and to have security (within society) they must achieve a social-level of being able to bully others.

One sees a consistent model of the ruling class opposing expressions of equality and reasonable-ness where the groups expressing an interest in equality are infiltrated, and, if possible, led astray, or parts of the group are set-up to be betrayed and charged, or the group is not a group which adheres to equality (or the leadership of the group does not adhere to equality )... but rather to some form of elitism, eg they support science [but the rulers of society know that the science is too narrowly defined, and too authoritative to lead the society in any valid direction, since its main purpose of science is to support the military, oil and banking business interests] then the elite leaders (of the elitist group) are isolated and manipulated, thus leading the group to ruin, and to social gain for the leaders.
However, if the group is based on violence then it becomes a "recruiting grounds" for the enforcement and infiltration and terrorist-arm of the justice and security structures of society (though the justification for all this intervention is a violent group which is related to an elitist group which exists outside the US society, but if a spy group with unlimited resources cannot stop this, then how incompetent do these spy agencies have to be?).
The relation between "the point of the violence" (of the violent groups, which are groups which are mostly expressing self centered elitism, which is vaguely allied with "socially acceptable" "higher-principles") and social norms are carefully manipulated by the spy, recruiting, and propaganda agencies, eg: theocracy, racism, straight-out militarism, and absolute authority {this is essentially the math-science communities viewpoint, eg working to serve the ruling class, extreme violence in military viewpoints, etc}, opposition to other elite groups, etc.
Note, that theocracy and science hold an analogous authoritative viewpoint, but this is because science has been manipulated, and the manipulation has been done through the narrow expressions about truth provided to society by the propaganda system and through the capture (by the military, banking, and oil) of the management of the educational institutions, to become a narrow educational contest based on the narrow dogmas of certain authoritative viewpoints, so as to fit into the vocational needs of these businesses.
The schools are failing since the management has failed, by design, or perhaps since the plan is far too narrow and it was destined to fail.
Consider that now "peak-oil" means "$10 or $20 dollars a gallon" for gas, and the coercive social forces, eg spying and enforcement by the justice system, are in place to ensure that this becomes true.

The advantage a US citizen has is that the documents in favor of: equality, freedom of belief, and freedom of speech, freedom to create, and a government directed to serve the common welfare in a context of a law based on equality; are the central ideas of the documents which define the US nation-state.
Assert our heritage and throw the... lying, thieving, owners of society (or ruling class)... out. Security supporting equality can now be done with the spying apparatus now in place. Get rid of the corrupt "republic-empire" in Washington, and re-institute the Continental Congress, and real democracy, and get a free-market where each person is seen as an equal creator, where the welfare of each of these equal creators is protected by the governing body, only then can there be a truly free-market.

Only funded voices can speak within the US propaganda system. But now the phrase "freedom of the press," the statement about the US first amendment right to free speech, is now being narrowly defined as the right of the "press," owned and controlled by the owners of society, to provide "objective" descriptions of observed events, where these events can only be interpreted by the owners of society and the "presses" which they own ie interpreted in the context of the economic and social theories which the owners of society want the society to know. That is, "objective" information is to be interpreted, or filtered, within the contexts of arbitrary dogmas which support the elitist viewpoints, dogmas which support the idea of a violent destructive empire.
Information is filtered by arbitrary authority (whatever best fit's the owners interests), or by experts of the objective material truths of science, but material-based science has failed.

The model of society's relation to an authoritative truth is represented by science... .
(unless science interferes with the interests of big business as the example of global warming shows where peer-review is open to questionable science which helps big business, but peer-review is closed to new ideas, ie closed to the likes of a Copernicus who presented new ways of using and organizing a descriptive language, nonetheless the propaganda system is capable of glossing over the problems with having a public which is mis-informed)
... , whose truth is based on the ideas of materialism, randomness (improperly defined) and non-linearity, ie chaos where at best feedback models of system-control are provided. But, what about nuclei, general atoms, molecules, crystals life and the solar system which are all relatively stable systems which all go without valid descriptions based on the, supposed, laws of physics? This scientific truth is essentially absolute and authoritative in the extreme, just as the church's truth was absolute and authoritative in the days of Copernicus but now the ideas of the likes of Copernicus, ie solutions to difficult problems in science, can be ignored since the scientific truth has already weighed-in on nuclei etc. thus in our age technology is almost exclusively dependent on controlling systems by means of the ideas of classical physics, ie 19th century science, but this fundamental issue of science not developing, and thus being irrelevant, is hidden by the propaganda system. This authority of science is narrow and fixed and thus it can be used to measure "intellectual-value" on the absolute scale of truth, as identified by today's overly authoritative, but nonetheless, practically irrelevant science and math, so that only a few people measure-up (in the educational competitions, competitions based on absolute truths) as being intellectually capable people. That is, it is a propaganda system model for the necessity of having an elite group of people defined in society.

The claim one might assume that an editor working for the interests of "competence," (which really means working for the narrow authoritative interests of big business, as defined by the propaganda system which is owned and controlled by big businesses), is the Boston-indy-editor's opposition to the claim that the problem of identifying the correct context through which the stability of a many-but-few-body models of physical systems has been found, and the problem solved, and the solution is found within a new context of "many-dimensions partitioned by a finite set of very stable discrete hyperbolic shapes."
It is a given that an editor for corporate interests would have to claim that the "best and the brightest" scientists have not acknowledged this solution, and thus as an editor for Boston-indy whose job is to "protect the truth" (as seen by corporate interests)... .,
[even though finding any truth, within the media, other than the media being a process for placing data (objective news events) into the most convenient set of (arbitrary) frames... .
(or descriptive contexts, where each context is presided over by a set of "competent" experts)
... , for interpreting "objective" events in order to support the interests of big business]
... ., so the idea of "protecting truth" is a form of absurdity, and is a part of the bullying process (where the organization of the rational for the bullying is provided by the media), which ultimately upholds the great inequality which is used in organizing a hierarchical society, a society ultimately based on arbitrary violence, as was the Holy-Roman-Empire], so that apparently the Boston-indy editor is claiming that the set of scientists favored by big business interests, even though these scientists which are so very smart, "do not themselves have a solution to the many-body problem" these set of scientists identified by big-business interests {through a highly controlled and highly managed education system (controlled by military interests)} are better intellects than a person who has presented the new math context within which the problem is solved.
The only way in which this editor can have any validity is if the editor has their own solution to the problem, so please "editor of Boston-indy" provide the world with such a solution, or get your favored set of scientists and mathematicians... , the set of people whom you so fervently uphold as being "superior people,"... . to provide a solution to this fundamental problem.
If not, then please explain how your very limited knowledge allows, such a person as you, to make decisions about people's value...
[and decisions about truth, which apparently you are not capable of making, since if you did possess a capacity to determine truth, you could give a solution to the many-body problem]
... .., value-decisions which are no different than the arbitrary value-decisions made in the early Puritan history, where the Puritans arbitrarily judged that the "savage native peoples" could be exterminated, so as to take their lands, by means of violence, to be used by the "good and civilized Puritans" for capitalist profits ("a better use of land, to satisfy their selfish interests" where they learned their arbitrary ideas, about the "value of land," from their European culture, a culture based on arbitrariness and violence).
Apparently, editors of propaganda systems have made these judgments, about "the value people possess," based on what the media has led these editors to believe about "people having different intrinsic value," but what the media really expresses, is that "the value of a person is to be measured in regard to a person helping big business gain ever more power" in a wage-slave based society.

Where do editors learn about the "value, and correct context, for a well articulated truth?" from the media? Yes. It is a circular flow of thought which only supports the views of the owners of the press.

The superior race of high-IQ people who adhere to an authoritative dogma are to be protected in the organization of "how the society is to be bullied" by the media, and their flunky editors, who are similar in character to the character of the politicians and judges, whose personal characteristics might be best described as the worms which feed on the decay and corruption of society and its prejudices, whereas M Twain described them as thieving murderers.

Apparently the "founding fathers" thought that both the idea of promoting the common welfare and freedom of both "belief" and "speech" would be a sufficient antidote to a slave-holding property-possessing set of minority rulers; the US social order which was established, partly by the constitution and mostly by the judges of the supreme court, but free speech was never upheld, and high-valued wage-slave editors can be used to stop free speech... where in a sign of having a bad sense of humor... these editors are considered to be "the gate-keepers of truth," eg scientific truth, and objective reporting of events, which must be interpreted through the "correct" context (namely, the context which supports the interests of big business), and the protectors of certain people's high-social-value (certain people who are both favored and trained by big business, eg protecting the indefinable idea of possessing "high-IQ," where this is a term used for social manipulation (but has no meaning), since scientific-truth (the ideal of the "truth" espoused by the propaganda system) is both measurable and [practically] very useful, and if it is not useful (in a practical sense) then it is a "truth" which needs to be challenged, "being smart" is best defined within the media as a person who aspires to help the rich and powerful, and since this is repeated over and over on the media, this is also how the public has come to identify the vague idea of being-smart).

Though the character of politicians, judges, and propaganda people have been correctly identified, by M Twain, as lying, murderous, thieves, and "directors of movies" (icons of high propaganda) have praised the violent henchmen of the: politicians, judges, and propaganda people, for their ability to instigate the extreme-violence needed for "a movie's story" to be moved-along, as well as for the society being able to function, but what may be missing in this descriptive context is the real social-context of corruption and social-rot which identifies the true context of the western society's stagnation, and its need for violence, wherein the characters of the: politicians, judges, and propaganda people might best be identified as being like the worms which feed on the rot and corruption (which is caused by their violent henchmen destroying the people and their culture, but it is a society with a social hierarchy which upholds the corruption and destruction upon which the worms can feed and thrive, and within which the henchmen operate). This is essentially the same model of society as was the social model of the Holy-Roman-Empire.

Consider the strange nature of the European mind, eg B Franklin expressed his thanks to Puritanism rather than the egalitarian Quaker society (within which he thrived), whereas the Puritans fled oppression within Europe so as to set-up an oppressive society of their own, a society of corruption upheld by a propaganda system expressing high ideals. Perhaps B Franklin thrived in the egalitarian society of Philadelphia since he was a marauding Puritan and thus willing to exploit and destroy an egalitarian society for his own selfish gain.