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LAPD literally trying to execute Christopher Dorner while endangering LA citizens with fre

V.K.D. FOR HEAVENS SAKE; REMEMBER WACO! Remember the "standoff?" Law Enforcement Officers CRIED due to the "stress".. then murdered innocents practicing the Religion of their choice.. which is similar to the NAZIS BURNING INDIVIDUALS ALIVE IN THE CHURCH'S IN EUROPE, WWII! It's simple deduction.. These are "psychopaths" hard at work destroying Freedom, Liberty and Justice.
(NaturalNews) I've never seen a police force look as pathetic and weak as the LAPD does right now. The entire police force has been thrust into a state of complete terror by the actions of one police officer named Christopher Dorner who allegedly has gone on a cop-killing rampage. According to The Telegraph, "Around 50 LAPD officers and their families remain under protection at their homes amid fears Dorner would come out of hiding to target them..."

Question: do these other cops not know how to fire a gun themselves? Do they not have a shotgun at home for self defense? Can you imagine how pathetic and weak these people are to have fifty police families huddled in their homes, barricading their doors and windows, fearing for their lives because of one mortal man running around?

This is total proof that the LAPD has become a culture of pathetic weaklings who apparently have to cry for their mommas instead of manning up and packing heat. It's not like there's an entire terror cell of people armed with AK-47s coming after them. This is one friggin' lone guy with a gun. This problem is not that difficult to deal with if you actually know how to handle a firearm.

But I suppose it's some sort of new California political correctness now that even LAPD officers have no idea how to use a firearm to defend themselves. Wow, have the police officers in LA become sissified to the point of being paralyzed with fear? (And if so, why on earth are these people being paid to protect us, ironically, from bad guys with guns?)

LAPD randomly firing at anybody in a blind frenzy of wild incompetence
By the way, as part of the sissified, trigger-happy frenzy we're all witnessing here, LAPD officers are just shooting up innocent people for no apparent reason. You don't even have to resemble the suspect to be shot at, amazingly. As IBtimes.com is reporting:

LAPD officers mistakenly opened fire on Emma Hernandez, 71, and her daughter, Margie Carranza, 47, as they were sitting inside their blue Toyota Tacoma. The truck was riddled with bullets, Hernandez was shot twice in the back, and Carranza was injured by broken glass.

The LA Times reports:

Law enforcement sources told The Times that at least seven officers opened fire. On Friday, the street was pockmarked with bullet holes in cars, trees, garage doors and roofs. Residents said they wanted to know what happened. "How do you mistake two Hispanic women, one who is 71, for a large black male?" said Richard Goo, 62, who counted five bullet holes in the entryway to his house.

As the LAPD explains, the truck these women were driving "resembled" the truck of Christopher Dorner and therefore LAPD cops just flat-out OPENED FIRE on the vehicle without even identifying who was driving it! How did it "resemble" Dorner's truck? Well, it was a truck! That sucker had four wheels and a bed for hauling stuff! Sheee-at!

As the attorney of one of the women driving the truck retorted, "The vehicle is a different color. The license plate doesn't match. There's nothing there for you to start shooting people. And even if they had the person in question... Mr. Dorner... you still have to give them an opportunity to get out. You can't just start administering street justice."

Oh, but you can if you're LAPD! Every truck is a legitimate target, regardless of the color or the license plate number. After all, you can't expect LA cops to pay attention to all those little details like vehicle color or the license plate number or the sex of the driver. I mean, who has time for all that? Heck, just aim and fire! It's POLICE WORK for God's sake! Whatever bad happens, they can just explain it all later and settle the lawsuits with taxpayer money, right?

The woman driving the truck, by the way, was shot in the back and nearly killed. She was given "an apology" by the LAPD. Something like this: "We're really sorry, ma'am, that our officers are total morons who are just as likely to shoot and kill innocent citizens as they are to hit anyone actually resembling a suspect. But then again, you were driving a vehicle, and we were told the suspect was driving a vehicle, so you can see why we had to immediately open fire and SHOOT TO KILL YOU even before identifying who was behind the wheel. So you can't really blame us. After all, we're the police, and our bullets leave our guns with good intentions, regardless of what they actually hit."

LAPD literally trying to KILL Dorner, not arrest him
See the photo of the actual pickup truck on the right. Notice how the bullets were aimed in the "shoot to kill" zone rather than the "shoot to stop the vehicle" zones? They weren't shooting out the tires here, folks: they were aiming for skulls.

Forget about an arrest: This is an execution effort under way. I can't help but think there's got to be a lot of truth to the rumor that Dorner knows too much and could really embarrass LAPD if he is allowed to talk to the press. This manhunt has the urgency of a political execution squad, not an arrest of a murderer. I'm not defending the guy's actions here, but let's be honest about this: since when did the LAPD care so much about a murderer on the loose?

Unfortunately for us all, LAPD officers have proven themselves to be trigger-happy morons, and innocent LA citizens are already being caught in the crossfire. It's getting so bad that black men in LA are wearing "Don't Shoot Me" T-shirts in the hopes that LAPD cops will hold their fire. This clever ploy will fail, of course, since half the LAPD officers can't read to begin with. Or they might see the T-shirt at an angle where the word "Don't" is obscured and only see the words "Shoot Me" in which case they will eagerly comply.

This is getting so bad I'm actually starting to become an advocate of gun control... for the POLICE! Thank goodness these cops don't carry full-auto weapons like the 7,000 assault rifles DHS has recently ordered, or those women in the pickup truck would be little more than blood stains on the pavement by now. I think we should all lobby Sen. Feinstein to redirect her gun control bill at the LAPD and make them "turn 'em all in" until they can prove they will only shoot at the bad guys instead of random innocent civilians.

Imagine one million armed citizens taking a stand in California
By the way, the bigger story here is that the LAPD has apparently become such a pathetic group of trigger-happy cowards that if an actual shooting war ever broke out between the LAPD and trained, responsible citizens defending justice and liberty, the entire war would be over in five minutes. The citizens could just stand back and watch the LAPD shoot each other to pieces in a mad, chaotic frenzy of flying lead aimed in no particular direction.

I'm almost expecting the LAPD to run around randomly firing their pistols in the air at this point, hoping that one of the bullets might magically strike Dorner in the head on the way back down. It's no more insane than the department's currently policy of shooting pickup trucks to pieces in the hopes that maybe, possibly, by some miracle Christopher Dorner might be discovered at the wheel.

I've got it! That's the solution! Simply order the LAPD to shoot at all pickup trucks and kill their drivers until Dorner is found dead. If that doesn't work, they can expand the mandate to shoot at all sedans, and then motorcycles, and then pedestrians, too... why not? It's all about "keeping the streets safe at any cost," right? There's a cop killer on the loose! To Hell with public safety!

Ever better idea: Why not have the LAPD just drop a nuclear bomb on the city from one of their helicopters just to be sure. After the mushroom cloud clears, they can explain to the remaining news crews that "even if ONE life can be saved by nuking Los Angeles, we have an obligation to try!" (This, by the way, is the same logic Obama offered for nationwide gun confiscation in the aftermath of Sandy Hook.)

After all, there's a cop killer on the loose, so all logic be damned! Forget about public safety; toss that baby overboard and reload, dammit! Fire! Fire! Fire! And then see if you might have possibly hit Dorner. If not, reload and repeat as often as necessary until the desired corpse appears.


(For the record, this article is obviously satire. Many LAPD officers are wonderful men and women who operate with a high degree of professionalism. If you are one of those people reading this, please maim the other idiots on the force and get them off the streets before they end up killing innocent citizens and making you all look like a very real danger to public safety.)


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Learn more:  http://www.naturalnews.com/039061_Christopher_Dorner_LAPD_execution.html#ixzz2Kg4VbZwT

Learn even more:  link to www.ibtimes.com



Details emerge in LAPD's mistaken shooting of newspaper carriers

The women were victims of 'a tragic misinterpretation' by officers working under 'incredible tension,' LAPD Chief Charlie Beck says. MORE:  http://articles.latimes.com/2013/feb/08/local/la-me-torrance-shooting-20130209

Not like we're suprised 12.Feb.2013 09:06


"The women were victims of 'a tragic misinterpretation' "

Yeah, because anyone could have mistaken two average sized women for a 270 pound black man.

The LAPD has been getting away with this garbage for years. Shoot first, ask questions later.

It's more than there usual incompetence here. I bet most higher ups would rather Dorner die in a hail of bullets than be captured to stand trial and air the rest of their dirty laundry.

Dorner - Is a Complete Operation. (Active Phoenix Program) 12.Feb.2013 10:37

Tracy Mapes news1st@hotmail.com

I Believe that He Will in Fact have All of the Security Background Check and Home Locating Assets as he described in his Manifesto. The Manifesto is a Product Generated to present a New 'Osama Bin Laden' Type Figure Threat to bolster support for the Dis-Arming Goals in conjunction with the False Flag Operations including Sandy Hook School and Aurora Colorado.

This mean Operation Resources that could have the capability to Eliminate, or Extract Any Operative, and or Anyone Considered a Security Threat to the Discovery of their Goals.

This means an Organized Effort that would Operate in a Ghost like fashion, taking Targets out at will, with No Similar Description in the Perpetrators whereabouts or Description. The Targets in his Community will already Know Who they are. The Targets in other Communities Around the United States should already Know Who they Are.

They will be People who are not cooperative with the 'Coup d'état' Governmental Practices that have been occurring with U.S. Borders since about 2006. The Concerns and Knowledge that I have imparted to this Board in regard to the Media are Directly tied to this ongoing Conspiracy to deride All Civilian Participation in the Future of American Government.

Current Media Subversion List USA

Take Care,

-Tracy Mapes

the nonsense continues 12.Feb.2013 10:40


Great work, VKD! You have somehow managed to tie yet ANOTHER of your idiotic rambling posts to the Nazi regime. What is the deal with your Hitler obsession?

Godwin's Law 12.Feb.2013 12:15


Conspiracy loons can't seem to avoid it.

I know people will think I'm jumping to crazy conclusions here, but ... 12.Feb.2013 12:42

Jody Paulson

The Dorner story seems (too conveniently) tailor-made for an argument to introduce drone technology and a "shoot first, ask questions later" ideology to law enforcement. This is so anti-constitutional it makes my head spin. But who's advocating this approach? None other than Glenn Greenwald of the left-wing Guardian:
Should an armed drone be dispatched to kill Christopher Dorner?

Please think of the implications of this kind of thinking. They're basically saying, "we can send a remote control plane to kill anyone we want to, no trial or anything, whether they are in this country or some other country, as long as they fit our definition of terrorist, which is whatever we say it is."

Reasoning for Conclusions: Dorner Situation. 12.Feb.2013 12:44

Tracy Mapes news1st@hotmail.com


Reasoning for Conclusions:

The main issues that raised the Red Flag on this - Supposed? 'Manifesto' (Marxist Trigger Word for Communistic Evil!) - You would be able to quickly determine that the entire document was scripted and engineered to sway Public Opinion. Re-Enforce Perceptions, and lend Support to already proposed Legislation. In Shot? ...Propaganda.

This means Only One thing. State Sponsored Terrorism for the Purposes of Molding the Public's Perception that there is No Choice except to Accept the Inevitable.


After Reading the Entire Text of Mr. Dorner's Document, (Please! - Read the Document before Commenting) - My Initial Conclusion that this article fit the Pattern of Other 'False Flag' Events, showed 2 things.

1. A Drive in the Continued Madness of Using Violent Action to Instill Support for the Dis-Arming of America.

2. To Re-Invigorate the Racial Tensions of the Rodney King Era.


The Driving Purpose of these 2 Goals, leads me back to discoveries I made while Covering the Racial Tension at the California State Fair between Black Patrons and the State Fair Police.

After having to do some Research as I became more heavily involved in what should have been a One Time News Story, I discovered the Papers on Garden Plot and the Militarization of Local Police Forces/SWAT Teams and the like, were a Deeper Answer to the Civil Unrest of the 60's between the Black Population and the Rest of America.

These Racial Divides are still deeply rooted in the Power Structure and their Goals seemed to have been put on hold for some time, and may have been due to the Church Committee Hearing of the Late 1970's. The Included the REX 84 Camp Development Plans, and the Acronym NAOMI, which bluntly stated was to represent (Negroes Are Only Momentary Individuals).

Using the Same principles of Ideological Mentality patterning, I could only deduce that the REX in REX-84 stood for (Racial Extermination - Ala George Orwell's 1984).

Military, CIA, and White Supremacists seem to gravitate toward these Acronyms for their Code and Secret Meaning Qualities. In Other Words? ...Those who are in the Know, are the Only Ones who are supposed to Know, and if You Don't Know already? ...allows the conversation to end or change topic.

In further support of my Claims, I believe that the REX-84 Plan was Amended by decree of Executive Order in and or around about 1980, During the Reagan Administration, (Who was Governor of California when Garden Plot was first proposed) instituted Executive Orders to include and update existing Executive Orders to include the Hispanic Population under the auspice of the REX-84 Program due to the Perceived Threat of the Looming and Continuing Influx of Illegal Aliens crossing the Mexican Border.


Further, As a Person born in 1962, I had not the knowledge or History of Racial Tensions between Police and the Black Population that had occurred before my becoming a Freelance News Person in or about 1995 to 2004. So? ...in essence, It's like throwing yourself into the Middle of a 150 Years long Novel, and not knowing anything but How America was the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, and that Everyone was Equal, like they taught us in School.

When, in Fact, Gorillas in the Mist (A Catch Phrase LAPD in the Rodney King Era) was the my first Introduction to the Goings on at the California State Fair, about 3 Years Prior to becoming a Newsman, while listening to a Police Scanner. My Recollection of this Sacramento County Sheriff's Department Transmission, is what led me to the belief that if the News Stations want action on Tape? I'd better go see what kind of interactions take place on 'Black Culture Night.

So? ...This is how I became involved in the inter workings of How "They" are, and Continue to Fuck Up Our Country.


Further, In 2008, My Brother in Law, since 1974-75, who is an Employee of the Sacramento Sheriff's Dept. Jail Division. An Upstanding Citizen, Father, Christian, Mind Control Subject, Stated to me In My Last Meeting with him, in a Very Un-Characteristic divergence from his Nature, Stated, "Why worry about Black People? ...They will be Extinct in 100 Years as a Species Anyway?"

I said, "What the Hell are You Saying?" - All the time thinking to myself? "Does this Guy really know what he is Saying?"

So? ...There You have a Basic Synopsis of My Position the Reasoning behind my Initial Conclusion in this Matter.


If You would like to Accuse Me of Racism? , or Anti-Semite Rhetoric? ...You'd better Bring a Hell of a Lot Better than My 25 Years of Involvement with these People. From Patrol Officer to the President of the United States.

Take Care,

-Tracy Mapes


My Video
California State Fair Highlights

Operation Garden Plot

My Defunct Website:

Formerly: BlackCultureDay.Com

I'm Sorry the Website is Such a Mess. It seemed to Devolved just as Fast as My Life, after the Repercussions of Reporting the Truth.


The Whole Country has been Getting Hosed!

Don't Believe Major Media Stories. They are Fake. The Interviews are Faked. Here is a List of My Who's Who in the Media and Government that I frequented as Prostitutes or Sold them Rock Cocaine. If They're on the List, they either sold themselves, bought Drugs, or are aware of this Situation and Infiltration of the Media and Government.

I met Bill Clinton in Sacramento in 1988-89 He became the President in 1993. I met Barack Obama and Michelle Obama in Sacramento, CA in 1992-93, he became President in 2009.

These People were being hazed to become the Candidates they became. They are Pre-Picked, Pre-Hazed, and Installed in the Government Offices they hold years in advance of any Election. Do Not let these People Fool You into Anything.

Media Subversion List

Take Care,

-Tracy Mapes

If You Ever Wonder if a News Story is Fake?

The Victim Families in Great Tragic Homicides will Always do the Today Show on NBC/GE. They will make casual Salutes as if they are fixing their Hair. They do it casually because they know they would get in trouble for warning the Public that the Story is a Hoax. They also do as a silent Protest of the Fascist System that usurped the entire Power Structure of Our Government. In Short it's the Only Way they can maintain some sense of Sanity and Patriotism in the Face of Tragedy and Subversion of What We have Always been Told was the Greatest Nation on Earth.

On Dorner & Drones 12.Feb.2013 14:42


@Paulson - I think you're misinterpreting Greenwald's piece, see the part "Questions posed on CNN" near the bottom where he writes, "why not send an armed drone to kill Dorner? - was posed with obvious sincerity by CNN's Erin Burnett late last week."

I take this to mean that Greenwald did not sincerely believe the questions he was posing, and was merely being rhetorical because he was so pissed about this situation. Greenwald is the leading voice for reason and justice in America, and he has defended trials for "known terrorists" and repudiated drone assassination in the past.

I feel you that this could be used as the ideal case-study for when to use a drone-strike to kill an American on American soil. Obviously our national elites would desire that capability, and there's no better target. However, I'm less convinced that this outcome will satisfy people, especially the police. I would think the cops won't sleep at night until they see Dorner's dead face, not just bits and pieces of limbs with the reassurance that "DNA evidence" confirmed his death. Even if Dorner is dead, if a copy-cat killer comes up, then the police will have no real assurance one way or another that he's really dead. Until they see his body, he will haunt their dreams, and the dreams of their family.

@Mapes - Who in the hell thinks that Dorner's manifesto will sway public opinion? He's clearly at least as insane as you are. C'mon, find some credible folks who really like his "ideas." I support the guy and his rampage, but his personal ideas are obviously insane. Find anyone on the internet who's quoting Dorner in a positive way, I'm really interested in that link. If you get even half way down his ranting facebook post, you'll notice that his mind is almost incapable of complete cognitive analysis. Case in point: he's a murdering psycho, currently on the loose, on a rampage, calling for more gun control, to disarm people who are also potential victims of his own violence. It's ironic at best, obviously stupid, and likely to be counter-culture satire within a year.

If you haven't noticed, white lady, the racial tensions in this country are still boiling in the same way as they did during the 90's and Rodney King. I think we're just once incident away from race riots in Portland, Oakland, Chicago, New York, Seattle, and so many other places. Walking around downtown PDX, I heard the craziest anti-Caucasian shit come out of black people sometimes. I've seen *more than one* black guy yelling and shouting about how white people are the cause of all the problems, how they should be murdered, "white devil", "cracker-mother-fuckers", ect, ect... One guy was even trying to pick a fight with old white ladies... . They're totally pissed at my race, and I can understand why: the majority of people I don't like happen to be white, too. I don't blame white people for this, but I can empathize as to why an ignorant person would. I think the exclusive difference between the 60's and 90's and today regarding racial tensions, is that we treat some White folks just as bad as we do other minorities. White folks get fucked up by cops with the same level of injustice previously reserved exclusively for minorities. Obviously, we're not lynching white folks, and I generally think we're past that point forever. This is evident by the Zimmerman case, he's going to jail inevitably because the lawless murder of black teens is now unacceptable under the law, a relatively new development. But, this is just my observations.

Also, Dorner's not incited because of "Racial Tensions", but because of racism. He's anti-racist, which is an entirely different thing than trying to "Re-Invigorate the Racial Tensions." Even in your crazy delusions, you should be able to recognize that.

Also, NBC is only partially owned by GE, it's now majority owned by Comcast.

Personally, if I were Dorner, I'd be in South Mexico for the next month, waiting for everything to blow over and see how dust settles. He's got exactly what he wanted: they're reopening his case, they're terrified of him. He's probably laughing it up and drinking Corona on the beach for $12 a day. Dorner is not on a time-frame before he needs to strike again. If he's not getting his way, then he can take a boat up to LA and do what he needs to do.

It looks like it might be all over 12.Feb.2013 14:56


Pinned in a cabin:

 link to news.blogs.cnn.com

He's supposedly wounded two officers.

On the topic of drones and a search for him:
 link to parkerhiggins.net

Great observations and points Jody Paulson ! 12.Feb.2013 15:02


It's like the ushering in of the "Terminator" movie 'Killer Drones' that fly around and slaughter people... (rise of the machines) and seems like an attempt to rally public support for 'amping up the police state' and their "oh so technologically advanced" war weapons of death. I wouldn't be surprised if they conveniently called them "Dorner Drones" (in a sick word play/mind play game) to drill it into people's subconscious, to brainwash people into accepting military drones as a legitimate/"justifiable" means for implementing "public safety" for so-called "legitimate" use by the police a.k.a. filth! (Psychological Warfare and public manipulation at its "best".)

Also, some interesting information to be considered is linked here below. We have freewill to see through the propaganda 'war for our minds'.
Matrix Revealed—
Is Christopher Dorner another psychiatric killer? — By Jon Rappoport - February 11, 2013  link to jonrappoport.wordpress.com

Is he now trapped in a cabin? Tuesday 12.Feb.2013 15:06

I bet they kill him

 link to snardfarker.ning.com

Live feeds

Live Video « Dorner Sighted In Big Bear, Gunfire Exchanged, 2 Officers Injured | SHOOTOUT IN BIG BEAR CBS Los Angeles

Not that I like Obama 12.Feb.2013 15:41


Jody Paulson--Greenwald is aping that argument. If you know his past work, that is clear. In simplest terms: since most in the US seemingly have no problem with murdering a US citizen overseas with a drone, why would they be opposed to doing it here? The answer falls in line with similar ones as to why one state's terrorism is our spreading of democracy.

When the US Can Target Its Own Citizens in Drone Strikes. 12.Feb.2013 16:16


'Kill List' Document Outlines When US Can Target Its Own Citizens in Drone Strikes— February 5, 2013  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2013/02/421713.shtml

Peculiar "Waco"-Like Cabin Shootout — Possible Escape? 12.Feb.2013 17:50


News One For Black America

UPDATE: 7:48 EST One gunshot heard from inside of the cabin where law enforcement believe Chris Dorner to be. Deputies on the scene are speculating that it was a self-inflicted gunshot.

Ammo in the cabin is exploding from the fire. If someone was in there alive, he would have come out, according to authorities. Footprints leading away from the cabin is leading to some speculation that he may have escaped.

UPDATE: 7:29 P.M EST Tear gas was thrown into the cabin where Chris Dorner is believed to be surrounded. It is now in flames. Police are standing by guns drawn.

It has now been confirmed that one of the San Bernardino sheriff's deputies has died from injuries sustained in a gun battle with Christopher Dorner.

UPDATE 7:05 P.M. According to reports, one of the deputies shot by Christopher Dorner has died at Loma Linda University Medical Center.

Last update was an hour ago. How could a giant task force let him escape? Maybe he shot himself? There is a small outcry "L.A. Residents Plead With LAPD On Signs, Shirts: 'Don't Shoot, I'm Not Chris Dorner' [VIDEO]"
(Can't find the video).

Looks Like Chris Dorner Has Been Killed 12.Feb.2013 19:14


He served his country. His country killed him in return. Business as business as usual. They pushed him. They pushed us all. That's why they call them pushers. They are our Main-Line Media. And they push us to "work" every morning. To wars every year. They don't care. We pay for everything they rape.

That's just "The Great Game."

But you were distracted by all that college crap they taught you that WAS NEVER backed up by anything more than corporate money.

Well? ..."It's Official!" 13.Feb.2013 09:30

Tracy Mapes news1st@hotmail.com

Fake News Story!

"Extraction" of Additional People that are 'Operatives'. These May Include Other LAPD Officers or Civilian Personnel. These People will reaper in Society at a Later Date, With Full Cover Identities, a New Job, and a New Life.

And, Like I Stated before it Happened, the First Interview Subject on the Today Show Provided the Clues. Please! - Read Up on My Two-Talking Guide before You Spout Off about Your Crazy Bullshit! Claims.


Image and Two-Talking Guide to First Witness on the Today Show, NBC. February 13th, 2013.
In Regard to the Dorner Standoff and House Burning.


Two-Talking Instruction Guide Page:


"Official" White House Two-Talking Key Code Dictionary - Online


Here is the Today Show Witness Statement for You to Examine Yourself.

Reporter States: "Deputy Has Been Safely "Extracted" TimeCode: 20 Seconds In.

Take Care, Tracy Mapes

Tracy Said,"The Victim Families in Great Tragic Homicides will Always do the Today Show on NBC/GE."

Apologies to Glenn Greenwald 13.Feb.2013 12:08

Jody Paulson

I did in fact jump to conclusions:
 link to www.opednews.com

Shame on Erin Burnett.

amazing 13.Feb.2013 13:09


The best part of this entire thread is Tracy Mapes, of all people, telling people to read "before You Spout Off about Your Crazy Bullshit! Claims"

Tracy Mapes. Telling people to read. Before spouting off crazy shit.

This is the same guy who claims that most news anchors are CIA prostitutes.

I swear to god indymedia is just solid comedy gold.

Dear - Amazing! ... 13.Feb.2013 15:07

Tracy Mapes news1st@hotmail.com

CIA and the Media

CIA - Influence on Public Opinion

CIA - Controlled Media?
 link to theintelhub.com

Church Committee Hearings and Operation Mockingbird

The Depraved Spies and Moguls of the CIA's Operation MOCKINGBIRD

by Alex Constantine

Who Controls the Media?

Soulless corporations do, of course. Corporations with grinning, double-breasted executives, interlocking directorates, labor squabbles and flying capital. Dow. General Electric. Coca-Cola. Disney. Newspapers should have mastheads that mirror the world: The Westinghouse Evening Scimitar, The Atlantic-Richfield Intelligentser . It is beginning to dawn on a growing number of armchair ombudsmen that the public print reports news from a parallel universe - one that has never heard of politically-motivated assassinations, CIA-Mafia banking thefts, mind control, death squads or even federal agencies with secret budgets fattened by cocaine sales - a place overrun by lone gunmen, where the CIA and Mafia are usually on their best behavior. In this idyllic land, the most serious infraction an official can commit __is a the employment of a domestic servant with (shudder) no residency status.

This unlikely land of enchantment is the creation of MOCKINGBIRD.

It was conceived in the late 1940s, the most frigid period of the cold war, when the CIA began a systematic infiltration of the corporate media, a process that often included direct takeover of major news outlets.

In this period, the American intelligence services competed with communist activists abroad to influence European labor unions. With or without the cooperation of local governments, Frank Wisner, an undercover State Department official assigned to the Foreign Service, rounded up students abroad to enter the cold war underground of covert operations on behalf of his Office of Policy Coordination. Philip Graham, __a graduate of the Army Intelligence School in Harrisburg, PA, then publisher of the Washington Post., was taken under Wisner's wing to direct the program code-named Operation MOCKINGBIRD.

"By the early 1950s," writes formerVillage Voice reporter Deborah Davis in Katharine the Great, "Wisner 'owned' respected members of the New York Times, Newsweek, CBS and other communications vehicles, plus stringers, four to six hundred in all, according to a former CIA analyst." The network was overseen by Allen Dulles, a templar for German and American corporations who wanted their points of view represented in the public print. Early MOCKINGBIRD influenced 25 newspapers and wire agencies consenting to act as organs of CIA propaganda. Many of these were already run by men with reactionary views, among them William Paley (CBS), C.D. Jackson (Fortune), Henry Luce (Time) and Arthur Hays Sulzberger (N.Y. Times).

Activists curious about the workings of MOCKINGBIRD have since been appalled to f__ind in FOIA documents that agents boasting in CIA office memos of their pride in having placed "important assets" inside every major news publication in the country. It was not until 1982 that the Agency openly admitted that reporters on the CIA payroll have acted as case officers to agents in the field.

"World War III has begun," Henry's Luce's Life declared in March, 1947. "It is in the opening skirmish stage already." The issue featured an excerpt of a book by James Burnham, who called for the creation of an "American Empire," "world-dominating in political power, set up at least in part through coercion (probably including war, but certainly the threat of war) and in which one group of people ... would hold more than its equal share of power."

George Seldes, the famed anti-fascist media critic, drew down on Luce in 1947, explaining tha__t "although avoiding typical Hitlerian phrases, the same doctrine of a superior people taking over the world and ruling it, began to appear in the press, whereas the organs of Wall Street were much more honest in favoring a doctrine inevitably leading to war if it brought greater commercial markets under the American flag."

On the domestic front, an abiding relationship was struck between the CIA and William Paley, a wartime colonel and the founder of CBS. A firm believer in "all forms of propaganda" to foster loyalty to the Pentagon, Paley hired CIA agents to work undercover at the behest of his close friend, the busy grey eminence of the nation's media, Allen Dulles. Paley's designated go-between in his dealings with the CIA was Sig Mickelson, president of CBS News from 1954 to 1961.

The CIA's assimilation of old guard fascists was overseen by the Operations Coordination Board, directed by C.D. Jackson, formerly an executive of Time magazine and Eisenhower's Special Assistant for Cold War Strategy. In 1954 he was succeeded by Nelson Rockefeller, who quit a year later, disgusted at the administration's political infighting. Vice President Nixon succeeded Rockefeller as the key cold war strategist.

"Nixon," writes John Loftus, a former attorney for the Justice Department's Office of Special Investigations, took "a small boy's delight in the arcane tools of the intelligence craft - the hidden microphones, the 'black' propaganda." Nixon especially enjoyed his visit to a Virginia training camp to observe Nazis in the "special forces" drilling at covert operations.

One of the fugitives recruited by the American intelligence underground was heroin smuggler Hubert von Bl�cher, the son of A German ambassador. Hubert often bragged that that he was trained by the Abwehr, the German military intelligence division, while still a civilian in his twenties. He served in a recon unit of the German Army until forced out for medical reasons in 1944, according to his wartime records. He worked briefly as an assistant director for Berlin-Film on a movie entitled One Day ..., and finished out the war flying with the Luftwaffe, but not to engage the enemy - his mission was the smuggling of Nazi loot out of the country. His exploits were, in part, the subject of Sayer and Botting's Nazi Gold, an account of the knockover of the Reichsbank at the end of the war.

In 1948 he flew the coop to Argentina. Posing as a photographer named Huberto von Bleucher Corell, he immediately paid court to Eva Peron, presenting her with an invaluable Gobelin tapestry (a selection from the wealth of artifacts confiscated by the SS from Europe's Jews?). Hubert then met with Martin Bormann at the Hotel Plaza to deliver German marks worth $80 million. The loot financed the birth of the National Socialist Party in Argentina, among other forms of Nazi revival.

In 1951, Hubert migrated northward and took a job at the Color Corporation of America in Hollywood. He eked out a living writing scripts for the booming movie industry. His voice can be heard on a film set in the Amazon, produced by Walt Disney. Nine years later he returned to Buenos Aires, then D�sseldorf, West Germany, and established a firm that developed not movie scripts, but anti-chemical warfare agents for the government. At the Industrie Club in D�sseldorf in 1982, von Bl�cher boasted to journalists, "I am chief shareholder of Pan American Airways. I am the best friend of Howard Hughes. The Beach Hotel in Las Vegas is 45 percent financed by me. I am thus the biggest financier ever to appear in the Arabian Nights tales dreamed up by these people over their second bottle of brandy."

Not really. Two the biggest financiers to stumble from the drunken dreams of world-moving affluence were, in their time, Moses Annenberg, publisher of The Philadelphia Inquirer, and his son Walter , the CIA/mob-anchored publisher of the TV Guide. Like most American high-rollers, Annenberg lived a double life. Moses, his father, was a scion of the Capone mob. Both Moses and Walter were indicted in 1939 for tax evasions totalling many millions of dollars - the biggest case in the history of the Justice Department. Moses pled guilty and agreed to pay the government $8 million and settle $9 million in assorted tax claims, penalties and interest debts. Moses received a three-year sentence. He died in Lewisburg Penitentiary.

Walter Annenbeg, the TV Guide magnate, was a lofty Republican. On the campaign trail in April, 1988, George Bush flew into Los Angeles to woo Reagan's kitchen cabinet. "This is the topping on the cake," Bush's regional campaign director told the Los Angeles Times. The Bush team met at Annenberg's plush Rancho Mirage estate at Sunnylands, California. It was at the Annenberg mansion that Nixon's cabinet was chosen, and the state's social and contributor registers built over a quarter-century of state political dominance by Ronald Reagan, whose acting career was launched by Operation MOCKINGBIRD.

The commercialization of television, coinciding with Reagan's recruitment by the Crusade for Freedom, a CIA front, presented the intelligence world with unprecedented potential for sowing propaganda and even prying in the age of Big Brother. George Orwell glimpsed the possibilities when he installed omniscient video surveillance technology in 1948, a novel rechristened 1984 for the first edition published in the U.S. by Harcourt, Brace. Operation Octopus, according to federal files, was in full swing by 1948, a surveillance program that turned any television set with tubes into a broadcast transmitter. Agents of Octopus could pick up audio and visual images with the equipment as far as 25 miles away.

Hale Boggs was investigating Operation Octopus at the time of his disappearance in the midst of the Watergate probe.

In 1952, at MCA, Actors' Guild president Ronald Reagan - a screen idol recruited by MOCKINGBIRD's Crusade for Freedom to raise funds for the resettlement of Nazis in the U.S., according to Loftus - signed a secret waiver of the conflict-of-interest rule with the mob-controlled studio, in effect granting it a labor monopoly on early television programming. In exchange, MCA made Reagan a part owner. Furthermore, historian C. Vann Woodward, writing in the New York Times, in 1987, reported that Reagan had "fed the names of suspect people in his organization to the FBI secretly and regularly enough to be assigned 'an informer's code number, T-10.' His FBI file indicates intense collaboration with producers to 'purge' the industry of subversives."

No one ever turned a suspicious eye on Walter Cronkite, a former intelligence officer and in the immediate postwar period UPI's Moscow correspondent. Cronkite was lured to CBS by Operation MOCKINGBIRD's Phil Graham, according to Deborah Davis.

Another television conglomerate, Cap Cities, rose like a horror-film simian from CIA and Mafia heroin operations. Among other organized-crime Republicans, Thomas Dewey and his neighbor Lowell Thomas threw in to launch the infamous Resorts International, the corporate front for Lansky's branch of the federally-sponsored mob family and the corporate precursor to Cap Cities. Another of the investors was James Crosby, a Cap Cities executive who donated $100,000 to Nixon's 1968 presidential campaign. This was the year that Resorts bought into Atlantic City casino interests. Police in New jersey attempted, with no success, to spike the issuance of a gambling license to the company, citing Mafia ties.

In 1954, this same circle of investors, all Catholics, founded the broadcasting company notorious for overt propagandizing and general spookiness. The company's chief counsel was OSS veteran William Casey, who clung to his shares by concealing them in a blind trust even after he was appointed CIA director by Ronald Reagan in 1981.

"Black radio" was the phrase CIA critic David Wise coined in The Invisible Government to describe the agency's intertwining interests in the emergence of the transistor radio with the entrepreneurs who took to the airwaves. "Daily, East and West beam hundreds of propaganda broadcasts at each other in an unrelenting babble of competition for the minds of their listeners. The low-price transistor has given the hidden war a new importance," enthused one foreign correspondent.

A Hydra of private foundations sprang up to finance the propaganda push. One of them, Operations and Policy Research, Inc. (OPR), received hundreds of thousands of dollars from the CIA through private foundations and trusts. OPR research was the basis of a television series that aired in New York and Washington, D.C. in 1964, Of People and Politics, a "study" of the American political system in 21 weekly installments.

In Hollywood, the visual cortex of The Beast, the same CIA/Mafia combination that formed Cap Cities sank its claws into the film studios and labor unions. Johnny Rosselli was pulled out of the Army during the war by a criminal investigation of Chicago mobsters in the film industry. Rosselli, a CIA asset probably assassinated by the CIA, played sidekick to Harry Cohn, the Columbia Pictures mogul who visited Italy's Benito Mussolini in 1933, and upon his return to Hollywood remodeled his office after the dictator's. The only honest job Rosselli ever had was assistant purchasing agent (and a secret investor) at Eagle Lion productions, run by Bryan Foy, a former producer for 20th Century Fox. Rosselli, Capone's representative on the West Coast, passed a small fortune in mafia investments to Cohn. Bugsy Seigel pooled gambling investments with Billy Wilkerson, publisher of the Hollywood Reporter.

In the 1950s, outlays for global propaganda climbed to a full third of the CIA's covert operations budget. Some 3, 000 salaried and contract CIA employees were eventually engaged in propaganda efforts. The cost of disinforming the world cost American taxpayers an estimated $265 million a year by 1978, a budget larger than the combined expenditures of Reuters, UPI and the AP news syndicates.

In 1977, the Copely News Service admitted that it worked closely with the intelligence services - in fact, 23 employees were full-time employees of the Agency.

Most consumers of the corporate media were - and are - unaware of the effect that the salting of public opinion has on their own beliefs. A network anchorman in time of national crisis is an instrument of psychological warfare in the MOCKINGBIRD media. He is a creature from the national security sector's chamber of horrors. For this reason consumers of the corporate press have reason to examine their basic beliefs about government and life in the parallel universe of these United States.


How the Washington Post Censors the News
[Note the highlighted paragraph]

How the Washington Post Censors the News

A Letter to the Washington Post
by Julian C. Holmes

April 25, 1992
Richard Harwood, Ombudsman
The Washington Post
1150 15th Street NW
Washington, DC 20071

Dear Mr. Harwood,

Though the Washington Post does not over-extend itself in the pursuit of hard news, just let drop the faintest rumor of a government "conspiracy", and a klaxon horn goes off in the news room. Aroused from apathy in the daily routine of reporting assignations and various other political and social sports events, editors and reporters scramble to the phones. The klaxon screams its warning: the greatest
single threat to herd-journalism, corporate profits, and government stability -- the dreaded "CONSPIRACY THEORY"!!

It is not known whether anyone has actually been hassled or accosted by any of these frightful spectres, but their presence is announced to Post readers with a salvo of warnings to avoid the tricky, sticky webs spun by the wacko "CONSPIRACY THEORISTS".

Recall how the Post saved us from the truth about Iran-Contra.

Professional conspiracy exorcist Mark Hosenball was hired to ridicule the idea that Oliver North and his CIA-associated gangsters had conspired to do wrong (*1). And when, in their syndicated column, Jack Anderson and Dale Van Atta discussed some of the conspirators, the Post sprang to protect its readers, and the conspirators, by censoring the Anderson column before printing it (*2).

But for some time the lid had been coming off the Iran-Contra conspiracy. In 1986, the Christic Institute, an interfaith center for law and public policy, had filed a lawsuit alleging a U.S. arms-for-drugs trade that helped keep weapons flowing to the CIA-Contra army in Nicaragua, and cocaine flowing to U.S. markets (*3). In 1988 Leslie Cockburn published Out of Control, a seminal work on our bizarre, illegal war against Nicaragua (*4). The Post contributed to this discovery process by disparaging the charges of conspiracy and by publishing false information about the drug-smuggling evidence presented to the House Subcommittee on Narcotics Abuse and Control. When accused by Committee Chairman Charles Rangel (D-NY). of misleading reporting, the Post printed only a partial correction and declined to print a letter of complaint from Rangel (*5).

Sworn testimony before Senator John Kerry's Subcommittee on Terrorism, Narcotics, and International Operations confirmed U.S. Government complicity in the drug trade (*6). With its coverup of the arms/drug conspiracy evaporating, the ever-accommodating Post shifted gears and retained Hosenball to exorcise from our minds a newly emerging threat to domestic tranquility, the "October Surprise" conspiracy (*7). But close on the heels of Hosenball and the Post came Barbara Honegger and then Gary Sick who authored independently, two years apart, books with the same title, "October Surprise" (*8). Honegger was a member of the Reagan/Bush campaign and transition teams in 1980. Gary Sick, professor of Middle East Politics at Columbia University, was on the staff of the National Security Council under Presidents Ford, Carter, and Reagan. In 1989 and 1991 respectively, Honegger and Sick published their evidence of how the Republicans made a deal to supply arms to Iran if Iran would delay release of the 52 United States hostages until after the November 1980 election. The purpose of this deal was to quash the possibility of a pre-election release(an October surprise). which would have bolstered the reelection prospects for President Carter.

Others published details of this alleged Reagan-Bush conspiracy. In October 1988, Playboy Magazine ran an expose "An Election Held Hostage"; FRONTLINE did another in April 1991 (*9). In June, 1991 a conference of distinguished journalists, joined by 8 of the former
hostages, challenged the Congress to "make a full, impartial investigation" of the election/hostage allegations. The Post reported the statement of the hostages, but not a word of the conference itself
which was held in the Dirksen Senate Office Building Auditorium (*10). On February 5, 1992 a gun-shy, uninspired House of Representatives begrudgingly authorized an "October Surprise" investigation by a task
force of 13 congressmen headed by Lee Hamilton (D-IN). who had chaired the House of Representatives Iran-Contra Committee. Hamilton has named as chief team counsel Larry Barcella, a lawyer who represented BCCI when the Bank was indicted in 1988 (*11).

Like the Washington Post, Hamilton had not shown interest in pursuing the U.S. arms-for-drugs operation (*12). He had accepted Oliver North's lies,and as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee he derailed House Resolution 485 which had asked President Reagan to answer questions about Contra support activities of government officials and others (*13). After CIA operative John

Hull (from Hamilton's home state). was charged in Costa Rica with "international drug trafficking and hostile acts against the nation's security", Hamilton and 18 fellow members of Congress tried to intimidate Costa Rican President Oscar Arias Sanchez into handling Hull's case "in a manner that will not complicate U.S.-Costa Rican
relations" (*14). The Post did not report the Hamilton letter or the Costa Rican response that declared Hull's case to be "in as good hands as our 100 year old uninterrupted democracy can provide to all citizens" (*15).

Though the Post does its best to guide our thinking away from conspiracy theories, it is difficult to avoid the fact that so much wrongdoing involves government or corporate conspiracies:

In its COINTELPRO operation, the FBI used disinformation, forgery, surveillance, false arrests, and violence to illegally harass U.S.citizens in the 60's (*16).

The CIA's Operation MONGOOSE illegally sabotaged Cuba by "destroying crops, brutalizing citizens, destabilizing the society, and conspiring with the Mafia to assassinate Fidel Castro and other leaders" (*17).

"Standard Oil of New Jersey was found by the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice to be conspiring with I.G.Farben...of Germany. ...By its cartel agreements with Standard Oil, the United States was effectively prevented from developing or producing [fo rWorld War-II] any substantial amount of synthetic rubber," said Senator Robert LaFollette of Wisconsin (*18).

U.S. Government agencies knowingly withheld information about dosages of radiation "almost certain to produce thyroid abnormalities or cancer" that contaminated people residing near the nuclear weapons factory at Hanford, Washington (*19).

Various branches of Government deliberately drag their feet in getting around to cleaning up the Nation's dangerous nuclear weapons sites (*20). State and local governments back the nuclear industry's secret public relations strategy (*21).

"The National Cancer Institute, the American Cancer Society and some twenty comprehensive cancer centers, have misled and confused the public and Congress by repeated claims that we are winning the war against cancer. In fact, the cancer establishment has continually minimized the evidence for increasing cancer rates which it has largely attributed to smoking and dietary fat, while discounting or ignoring the causal role of avoidable
eposures to industrial carcinogens in the air, food, water, and the workplace." (*22).

The Bush Administration coverup of its pre-Gulf-War support of Iraq "is yet another example of the President's people conspiring to keep both Congress and the American people in the dark" (*23).

If you think about it, conspiracy is a fundamental aspect of doing business in this country.

Take the systematic and cooperative censorship of the Persian Gulf War by the Pentagon and much of the news media (*24).

Or the widespread plans of business and government groups to spend $100 million in taxes to promote a distorted and truncated history of Columbus in America (*25). along the lines of the Smithsonian Institution's "fusion of the two worlds", (*26). rather than examining more realistic aspects of the Spanish invasion, like "anger, cruelty, gold, terror, and death" (*27).

Or circumstances surrounding the U.S. Justice Department theft from the INSLAW company of sophisticated, law-enforcement computer software which "now point to a widespread conspiracy implicating lesser Government officials in the theft of INSLAW's technology", says former U.S. Attorney General Elliot Richardson (*28).

Or Watergate.

Or the "largest bank fraud in world financial history" (*29), where the White House knew of the criminal activities at "the Bank of Crooks and Criminals International" (BCCI) (*30), where U.S. intelligence agencies did their secret banking (*31), and where
bribery of prominent American public officials "was a way of doing business" (*32).

Or the 1949 conviction of "GM [General Motors], Standard Oil of California, Firestone, and E. Roy Fitzgerald, among others, for criminally conspiring to replace electric transportation with gas- and diesel-powered buses and to monopolize the sale of buses and related products to transportation companies throughout the country" [in, among others, the cities of New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, St. Louis, Oakland, Salt Lake City, and Los Angeles] (*33).

Or the collusion in 1973 between Senator Abraham Ribicoff (D-CT). and the U.S. Department of Transportation to overlook safety defects in the 1.2 million Corvair automobiles manufactured by General Motors in the early 60's (*34).

Or the A. H. Robins Company, which manufactured the Dalkon Shield intrauterine contraceptive, and which ignored repeated warnings of the Shield's hazards and which "stonewalled, deceived, covered up, and

covered up the coverups...[thus inflicting] on women a
worldwide epidemic of pelvic infections." (*35).

Or that cooperation between McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Company and the FAA resulted in failure to enforce regulations regarding the unsafe DC-10 cargo door which failed in flight killing all 364 passengers on Turkish Airlines Flight 981 on March 3, 1974 (*36).

Or the now-banned, cancer-producing pregnancy drug
Diethylstilbestrol (DES). that was sold by manufacturers who ignored tests which showed DES to be carcinogenic; and who acted "in concert with each other in the testing and marketing of DES for miscarriage purposes" (*37).

Or the conspiracies among bankers and speculators, with the cooperation of a corrupted Congress, to relieve depositors of their savings. This "arrogant disregard from the White House, Congress and corporate world for the interests and rights of the American people" will cost U.S. tapayers many hundreds of billions of dollars (*38).

Or the Westinghouse, Allis Chalmers,Federal Pacific, and General Electric executives who met surreptitiously in hotel rooms to fix prices and eliminate competition on heavy industrial equipment (*39).

Or the convictions of Industrial Biotest Laboratories (IBT). officers for fabricating safety tests on prescription drugs (*40).

Or the conspiracy by the asbestos industry to suppress knowledge of medical problemsrelating to asbestos (*41).

Or the 1928 Achnacarry Agreement through which oil companies "agreed not to engage in any effective price competition" (*42).

Or the conspiracy among U.S. Government agencies and the Congress to cover up the nature of our decades-old war against the people of Nicaragua

a covert war that continues in 1992 with the U.S. Government applying pressure for the Nicaraguan police to reorganize into a more repressive force (*43).

Or the conspiracy by the CIA and the U.S. Government to interfere in the Chilean election process with military aid, covert actions, and an economic boycott which culminated in the overthrow of the legitimately elected government and the assassination of President Salvador Allende in 1973 (*44).

Or the conspiracy among U.S. officials including Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and CIA Director William Colby to finance terrorism in Angola for the purpose of disrupting Angola's plans for peaceful elections in October 1975, and to lie about these actions to the Congress and the news media (*45). And CIA Director George Bush's subsequent cover up of this U.S.-sponsored terrorism (*46).

Or President George Bush's consorting with the Pentagon to invade Panama in 1989 and thereby violate the Constitution of the United States, the U.N. Charter, the O.A.S. Charter, and the Panama Canal Treaties (*47).

Or the "gross antitrust violations" (*48) and the conspiracy of American oil companies and the British and U.S. governments to strangle Iran economically after Iran nationalized the British-owned Anglo-Iranian Oil Company in 1951. And the subsequent overthrow by the CIA in 1953 of Iranian Prime Minister Muhammed Mossadegh (*49).

Or the CIA-planned assassination of Congo head-of-state Patrice Lumumba (*50).

Or the deliberate and wilful efforts of President George Bush, Senator Robert Dole, Senator George Mitchell, various U.S. Government agencies, and members of both Houses of the Congress to buy the 1990 Nicaraguan national elections for the presidential candidate supported by President Bush (*51).

Or the collective approval by 64 U.S. Senators of Robert Gates to head the CIA, in the face of "unmistakable evidence that Gates lied about his role in the Iran-Contra scandal" (*52).

Or "How Reagan and the Pope Conspired to Assist Poland's Solidarity Movement and Hasten the Demise of Communism" (*53).

Or how the Reagan Administration connived with the Vatican to ban the use of USAID funds by any country "for the promotion of birth control or abortion" (*54).

Or "the way the Vatican and Washington colluded to achieve common purpose in Central America" (*55).

Or the collaboration of Guatemalan strong-man and mass murderer Hector Gramajo with the U.S. Army to design "programs to build civilian-military cooperation" at the U.S. Army School of the Americas (SOA) at Fort Benning, Georgia; five of the nine soldiers accused in the 1989 Jesuit massacre in El Salvador are graduates of SOA which trains Latin/American military personnel (*56).

Or the conspiracy of the Comanche Peak Nuclear Plant administration to harass and cause bodily harm to whistleblower Linda Porter who uncovered dangerous working conditions at the facility (*57).

Or the conspiracy of President Richard Nxion and the Government of South Vietnam to delay the Paris Peace Talks until after the 1968 U.S. presidential election (*58).

Or the pandemic coverups of police violence (*59).

Or the always safe-to-cite worldwide communist conspiracy (*60).

Or maybe the socially responsible, secret consortium to publish The Satanic Verses in paperback (*61).

Conspiracies are obviously a way to get things done, and the Washington Post offers little comment unless conspiracy theorizing threatens to expose a really important conspiracy that, let's say, benefits big business or big government.

Such a conspiracy would be like our benevolent CIA's 1953 overthrow of the Iranian government to help out U.S. oil companies; or like our illegal war against Panama to tighten U.S. control over Panama and the Canal; or like monopoly control of broadcasting that facilitates corporate censorship on issues of public importance (*62). When the camouflage of such conspiracies is stripped away, public confidence in the conspiring officials can erode -- depending on how seriously the citizenry perceives the conspiracy to have violated the public trust. Erosion of public trust in the status quo is what the Post seems to
see as a real threat to its corporate security.

Currently, the Post has mounted vituperative, frenzied attacks on Oliver Stone's movie "JFK", which reexamines the U.S. Government's official (Warren Commission. finding that a single gunman, acting alone, killed President John F. Kennedy. The movie also is the story of New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison's unsuccessful prosecution of Clay Shaw, the only person ever tried in connection
with the assassination. And the movie proposes that the Kennedy assassination was the work of conspirators whose interests would not be served by a president who, had he lived, might have disengaged us from our war against Vietnam.

The Post ridicules a reexamination of the Kennedy assassination along lines suggested by "JFK". Senior Post journalists like Charles Krauthammer, Ken Ringle, George Will, Phil McCombs, and Michael Isikoff, have been called up to man the bulwarks against public sentiment which has never supported the government's non-conspiratorial assassination thesis. In spite of the facts that the Senate Intelligence Committee of 1975 and 1976 found that "both the FBI and CIA had repeatedly lied to the Warren Commission" (*63) and that the 1979 Report of the House Select Committee on Assassinations found that President Kennedy was probably killed "as a result of a conspiracy" (*64), a truly astounding number of Post stories have been used as vehicles to discredit "JFK" as just another conspiracy (*65).

Some of the more vicious attacks on the movie are by editor Stephen Rosenfeld, and journalists Richard Cohen, George Will, and George Lardner Jr (*66). They ridicule the idea that Kennedy could have had second thoughts about escalating the Vietnam War and declaim that there is no historical justification for this idea. Seasoned journalist Peter Dale Scott, former Pentagon/CIA liaison chief L. Fletcher Prouty, and investigators David Scheim and John Newman have each authored defense of the "JFK" thesis that Kennedy was not enthusiastic about staying in Vietnam (*67). But the Post team just continues ranting against the possibility of a high-level assassination conspiracy while offering little justification for its arguments.

An example of particularly shabby scholarship and unacceptable behavior is George Lardner Jr's contribution to the Post's campaign against the movie. Lardner wrote three articles, two before the movie was completed, and the third upon its release. In May, six months before the movie came out, Lardner obtained a copy of the first draft
of the script and, contrary to accepted standards, revealed in the Post the contents of this copyrighted movie (*68). Also in this article, (*69). Lardner discredits Jim Garrison with hostile statements from a former Garrison associate Pershing Gervais. Lardner
does not tell the reader that subsequent to the Clay Shaw trial, in a U.S. Government criminal action brought against Garrison, Government witness Gervais, who helped set up Garrison for prosecution, admitted under oath that in a May 1972 interview with a New Orleans television reporter, he, Gervais, had said that the U.S. Government's case against Garrison was a fraud (*70). The Post's 1973 account of thebr> Garrison acquittal mentions this controversy, but when I recently asked Lardner about this, he was not clear as to whether he remembered
it (*71).

Two weeks after his first "JFK" article, Lardner blustered his way through a justification for his unauthorized possession of the early draft ofthe movie (*72). He also defended his reference to Pershing Gervais by lashing out at Garrison as a writer "of gothic fiction".

When the movie was released in December, Lardner "reviewed" it (*73). He again ridiculed the film's thesis that following the Kennedy assassination, President Johnson reversed Kennedy's plans to de-escalate the Vietnam War. Lardner cited a memorandum issued by
Johnson four days after Kennedy died. Lardner says this memorandum was written before the assassination, and that it "was a continuation of Kennedy's policy". In fact, the memorandum was drafted the day before the assassination by McGeorge Bundy (Kennedy's Assistant for National Security Affairs) Kennedy was in Texas, and may never have seen it.
Following the assassination, it was rewritten; and the final version provided for escalating the war against Vietnam (*74) -- facts that Lardner avoided.

The Post's crusade against exposing conspiracies is blatantly dishonest:

The Warren Commission inquiry into the Kennedy Assassination was for the most part conducted in secret. This fact is buried in the Post (*75). Nor do current readers of this newspaper find meaningful discussion of the Warren Commission's secret doubts about both the FBI
and the CIA (*76). Or of a dispatch from CIA headquarters instructing co-conspirators at field stations to counteract the "new wave of books and articles criticizing the [Warren] Commission's findings...[and] conspiracy theories ...[that] have frequently thrown suspicion on our organization" and to "discuss the publicity problem with liaison and friendly elite contacts, especially politicians and editors "and to"employ propaganda assets to answer and refute the attacks of the critics. ...Book reviews and feature articles are particularly
appropriate for this purpose. ...The aim of this dispatch is to provide material for countering and discrediting the claims of the conspiracy theorists..." (*77).

In 1979, Washington journalist Deborah Davis published Katharine The Great, the story of Post publisher Katharine Graham and her newspaper's close ties with Washington's powerful elite, a number of whom were with the CIA.

Particularly irksome to Post editor Benjamin Bradlee was a Davis claim that Bradlee had "produced CIA material" (*78). Understandably sensitive about this kind of publicity, Bradlee told Davis' publisher Harcourt Brace Jovanovich ,"Miss Davis is lying ...I never produced
CIA material ...what I can do is to brand Miss Davis as a fool and to put your company in that special little group of publishers who don't give a shit for the truth". The Post bullied HBJ into recalling the book; HBJ shredded 20,000 copies; Davis sued HBJ for breach of contract and damage to reputation; HBJ settled out of court; and Davis
published her book elsewhere with an appendix that demonstrated Bradlee to have been deeply involved with producing cold-war/CIA propaganda (*79). Bradlee still says the allegations about his association with people in the CIA are false, but he has apparently taken no action to contest the xetensive documentation presented by
Deborah Davis in the second and third editions of her book (*80).

And it's not as if the Post were new to conspiracy work.


Of the meetings between Graham and his CIA acquaintances at which the availability and prices of journalists were discussed, a former CIA man recalls, "You could get a journalist cheaper than a good call girl, for a couple hundred dollars a month"


Operation Mockingbird - Full Article


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